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9 Creative and Cool 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Stuck on what to get someone for their 40th birthday? Spark your imagination with this guide to cool 40th birthday gift ideas.

What do you get for their 40th birthday so you can make them smile?

The old gifts are played out and you don’t want to do more of the same. You need ideas!

It’s birthday number 40 so what do you do when you’re looking for cool 40th birthday gift ideas? You continue reading this article for the best gifts, of course!

Must-Have Cool 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday number 40 is a special one and your gift should be special too. Here are some great ideas for what to give to your special person.

1. Collapsible Fabric Koozies

If your friend wants to tuck their koozie into their pocket, this is the perfect gift for them. Maybe they didn’t know they were going to have a cold one but they keep their koozie on hand to make sure.

If the koozie is collapsible — no problem. They can take the koozie with them wherever they go without it being a pain to tote around.

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2. Bottle Koozie

If you don’t want your water bottle to get all hot in the sun – safe to say that your friend doesn’t like it either. If you know they carry a bottle around all of the time, this is a great gift that they can use again and again.

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3. Hard Foam Koozies

If the thin foam can and bottle holders won’t do it for your friend, check out our hard foam koozies with their semi-rigid material. These koozies can fit wither 12 oz cans or a standard bottle and keep drinks cool so they don’t have to worry about a warm beverage.

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4. Carabiner Koozie

If your friend doesn’t want to carry their koozie around in their pocket, why not get them a carabiner koozie where they can simply hook the koozie on their pant loop or belt?

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5. Zipper Neoprene Koozies

Do you really want to take all the stops out? The Zipper Neoprene Koozie is made of wet suit material.
Not only is the material functional but the way the koozie hugs the bottle when it is zipped up is very cute.

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6. Neoprene Coffee Sleeve

Who loves burning their hand trying to drink their morning cup of coffee? Not your friend! That’s for sure.
Get a fun and functional neoprene coffee sleeve for their 40th and save their hands from coffee burns for years to come.

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7. Neoprene Solo Cup

Solo cups are a lot of fun and drinking out of solo cups in your 40s might be the coolest thing ever. Well, except for drinking out of a solo cup with a cool custom cover.

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8. Slim Can Koozie

A friend that loves to drink out of the slim can? We’ve got you covered. These slim can koozies are cute, cool and perfect for a 40th birthday bash.

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9. Handle Strap Koozie

You don’t want the koozie to get away from your friend so make sure that you use the handle strap so they can keep a tight hold on their drink. No party fouls allowed!

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What to Put on Your Super Cool Koozie?

Now that you know all of the options for koozies, what do you put on the koozie to make it extra special?
If you can come up with it, we can print it. How about we give you some ideas in case you’re running a little dry?

There are a lot of cute sayings you can put on it or you can go with something simple like “Happy Birthday, Karen.” If you want to go beyond a happy birthday, here are some ideas for what you can put on the koozie.

•You’re not 40 – you’re $39.95 plus shipping and handling

•Look 18, feels 14, acts 8 and that makes me 40

•40 isn’t usually this sexy

•Fierce, fabulous and forty

•Fabulous since (their birth year)

Those are some fun sayings but you might want to get even more creative and personal. You could put a photo of you and them on the koozie so they always remember your relationship when they’re enjoying their favorite drink.

If they have a pet they love then you could put a photo of their pet on it with a cute saying about their birthday.

You might even get them a koozie that doesn’t have anything to do with their birthday. You could just get them something for their birthday they could use all year ’round that has nothing to do with their age.

Depending on how excited they are about their birthday, they might rather not let everyone know about their age. You could even play off of that and make the koozie say something like “Happy XX Birthday, Karen” so everyone has to keep guessing how old Karen is.

You likely have some inside jokes with your friend. If you have some inside jokes with your friend, you could use these to your advantage and create a cool koozie that only they would understand whenever they read it.

You can see some of the designs we’ve already done on our site if you want to get more inspiration for your 40th birthday gift ideas. We have a large selection so you can always get what you like best.

Get Cool With Custom Koozies

We hope you enjoyed the cool 40th birthday gift ideas above. Feel like you need to ask a couple of questions before ordering? We’re here to help. Call us today or check out our products page to find even more great ideas.

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