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8 Surprising Benefits of Tai Chi for Your Physical and Mental Health


According to data, more and more Americans want to learn tai chi. From 2008 to 2018, roughly 3.76 million people began to practice tai chi.

But wait… What is tai chi! If you don’t know what this ancient exercise is, don’t worry. The practice is an ancient martial art and self-defense technique that provides health benefits.

Of course, many people are unaware of the health benefits of practicing tai chi, and we’re here to help you out. Below you will learn the benefits of practicing tai chi, so please continue reading.

What Are the Health Benefits of Tai Chi?

There are mental and health benefits from practicing tai chi. Therefore, we decide to split the two into sections. So below you will find three health benefits of tai chi:

1 Improves Strength and Flexibility

Some studies have shown that the practice of Tai Chi promotes better control, flexibility, and strength among older adults. For example, a study found that women with osteoarthritis who completed a 12-week tai chi program experienced an improvement in their arthritis symptoms. Additionally, the participants’ physical functions of strength and flexibility improved as well.

2 Improves Cardiovascular Health

There are millions of Americans who exercise to boost their cardiovascular health. However, most exercisers are unaware that certain forms of exercise are beneficial to cardiovascular health specifically.

According to a review of 20 studies of healthy adults comparing tai chi exercise with no intervention, tai chi reduces blood pressure, heart rate and improves stroke outcomes. Also, tai chi exercise improved the participates respiratory functions.

3 Helps Those Suffering from Chronic Pain

People often seek natural ways to relieve chronic pain without using prescription drugs. For example, in 2016, a study found that patients with chronic nonspecific neck pain benefitted more than 50 percent from a 12-week tai chi program, compared with 46 percent who engaged in conventional neck exercises. So, if you suffer from chronic pain, consider practicing yoga or tai chi to help relieve the symptoms.

4 Enhances the Health of Internal Organs

By combining slow movements with breathing techniques, Tai Chi helps massage the internal organs. In addition, it relieves the constrictions in your body caused by stress, poor posture, and working under difficult conditions. It also aids in the improvement of your digestion system.

What Are the Mental Benefits of Tai Chi?

Now that we discuss the health benefits of tai chi, let’s talk about the mental benefits. Below you’ll find four mental benefits of tai chi.

1 Stress Relief

The Art of Tai Chi boosts many people’s interest in its ability to help reduce stress. This is due to the practice also including focused breathing and meditation. When you meditate and focus on your breathing, you relax your mind free of worries.

2 Helps with Depression

When you feel depressed or anxious, tai chi may be able to improve your mood. Mindful breathing and movements stimulate the nervous system and boost mood-regulating hormones. So, the next time you’re feeling blue, try practicing tai chi, to lift your spirits.

3 Improves Sleep

You may be able to get a more restful night’s sleep by regularly practicing tai chi. According to research, people who practice tai chi regularly have improved sleep quality, especially in older adults. In 2016, researchers found that twice-weekly Tai Chi classes helped older adults with cognitive impairments sleep better.

4 Promotes Social Activity

Older people tend to lose a sense of community and involvement in social activities. Tai chi can also help you connect with others and form friendships.

Since tai chi is becoming popular, many classes are being offered. So, look into your community to see if one is available.

Now You Know What Is Tai Chi and the Health Benefits

Of course, there are plenty of other health benefits to practicing tai chi. We only gave you eight benefits to help you understand the question, “what is tai chi” better.

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