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If you’re a homeowner, you could increase your home resale value by around $12,000, just by installing a new roof.

You can capitalize on the roof design to enhance curb appeal and be the envy of all your neighbors. However, to do that, you first need a stunning roof design that you can work with.

Roof design has changed over the years to involve even more complex and sophisticated designs. Not to say that all modern roof designs have complex geometry and architecture. Many contemporary roof design ideas are in line with the minimalist taste.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting some incredible roof designs that you could consider for your home.


Gable roofs are as traditional as they come, and are pretty popular across the country. Gable roofs are also known as pitched or peaked roofs.

You can quickly tell gable roofs from their characteristic triangular shape. In fact, the term gable alludes to the triangular shape formed when the two roof panels meet at the top.

Gable roofs are relatively easy to construct, and contractors have a breeze installing them. Apart from their ease of installation, gable roofs also shed water and snow easily because they don’t have hips or interruption on their slopes. You also get more space and enough ventilation for your attic or vaulted ceiling.

The downside with gable roofs is that the roofs don’t do very well in areas with strong winds. If the roofing contractor doesn’t construct it with enough supports, then the roof can easily collapse.


As you can tell from the name, flat roofs are roofs that are flat. However, even the name can be misleading because flat roofs aren’t entirely flat. These roofs have a slight pitch to allow water to run off and drain away.

Flat roofs are among the more contemporary roof designs that have become popular with most American homes.  They are also the go-to roofing choice for many industries, especially for warehouses.

A flat roof can act as an extra outdoor space where you can have a patio, roof garden, or maybe even swing your golf club a bit for practice.  You can even place your outdoor AC units on the roof and leave the backyard to the flowers and garden plants.

The flat roof design is also ideal for solar panel placement because the solar panels directly face the sun. The only downside with flat roofs is that they don’t do well in areas with heavy rain. Because the roof has a very low pitch, water doesn’t drain away as effectively, and it could pool on the roof surface and even lead to leaking.


You can use the name skillion roof interchangeably with a shed roof. In some areas, skillion roofs are also known as lean-to roofs. Skillion roofs have a very peculiar design, with only one single sloping panel, hence the name lean-to roof. You can think of a skillion roof as half a gable roof or a flat roof with a higher pitch.

These types of roofs are mainly used for porches and sheds. However, modern designs involve using skillion roofs for the entire house and not just for porches and home additions.

Because of their simple design, installing skillion roofs is simple and requires fewer materials than other roofing types. Rain and snow easily run off skillion roofs because of the high pitch; hence it’s an excellent roof for areas with heavy rain and snow.

With skillion roofs, however, you have to be really careful about the pitch. An overly high pitch can make your ceilings too low. Skillion roofs also don’t fare well in very windy areas.


The mansard roof is also known as the French roof.  Unlike gable roofs, mansard roofs have four pitched sides. However, these four sides don’t meet at a single point on top. Instead, there’s an almost flat rectangular surface at the top where all pitched sides meet.

Mansard roofs are stunning to look at, and they also provide a little extra space for the attic. The downside with mansard roofs is that they are costlier than many other roof types. However, despite the high costs of installations, mansard roofs significantly increase your home’s value.


Just like a mansard roof, a hip roof slopes on all four sides, but with hip roofs, all four sides come together to form a ridge on top.  Since the roof slopes on all sides, water and snow run off the sides easily.

They are also more stable than gable roofs in very windy areas. The downside to hip roofs is their cost. They are more expensive to construct than gable roofs and also require more materials. You also need to find a competent roofing contractor like Bartlett Roofing because it’s not so easy to install, and anything wrong can be disastrous.


The name slat box comes from the roof’s resemblance of old salt boxes with a similar design. These rooms are asymmetric, with one side protruding farther down than the other.

The longer side disperses water to the ground quite easily, and the shorter side doesn’t accumulate much water or snow. It’s also cheaper to install and has a unique look that chic homeowners fall in love with.

The downside to saltbox roofs is that the side of the house where the longer part is will have a slanted ceiling. This makes the roof very impractical for smaller houses.


The butterfly roof gets its style from the “M” shape the roof forms that make it look like a butterfly ready to take off. This shape means that the roof slopes and meets in the middle. The point where the roof meets also slopes to allow for better drainage.

Butterfly roofs can withstand heavy, snow, wind, and rain and also look stunning. These roofs are, however, on the costlier side of things.


Clearly, there are plenty of roof design ideas, and all you have to do is find one that fits your taste. However, aesthetics aside, don’t forget that roofs also serve a functional purpose. You don’t want a roof that can’t withstand the weather conditions of your areas.

Lastly, remember to get a roofing contractor that can handle the job properly. Your roof is going to be only as good as the contractor you settle for.

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