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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Professional Headshots Taken

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Why you Should get your Headshots Taken Professionally

Make sure you’re making a good digital first impression by checking out these 7 reasons why you should consider getting professional headshots taken now!

Thanks to social media sites like Instagram and even Snapchat, the world is full of amateur photographers.

This has allowed an entire generation to see the world through an artistic lens. But, not everyone understands photography as an art form.

Selfies and photos of white, sandy beaches may have people believing all it takes is a camera and a filter, but it takes much, much more. I mean, have you ever seen a professional photographer who’s studied their craft, put dog ears and a tongue on one of their photo subjects?

More so, people seem to hire professional photographers for some personal things — like weddings and special events. But they don’t hire them for business-related needs like headshots.

Having professional headshots is a must today. You need them for your resume and your LinkedIn profile pic if don’t want to get lost in the crowd.

By extension, you should also use professional headshots for your other social media accounts, too. After all, prospective clients and employers are all looking at those, too!

There are many reasons why spending the initial outlay on having professional headshots taken is a smart move. Below, we’re examining seven of them.


1. Makes a Great First Impression

When someone receives your resume with your professional headshot attached, they’ll immediately have a higher opinion of you. They’ll see that you made the time and investment and that you care about your career.

If you’re a business owner, potential clients will feel the same way about you. They’ll feel that you’re trustworthy and care about your business.

2. Gives Your Business a Personal Touch

Putting a headshot on your “About Us” section of your site makes it more personal for potential customers. They’ll feel that they have a connection to you, even if you’ve never met them before.

Despite the technological advances in today’s world, people still want to deal with other people. Putting your headshot on your site makes them feel as if they’re doing business with you, not your brand.


3. Your Site Will Look More Professional

A professional business headshot will make your site look more professional. It will also introduce you to your audience. They’ll be able to look your headshot in the eye and see who they’re doing business with.

If you do any guest blogging for another site, they’ll ask for your business headshot. This will help people remember you in the future. Believe it or not, the average person can recognise 5,000 faces!

Seeing your face more than once — in different settings — will make people feel like they already know you.

4. Recruiters Will Connect a Face With a Name

If you’re looking for a job, posting your corporate headshot across all platforms will make it easier for recruiters. This is especially true if you have a common name.

How many John Smiths do you think are in this world? Scrolling through and finding you by your headshot saves them time and energy.

You want your resume to stand out from the other candidates. Having a professional headshot as opposed to a cropped photo from your uncle’s BBQ last summer is more professional.

Plus, as we mentioned, you’ll make a great first impression and people will feel a connection to you.


5. Helpful for Branding

Likewise, getting professional photos taken and using them across various media helps your branding.

You don’t see a big brand using one logo in one town and a different logo in another. Global brands want to keep that consistency so they’re recognisable anywhere on the planet.

Think of a real estate agent, financial advisor, or lawyer. All their ads — whether it’s on TV, print, or digital — have the same headshot. They figured out long ago that using a personal, consistent photo everywhere helps their brand.

Think of yourself as your own brand. You want the same “sign” — aka your headshot — at all your locations.

6. Professional Headshots Will Hold You Accountable

This may sound silly, but it’s true. Have you been on social media when your favourite team is playing? Someone will say something awful about them and you tweet an anger-filled response.

Having a professional headshot will keep you from lashing out at strangers online. When you use your headshot as your profile pic, it’s a constant reminder that people can see who you really are.

7. It’s Worth the Investment

A professional photographer who’s experienced in corporate head shots will give you advice on getting the best shot. They may give you suggestions of what to wear and how to fix your hair.

They’ll coach you through the session, telling you what poses to use and which way to tilt your head. Because they’re professionals, they know what angles will flatter you. They also will have their own light kits or use natural light.

They’ll take their time and make sure they end up with plenty of shots for you to choose from. They can even help you make your decision on which one to go with if you’re torn.

Think beforehand if you want a portrait style or horizontal. The latter comes in handy for digital purposes while the former is the standard one most people use.

Pro-tip: Ask your photographer if they’ll keep your proofs and if you can access them in the future. You may decide down the line you’d like to buy a few more.

Are You Convinced You Need Professional Headshots?

The bottom line is if you want people to take you for a serious candidate, you need to make a great first impression. That starts with having professional headshots taken.

But, you can’t trust anyone with a camera and a business card. You need to select a photographer who has experience in corporate photographs.

My name is Stav Sakellaris and I’m that photographer!

I work hard to make sure my clients are both comfortable with the process and pleased with the results. You can view some of my corporate head shots here.

If you’d like to chat about your needs and learn more about me and how I can help you, get in touch today.

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