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7 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

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There are about 13 car accidents in the US every minute. About 4.8 million people were seriously injured in automobile accidents within a single year. Many people sustain long-term injuries or develop disabilities after accidents, too.

If you were recently in a motor vehicle accident, don’t hesitate to visit your local chiropractor. Their treatment plan could help you avoid invasive surgery. Their report can strengthen your auto accident claim, too.

On the fence? Read on to discover the top reasons to see a chiropractor for car accident injuries today.

1. Identify All Injuries

After a car accident, it’s normal to want to put the entire situation behind you. Unfortunately, you might have sustained an injury without realizing it. When left unattended, some injuries can have serious consequences.

For example, you might have internal bleeding or a broken bone.

Adrenaline could mask your symptoms, which could cause you to delay seeking treatment.

Instead, visit a physician or chiropractor immediately after the accident. Visiting a professional will allow someone to assess your injuries. Having an official record of your injuries, treatments, and medications can benefit your case, too.

Your auto accident lawyer can use these documents to prove the accident impacted your mobility, quality of life, and earning potential.

Your chiropractor might request imaging to assess soft tissues beneath your skin’s surface. They can then ensure you begin the proper course of treatment right away.

Otherwise, your pain, inflammation, and swelling could get worse. These symptoms are common following a car accident. For example, wounds and infections could cause you to experience inflammation and swelling.

Swelling can lead to a spinal misalignment when left untreated. Visit a chiropractor for your vehicle accident injury. They can ease the inflammation, thereby relieving pressure on your spine.

Seeking immediate treatment could help you avoid future neck or back pain as well.

In addition to providing immediate pain relief, your chiropractor can also create a plan for long-term pain management. They can also help you manage your pain with hot and cold therapy, alongside other at-home techniques.

2. Secure Documents

In order to build a strong car accident lawsuit, you’ll need to keep track of your medical expenses, treatment plans, and medications. Otherwise, your lawyer might struggle to calculate the full extent of your losses.

If you only visited a doctor for one appointment, opposing counsel could argue there was a gap in your treatment plan. A gap in your treatment plan might make it seem your injuries weren’t as severe as you initially claimed. You could struggle to fight for the full amount of compensation you’re due.

Visiting a chiropractor for car accident injuries can help you secure the documents you need to strengthen your claim.

Look for a local chiropractor who has experience helping patients after car accidents. They’ll ensure proper documentation of your entire treatment plan. Their expertise could help you fight for the full amount of compensation you’re due.

3. Avoid Surgery

Remember, neglecting to seek immediate medical attention after a car accident could allow your injuries to get worse over time. Visiting a chiropractor could help you avoid surgery or other invasive treatments.

Otherwise, you might need to remain out of work while you heal from your injuries and surgery. The recovery time could cause your lost wages to increase. You might struggle to pay for your medical bills and other expenses.

Choosing chiropractic care can help you avoid surgery. It could help you heal without prescription medications, too.

In fact, 77% of people who receive chiropractic care for back pain say it’s very effective. Chiropractic care outperformed prescription medication, yoga, meditation, and deep tissue massages for back pain treatment.

4. Minimize Scar Tissue

Visiting a chiropractor for vehicle accident injuries could help you avoid scar tissue.

Scar tissue usually develops due to chronic inflammation. When you’re injured, the body promotes a natural healing response that sends white blood cells and fluid to the area. Swelling and restriction occur as a result.

Friction can occur when tissues in the affected area move, leading to minor tearing. When the tears heal, they’ll produce scar tissue. Scar tissue can restrict your range of motion and flexibility.

Chiropractic care can help relieve inflammation, allowing tissues to move as intended. You should minimize the risk of tearing and scarring as a result.

5. Holistic Pain Management

An experienced chiropractor can develop a customized treatment plan based on your injuries and needs. In addition to manual adjustments, they might also recommend physical therapy, hot and cold therapy, or even dietary changes to reduce inflammation.

A well-rounded treatment plan can help improve your recovery time. It can also help you avoid prescription medications and surgery.

6. Faster Recovery

An experienced chiropractor will know the most effective ways to treat your car accident pain and injuries. Their target approach could help accelerate your recovery time.

They’ll take the time to assess your injuries before determining the best treatment plan. Their understanding of the body’s soft tissue, nervous system, and anatomy can benefit your overall recovery.

7. Improved Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility and flexibility can benefit your overall range of motion. Otherwise, your joints will struggle to move in predictable paths. After an accident, it’s normal to feel some restriction.

For example, a misalignment, nerve damage, or inflammation can all affect your range of motion.

Chiropractic care can help relieve range of motion injuries. Your chiropractor can offer exercises and therapies to improve your flexibility and mobility.

Visit Your Local Chiropractor After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Don’t hesitate to visit your local chiropractor for car accident injuries. With their help, you can start healing after a motor vehicle accident without invasive surgery. Instead, you can find a holistic approach to treating your aches and pains.

The next time you’re in an accident, schedule an appointment and receive the help you need.

Eager to visit a chiropractor for a vehicle accident injury right away? We’re here to help you heal.

Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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