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7 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Locksmith

When you own a small business, it’s your pride and joy. You’ve worked so hard to get it up and running, after all. Plus, it’s how you earn a living and put food on the table for your family.

For this reason, you should take care to protect it while you’re not on-site. You may think all it takes is a simple lock to keep burglars out of your property, but that’s simply not the case. Here are 7 key reasons why your business needs a commercial locksmith.

1. They Can Upgrade Your Security Measures

You may think your small business is secure, but how much do you really know about this field? What may seem like an airtight security system to you might actually be full of flaws.

Commercial locksmiths are experts in their industry who have years of experience and training. They’ll be able to perform an audit, which means they’ll take a look at your current security system and detect any vulnerabilities.

Then, you can work with them to design a better infrastructure so your business is safer. Not only will your premises be safer outside of operating hours, but they’ll also be more secure when your employees are working their shifts.

2. Get Quick Rescue When You’re Locked Out

Any downtime during your business hours is a loss in revenue. Unfortunately, lockouts do happen, especially if you’re stressed out and trying to handle multiple tasks at once.

If you have a commercial locksmith you establish a good relationship with, you’ll have a better chance of getting quick rescue when you’ve inevitably locked yourself out. This can result in less time spent with your business closed when it should be open. What would’ve been a missed delivery wouldn’t happen since you’d get prompt access to your property.

The best thing about this service is many locksmiths offer 24/7 services. So if you have that early 5:00 am delivery but can’t find your keys, a commercial locksmith can come get your doors open in time to receive your shipment.

3. Get an Effective Access Control System

The old-school way of doing things is to use a lock and key for your business. Whenever you get a new hire, you cut them a key, and when they leave, they give it back. This works on an honor system since you don’t know if they’ve duplicated their copy or not, even if it’s against company policy.

A commercial locksmith can install an access control system so your employees don’t need keys to enter or leave your property. Instead, all they need is a key code, which can be changed periodically so employees who have left can’t access your place of business anymore.

4. They Can Replace Locks or Keys

Over time, both locks and keys can get worn down or damaged. When a lock gets has wear and tear, it can be easier for burglars to break in. And obviously, if keys are worn down or broken, they can’t be used anymore.

Whenever you have a problem with either your locks or keys, all you need to do is call your locksmith. They can fix problems cost-effectively and quickly as well. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business is well-protected by professional services.

5. They Can Resecure Your Site After a Breach

Sadly, even places with the best security possible can be breached by cunning criminals. At some point, your business may be broken into, even if you’ve followed every precaution and upgraded your security system.

When this happens, you need an expert commercial locksmith on your side. Whether you have traditional locks and keys, or you have a digitalized entry system, they can either reinstall or reprogram the appropriate systems. You can also consider this service if you’ve recently had a high employee turnover rate and want to change your security infrastructure.

6. Get Complete Access with a Master Key

If you have multiple areas of your business that need to stay secure, it can be annoying to fit individual keys to your ring and figure out which one you need for each door. This frustration is multiplied when you have to go in and out of these rooms constantly.

This issue can easily be remedied by having a professional locksmith create a master key for you. That way, you can use just one key to get into all rooms on your property, without the fuss of inconvenience of a whole keychain full of unidentifiable keys.

7. Store Your Items in Secure Safes

Not only do you need to keep your premises itself secure, but you also need to safeguard items like documents, cash, and checks. While you can certainly do your own research and figure out what commercial safes are good for your needs, a locksmith can help with that as well.

Not only can they make your safe more secure and hard for criminals to steal, but they can also install, repair, and replace your safes whenever you need. Read more here if you’re interested in what a commercial locksmith can do for you.

Enlist the Services of a Commercial Locksmith

As you can see, a commercial locksmith can be highly beneficial to your place of business. While yes, it costs more money than going with a regular key and lock, the investment you make will be worth it in the long run. When you can deter thieves and keep your company safe, you’ll avoid heartache, pain, and financial loss in the future.

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