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6 Signs You Need New Flooring

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Americans spend around $12 billion on carpets and other types of flooring every year, which shows how important it is.

Understanding when to replace your flooring is essential for keeping your household safe and maintaining your home’s aesthetic. But if you’re unfamiliar with this industry, it’s difficult knowing when it’s time to replace your flooring. Maybe it’s that worry that’s brought you here; you’re unfamiliar with the signs and need advice.

Sounds like you? Luckily; you’ve come to the right place. Here are six signs you need new flooring.

1. Signs of Wear and Tear

Before familiarizing yourself with the latest flooring tips, it’s important to spot signs of wear and tear. Don’t stress out over scuffs or superficial scratches, but if there are cracks then you should take action. If this is left unattended, it makes your flooring vulnerable to water damage and even pests like termites.

2. Noisy 

A major sign you need floor installation is if it’s noisy underfoot. Any groans or squeaks mean the surface is uneven and needs to be leveled out.

If this sounds like you, speak to a flooring company and they can guide you through the replacement process.

3. Water Damage 

Another telltale sign of old floors is if there are signs of water damage. This can impact the structural integrity of your home’s foundation, which can cost a fortune in repairs. To prevent this, look out for signs of mold, darkened areas, and even bulging.

Homeowners should also be wary of edging, where appear of your flooring appears higher. If this happens, learn how to properly dispose of carpeting or wood to prevent further problems.

4. Strange Odor 

You know you’ve got new floors when there aren’t any strange odors. Oftentimes, this is caused by spills or pet accidents seeping into the subfloor, causing odor and lingering mold. Know, that this can quickly develop into mold and cause other issues, so replace it immediately.

5. Outdated Style 

Although it’s less pressing, sometimes it’s good to switch up your flooring, especially if it looks outdated. It could be because you’ve moved into a new place with garish tiles or you’re tired of the current design. Whichever it is, spend time searching for the latest style and elevate your home’s decor.

6. Signs of Discoloration 

Homeowners may want to change their flooring if it looks discolored. But don’t worry if this happens, it can happen naturally, depending on the material.

For instance, hardwood flooring often fades after being exposed to natural light coming through the windows. This is because the UV rays slowly eat away at the color over time. Note, many homeowners with carpets complain about this issue too.

Signs You Need New Flooring

Hopefully, you’ll learn from these tips and treat your property to new flooring.

There are many obvious signs, such as wear and tear or discoloration Look out for discoloration or strange odors to keep your family safe. Good luck!

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