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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait to Fix your Aging Roof

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If you were to ask an expert roofer how a roof begins to age, the answer would likely be that a roof’s deterioration begins on a minute level with microscopic cracks starting to appear in the asphalt surface over time. Essentially, the roof loses more shingle granules as time goes on and if that goes unchecked, your shingles will start to crack or get torn and the underlayment may become brittle and develop holes.

All that said, we encourage you to take care of your roof sooner than later. Below we have highlighted 5 reasons you should replace your aging roof.

Water Damage

If your roof is old and in need of replacement, water damage may be a problem. It is definitely bad news for the stability of your roof and home in general when parts of your roof allow water to enter into your home. Ultimately the water will rot the roof and could then lead to worse damage throughout your home. If you are seeing signs of water damage, you should contact your experienced local roofer to get it replaced.

Structural Damage and Collapse

An aging roof with water damage may also be experiencing more damage than you may be aware of. For instance, your roof may begin to rot away at the structural beams in your home which can then lead to a roof collapse and damage the integrity of your home’s structure. Knowing this could potentially be what is happening in your home, you will want to avoid roof or structural collapse as it will not only damage your home but could also be very dangerous for you and your family, especially during bad weather.

Health Risks

With an old and leaky roof that allows unwanted things to enter your home, you will need to keep in mind that the holes in your roof are also a huge problem because they can allow mold and mildew to form as well as making your home more easily accessible to rodents, which carry many diseases. Over time, mold and mildew can lead to substantial health problems. Depending on the type of mold or how much there is, you will have to consider mold remediation along with roof replacement.

Fire Hazard

By postponing necessary repairs and roof replacement, you may possibly be putting your home at risk of a fire. Aside from the problems previously mentioned in this article, water entering your home could get into places that it shouldn’t. For instance, most homes have electrical units on the side of the house or they are roof-channeled into the panel box. Water that meets with any electrical wiring is a major fire hazard for you and your family. That risk is not worth putting off necessary roof repairs.

Home is Devalued

An old roof in need of replacement will function poorly and have the looks to match.If you are wanting to sell your home, you will not want to skip out on roof replacement before listing it on the market. Any potential home buyer will see that as a red flag and will not want to purchase your home. You are better off fixing the roof over renovating the kitchen and/or bathroom.

Replacing your roof will increase your home’s resale value and improve its curb appeal. Are you just looking to increase the equity of your property? Well, the replacement of your old roof is a wise choice.

The bottomline is if you see that your roof is aging, you should make it a priority to have a roofer come inspect it and proceed from there. By neglecting your roof, you will likely pay much more to have it fixed later than if you were to get it done sooner.

Taking proper care of your home means that you’ll help to extend the life of it and keep it looking good in the process. It’s a win-win! If you are unsure if your roof is in poor shape or not, but you know it’s old, it does not hurt to have it inspected to be sure.

At R.L. Hayes Roofing & Repairs, we encourage you to contact us to ask us any questions you may have. We know a roof repair or replacement is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly so we want you to be able to trust us to do the quality work we pride ourselves in doing for each of our customers. You can reach us at 706-869-1193 or contact us online for a quote and more information.

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