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5 Powerful UseProof Alternatives That Will Drive Conversions

Proof (also known as Useproof) is the most well-known tool to help convert visitors into action-taking customers of your business.

Essentially, the program leverages previous customers to use them to push new customers into taking action, as well.

For instance, Proof can be used for an opt-in page to make an offer seem more legitimate and valuable by showing the other people that have signed up in a small pop up box of information.

For somewhat popular pages, these popups can happen in realtime, so visitors that are on the fence about your offer can see everyone else taking action right in front of them.

It’s proven (see what I did there) that people are compelled to do the things that others around them are doing. Useproof and some of the alternatives to Useproof leverage that bit of human psychology to help you generate sales or in this case, get opt-ins more successfully.

The tool works for sale pages, it works for newsletters, and it works for everything else that requires taking action as well.

The Three Core Features of Proof

From everything I’ve read, sales come easier by increasing trust among your readers. That’s precisely what Useproof aims to do. Here are the specifics of the service and what’s all offered.

Proof gives its customers these features:

  • Recent Activity Pop-Ups
  • Hot Streaks
  • Live Visitor Count

Recent Activity Popups

This tool presents a neatly formatted popup, showcasing some form of action that other customers took on the site.

It could be opting-in to a form. It could be purchasing a product or a service.

Either way, this beautiful popup provides proof that other people are taking action on the site. This product is the heart of Proof’s service, and the most potent feature offered.

It’s been carefully tested, optimized, and designed to boost conversions. That’s why this popup tool is the favorite in the industry, even though it’s not the first.

Hot Streaks

Hot Streaks is a powerful tool that showcases trends of action over a set time (usually the last 24 hours). The software is ideal for product launches, limited-time offers, and viral pages.

It creates a sense of urgency while putting up an impressive figure for visitors to see that helps them feel comfortable with or even compelled to take action on the page.

The tool isn’t as useful on smaller sites, though, so only specific users will get use out of it.

Live Visitor Count

Finally, there is the Live Visitor Count tool. Just as it says, the tool shows off exactly how many people are on the site currently.

The number changes over time and is powerful for high-volume sites because it makes it distinct how popular and professional they are.

The features above are the heart and soul of the Useproof service, and it’s what site owners will try and get from alternatives to the product. Not all the products deliver all the features, but many of them offer one or more of them.

Useproof Pricing: (Seconds Price is with Annual Payment Discount)

  • $24 to $29 per month – 1,000 to 2,000 visitors per month
  • $66 to $79 per month – 10,000 to 20,000 visitors
  • $108 to $129 per month – 50,000 to 100,000 visitors
  • $166 to $199 per month – 100,000 to 200,000 visitors
  • $249 to $299 per month – 300,000 to 600,000 visitors
  • Enterprise Custom Pricing – 600,000+ visitors per month

Try Proof for 14 Days Free

These prices aren’t low, but for successful businesses looking to boost their numbers, the service is often worth the cost.

With the services, features, and pricing in mind, look through the top alternatives I’ve listed below.

Many of them you may have heard of before, and some are highly popular on their own. Either way, Useproof isn’t the only tool available for social proof today.

Alternatives to UseProof Worth Considering

Like many great products in the market today, there are plenty of Useproof competitors. There are dozens of social proof tools.

Many of these tools have some similar features, but it’s rare to find a product that drives the results that Proof does.

That’s why it’s essential to look closely at Useproof competitors for the options that are worth considering.

Below are the top results of an intensive comparison. Most of these Useproof alternative products stand out in some way, and each could be considered as a partial or complete replacement of the popular product.

  • ProveSource – Social proof popups, hot streaks, and all-time high information
  • FOMO – Social Proof popups
  • Beeketing – Sales notification popups
  • Provely – Social Proof popups
  • Morevago – Sticky customer review popups

Provesource — A Leading UseProof Alternative

Provesource is one of the most impressive UseProof competitors. The software offers similar features that Proof comes loaded with while tossing in some of its own. The best part is that this product is more affordable at every level as well. It’s a powerful budget tool that can bring many of the same advantages that Useproof offers.

Customers that choose Provesource get:

  • Customizable social proof popups
  • Visitor or purchaser hot-streaks
  • All-time high records for the site
  • Integrates with 100+ apps
  • Mobile approved
  • Works with more than 20 languages
  • Custom timing rules
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited impressions

Provesource makes it easy to customize popups that appear on your page, so they look a certain way.

It’s also possible to decide how frequent the popups show themselves for the most significant impact. Compared to the Useproof pricing, this product is highly affordable.

Provesource pricing:

  • Free (limit one popup) for 1,000 visitors monthly
  • $16 per month (has ProveSource branding) 10,000 visitors
  • $42 per month (custom branding option) 50,000 visitors
  • $84 per month – 200,000 visitors
  • $166 per month – 500,000 visitors
  • $829 per month – Unlimited visitors

Try ProveSource for Free

Site owners and marketers looking for alternatives to Useproof at a better price can get most of the same features with Provesource at a dramatically lower price.

FOMO: A More Specific Alternative to UseProof

While ProveSource tries to match all the different features of Proof, FOMO focuses on getting the social popup right.

The service works with most apps that Proof works with, and it offers quality features at reasonable prices.

Customers with FOMO enjoy the following features:

  • Integrates with 86+ different apps
  • Can be used on unlimited sites
  • Translates into 23 languages
  • Geo-location support
  • Hooks to Google Analytics
  • Can be had with A/B testing
  • Customizable displays

There are several different paid plans for the platform at different price-points. This powerful tool makes it easy to add social proof popups on most services available today.

It can be integrated with Google Analytics to track conversion earnings, and there are more than 30 display adjustments available to get the perfect popup look.

Below is a look at FOMO prices, which are quite reasonable compared to Useproof pricing.

FOMO Prices: 

  • $19 per month – 25,000 notifications a month
  • $39 per month – 50,000 notifications (Adds live chat support)
  • $79 per month – 250,000 notifications (Adds phone support)
  • $199 per month – 3,000,000 notifications (A/B Testing)

Try FOMO for Free

Beeketing: The Only Legit Free Useproof Alternative

Beeketing is an exciting product because it’s Sales Pop tool is a fully-free social proof product that offers pretty impressive results.

This tool only shows off recent sales information in a popup, but it’s excellent for Shopify stores and other web stores. Out of all the Useproof competitors, this is the only free option, and it’s something every store owner should be using for that reason.

Beeketing offers the following features:

  • Recent sales notifications
  • Customizable look
  • Shows specific product purchases
  • Hot streak sales information
  • Integrates with popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, and BigCommerce

The downside to this product is that it’s more limited than something like Proof.

While there are countless positive Useproof reviews there is less support for Beeketing as well. The product won’t integrate with as many external platforms, which can be limiting for users that aren’t using those platforms.

Other than the limitations of the product, it’s pretty impressive and certainly worth testing for web store owners.

Provely: An Excellent Useproof Alternative

Provely is just a social popup tool similar to the core feature offered by Proof, but it stands out by giving even the lowest level customers access to unlimited popups, notifications and visitors.

In this way the tool is the most affordable Useproof alternative other than the free Beeketing. Site owners and marketers searching for alternatives to Useproof that are highly affordable should consider Provely to help them save while still getting the popup functionality.

The product is best for committed site owners because it must be purchased a year at a time, and for owners focusing on just a handful of sites for the low price points.

Provely offers the following:

  • Realtime social popups
  • Popup design tools
  • Allows importing past purchases
  • Supports unlimited visitors
  • Offers unlimited notifications
  • Works on unlimited domains at the high price

Provely is highly affordable, but some limits come with the different plans offered. Buyers get the following at the Provely prices:

  • $97 per year (unlimited everything on one domain)
  • $147 per year (unlimited everything on five domains)
  • $197 per year (unlimited everything on unlimited domains)

See Provely in Action

The other limitation that comes from this Useproof alternative is the lack of industry recognition and reliability.

Since you can load in past purchases, there’s nothing stopping site owners from fabricating purchases.

This “feature” could be helpful for brand-new sites looking to get started with some social proof, but it can also take away from the credibility of the tool and reduce conversions slightly compared to what Proof can do.

Popups from Provely can increase conversions though, and at its price-point, it’s an excellent deal as long as you’re willing to buy a year of the service at a time.

Morevago: The Final Useproof Alternative

Morevago is the last of the alternatives to Useproof worth considering, and it’s a pretty robust tool for site owners that rely on reviews more than action-based popups.

The product offers something called sticky reviews, and these are just nicely formatted customer reviews that show up on the screen and stick around for some time.

This premium tool is one of the best for service-based companies that offer products customers are more likely to spread via word of mouth.

For instance, web designers, content writers, plumbers, carpenters, dentists, or any other service-based industry can leverage the product.

Morevago offers the following features:

  • Sticky reviews that pop up and linger
  • Unlimited reviews
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Fully customizable review formatting

The different price points allow using the service on multiple sites. Users interested in just enhancing a single website will enjoy excellent value from Morevago, and it’s likely to pay for itself with increased conversions in only a few days.

The Morevago pricing showcased below is a bargain compared to Useproof pricing.

See Morevago pricing below:

  • $14.99 per month (1 domain with Morevago logo)
  • $19.99 pre month (1 domain without Morevago logo)
  • $24.99 per month (5 domains)
  • $197 per month (unlimited domains)

Try Morevago Free for 14 Days

Wrapping Up

Each of the above alternatives to Useproof offers something unique that beats out Proof in one way or another.

Most are more affordable, many add in different social proof features or customization enhancements, and many can have an impressive impact on conversions for your site or service.

It’s up to you to decide on the product that’s going to work best for you. Take the time to consider the different Useproof competitors and which will work best for your needs.

Consider the price and feature differences and then try out a social proof service and increase your site performance today.

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