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5 Creative Boat Upgrades You’ll Wish You’d Invested in Sooner

Did you know that nearly 14.5 million US households (12% of total households) own 25.2 million recreational boats? Maybe you are one of those lucky few Americans who own a boat. 

If that’s the case, then you will want to do some boat upgrades so that you can enhance your boating experience even more. Just like you would want to upgrade your vehicle or your house to suit your desires and needs, the same applies to a boat as well. 

Keep reading for some fishing boat upgrades that you won’t want to do without.

1. Flush-Mounted Marine Speakers

Why not bring some of your favorite smashing tunes to your boating life as well? With flush-mounted marine speakers from Bose or some other company, you will be able to enjoy your outing even more. Maybe you could even take a few minutes to dance with your partner or beloved to enhance your boating experience and solidify your love for each other. 

2. Marine Lighting Kit for Boats

Does it seem like boats nowadays don’t have enough onboard lighting? Maybe you would like to change things up and add some multicolored fairy lights to the mix. Or maybe you want some more lighting so you can read comfortably during night boating.

Whatever the case might be, additional lighting is always a great idea (just don’t forget to get additional batteries to power these lights, as seen below).

3. Enhanced Pilot Chair

You are going to spend a majority of your boating time on your pilot chair, so why not make it so it’s comfortable and feels like you are sitting on a throne? There are many outstanding pilot chair options out there, with neck support, back support, and a lot more decadent options. 

4. Boat Seat Cover

Boat seats have to go through a lot of wear and tear. You have saltwater, food, dirt, dust, sand, and other random items dropping on them all the time. Why not protect them by using boat covers that can be easily removed and washed when necessary? 

5. Portable Power

You don’t want to skimp on onboard power. It’s the worst when you are dealing with a dead engine battery after running onboard systems all day. You could get a portable power system.

Or you can use marine batteries, such as the one from when beaching or at the dock. These are high capacity, lightweight, and highly reliable. Don’t leave home without them. 

The Best Boat Upgrades Vary Depending on the Person

Each person is going to have their idea of what the best boat upgrades are, but the list above takes care of most of the eventualities. The more you go out on your boat, the more you will understand what boating life is all about. That’s when pontoon boat upgrades that make sense for you, will pop up. 

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