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5 Beautiful Flooring Trends to Watch

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With more than three-quarters of homeowners renovating, remodeling, or making home improvements to their houses during the pandemic, the flooring market is working hard to keep up with the boom. We’re seeing new trends emerge, old trends making a comeback, and interesting, unique ways to model your flooring.


Your floors can set the mood and tone for a whole room, so if you’re considering floor remodeling, read through this list of five popular, stunning flooring trends that are coming up in 2022 and beyond.


1. Real Hardwood Flooring

Every trend is a cycle, and real wood is no different. People are going back to foundations, opting for unstained or untreated wood flooring to achieve that rustic cottage look. We’re seeing natural wood features pop up more and more in homes – cabinets, shelving, beams, exposed joists, and, of course, floor design.


Because wood flooring is so expensive, it’s important to look after it. Caring for your assets at home will give them a longer life and keep them looking newer for longer.


Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals like ammonia that will gradually strip away the grain and color, and may even warp your wood.

Created with all-natural ingredients, our Ultimate Wood Clean keeps your flooring looking sleek and beautiful.


It doesn’t leave any film or residue, and it couldn’t be simpler to use – just shake, spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth or mop. This solution is brilliant for cleaning up stains, spills, and even buffing out small scuffs – and it’ll leave your floors with a pleasant citrusy scent!


2. Tile

Tile will never go out of style, but trends and fashions do evolve. Easy to clean, durable, and extremely adaptable, tile is a great flooring choice. What tile flooring styles are we going to see in 2022?


Marble Tiling

Marble is a luxury product and can do wonders to upscale a room or space. Often, people opt to have marble countertops in their kitchen or bathroom but forget what an impact marble flooring can have.


Because marble is so expensive and heavy, it’s not easy to replace should it get broken or chipped, but if you have the funds or ability and you want to step up your furnishings, consider marble flooring in your kitchen, lobby, or hallway.


Marble is waterproof which is a big bonus over some more porous flooring options, but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible! Lighter marble flooring especially will show stains up very obviously, and marble will need constant polishing and cleaning if you’re not using a suitable cleaning agent.


Porcelain Tiling

Porcelain tile will forever be in style because it’s affordable and high-quality. Porcelain is very hard and dense, so it’s hard to chip or crack it, and because it’s naturally waterproof, it’s often used in rooms that are susceptible to getting wet.


It’s unlikely to show wear and tear with heavy foot traffic for a long time. However, when grouting, the micro-pores in porcelain can become stained with the grout. This is a disaster for homeowners who are installing lighter-colored porcelain!


To protect your flooring, be sure to use our porcelain tile sealer before grouting to seal these pores, and then regularly after installation. With an easy-wipe application, just wet your microfiber cloth with the Advanced Porcelain Tile Sealer and wipe! This will protect your floors from staining and will make them easier to maintain.


3. Stone

Stone flooring: the ultimate rustic flooring option. Wood and stone features, countertops, and flooring make for a rustic, homely atmosphere. More people are opting for stone flooring for their beautiful look and the diversity of stone.


Stone slabs – misshaped, asymmetrical stone slab flooring gives a home an 1800’s British farmhouse atmosphere. More rectangular, clear-cut stone slabs, paired with the right furnishings, can give a home a completely contemporary feel.


Slate – slate is generally a darker charcoal color. Slate flooring is affordable but still gives rooms a beautifully modern effect. Because of the nature of the stone, it’s not as durable as other flooring options.


Limestone – limestone is often used throughout the warmer European countries, where heat retention within the home isn’t so desirable. Limestone is so diverse, and your flooring supplier can show you all of the designs available to choose from.


Travertine – Travertine flooring is a type of limestone. It often forms around mineral deposits. It’s very heavy, like marble, and requires sealing often because it’s more porous than other flooring options.


Using a sealing and enhancing product specifically designed for porous stone flooring is vital to increasing its lifetime.


2GetAdvanced has created a hybrid two-in-one cleaning and sealing agent that’ll ensure your flooring doesn’t soak up spills. It also deepens the contrast and grains of your stone, enhancing its natural color. It works on slate, travertine, grout, masonry, concrete, and more stone flooring options!


4. Carpet

If comfort is the most important factor for you, carpet is the way to go. Carpet is also great at retaining heat within the house, so it’ll help keep your heating bills down and keep you warmer for longer.


You can do so much with carpets. You can go for shorter carpets or longer, softer shag carpets. Designs and styles come in every color you could think of, and you can even have geometric styles and shapes.


5. 70’s Style Flooring

The ’70s are making a comeback! Pastel colors, vinyl flooring, and intricate patterns were big in the ’70s for both flooring styles and wall designs.


One popular flooring was terrazzo cement tiles, which were made by combining cement with ground minerals like quartz, granite, and marble to create a speckled, multi-colored effect. This was popular in public areas like restrooms and malls, but when used cleverly, can look extremely effective in the home.


Whatever The Flooring Trends, Protect Your Floors!

Keep up with the latest flooring trends to make sure your home never goes out of style. If you have hardwood floors in your home or if you service homes and buildings that do, focusing on protection and maintenance is vital. Changing your flooring is not only expensive and cumbersome but sometimes means an entire remodel is needed.


Come and browse our brilliant range of flooring products, and remember: use quality products to protect your investment! At Advanced Sealers and Cleaners, we got what you need.

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