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5 Amazing Things That You Can Do With a Visual and Performing Arts Degree

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While earning a degree in the visual and performing arts aren’t traditionally considered as “valuable” as one in engineering or computer science, there are many ways employers benefit from hiring art school graduates.

Keep reading to learn what five amazing things are available for someone with a degree in the arts.

What Do I Get From a Visual and Performing Arts Program?

The truth is most degree rankings are based on potential salary, not on social importance or what soft skills are obtained in the program.

Theater majors, for instance, develop business skills from planning a production. They gain vital presentation and “people” skills that transfer to careers as lawyers, managers, or educators.

performing arts school will also ensure we have talented singers to record albums, actors for television or film, and dancers for the stage.

1. Become a Professional Makeup Artist

If you have experience with stage makeup, don’t discount this potential career path for creative people.

Makeup artists can be hired for weddings or special events. Their median annual wage is $59,300 and the job is expected to grow 12% through 2026.

2. Teach Art in K-12 or Higher Ed

Share your passion for the arts with children or young professionals. In general, K-12 teachers need a post-secondary degree and most college professors need a doctorate.

Besides teaching, you’ll also have the opportunity to conduct research, apply for grants, or get published. The median annual wage is $69,960 and projected job growth is 12 percent through 2026.

3. Apply Your Critical Eye to Landscape Architecture

Landscape architectures design parks, gardens, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces for a variety of clients. This is a perfect career for visual arts graduates.

The median annual pay is $68,230 and the projected job growth through 2026 is six percent. You will need a post-secondary degree and a license to work as an architect.

4. Tell a Story as a Video or Film Editor

Have you directed a play or worked behind the scenes for one? Then you understand how multiples scenes work together to tell a story.

You can transfer these skills to a job as a video or film editor, arranging video to tell a story or communicate a specific message.

The median annual wage is $62,650 and projected job growth is 17 percent through 2026.

5. Design Visually-Appealing Web Sites for Clients

Most visual arts grads take jobs as graphic or web designers. This is a smart move because the pay is good and they get to use what they learned from years of studying art techniques.

Web designers work with a company or client to design visually-appealing websites that boost performance and drive traffic.

This job is projected to grow 15 percent through 2026 and the median annual wage is $69,430.

Interested in Studying Performing Arts?

After reading this article we hope you understand the incredible opportunities available for people who study the visual and performing arts. It’s time to pursue your passion and send your art out into the world for all to enjoy.

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