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4 Reasons Why Every Instructor Should Use Teacher Stamps

Teaching may be the hardest job in the world. There’s a reason the burnout rate is so high. But remember how inspired you feel when you encourage students to work hard.

The rewarding job of mentoring students, young or old, is a bit easier when you have the right tools. Encouragement is only one of the ways teacher stamps make your job easier. Check out 4 reasons to use stamps in the classroom below.

1. Give A Status Update

Teacher stamps don’t all say something cutesy like “Way to Go!” with a bunch of stars. They can do more utilitarian tasks like marking the status of an assignment. For example, to help give instructions use a teacher submission stamp with status boxes to check, like “Graded” with a blank for the grade, “See me after class,” and “Please re-do.”

Get creative with fonts and wording. Customize stamps so they’re useful with any students, from kindergarteners to PhD students.

2. Encourage Students

While the sweet messages on teacher stamps aren’t suitable for every age group, they can help younger students feel good about their work. If you want to give a student extra encouragement, use a stamp with a nice comment about their paper. Whether you choose, “Keep Up the Good Work!” or “Nicely Done,” any kind message fills them with appreciation.

Only a few kind words can go much farther in motivating your students than you realize. Encouraging words help students find a reason to keep working hard. Even though they won’t work well if they only hear praise, it’s important to appreciate their work.

3. Mark Your Things with Teacher Stamps

If you have a classroom library, no matter the age of your students, use a stamp to make sure your students know who to return your books to. If you’re a university professor, you may loan out an old edition of the textbook to a student who’s having have trouble buying books. When the semester’s over, they’ll know where to return it if you mark it with a stamp.

Customize the stamp so that it fits the age group you teach. You don’t want a cartoon apple on a 21-year-old’s paper, but there are more appropriate, traditional-looking stamps that would work well.

4. Foreign Language Class Options

Add some pizzazz to a foreign language class with custom teacher stamps. There aren’t a lot of options when you need supplies for a foreign language classroom, unless you order online from another country. Those can take several weeks to arrive from overseas.

Instead, order custom stamps to get exactly what you need without forcing it to fit in with your style or your curriculum.

Helping Your Students

Everything you establish in the classroom is with the student in mind. Good teachers want to help their students achieve success, and teacher stamps can help you do that. Encourage them, help them be responsible, and give them a push to succeed with a teacher toolbox that includes stamps.

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