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4 Most Common IT Problems Small Businesses Face

Did you know that up to 43 percent of all cyberattacks target small businesses? This means that all businesses are at risk and need to take action to prevent breaches.

However, when it comes to network and data security, many business owners remain complacent, which is no defense. To prevent IT problems, you must know what they are. Keep reading to learn about the most common IT problems small businesses are facing today.

1. Issues With Data Backup

Regardless of the size of your business or what industry you operate in, data backup is something you must invest in. Unfortunately, there are far too many that still don’t to this.

A quality data backup plan is your last line of defense against a successful breach or ransomware attack. If ransomware happens to penetrate your defenses and your system has been backed up, you can ignore the hackers and get things started back up quickly.

Failing to back up your data and information costs money. In fact, data breaches involving under 100 files lost or compromised can cost between $18,120 and $35.730. Can you really afford that?

2. Limited or No Network Security

Network security is one of the most essential components related to keeping your business safe. Having a safe and secure network is crucial for any business, even if you have just five employees.

Hackers aren’t going to discriminate when it comes to attacking your employee data or business files. In some situations, cybercriminals target small businesses specifically because they are aware there is not a robust security policy in place.

Be sure you have properly trained your workers in the security principles for your company, that you have a strong firewall in place, and that your data has been backed up consistently.

3. New Tech Integration Problems

As new technologies are being released, they won’t always “play nice” with an older system or application. This may result in double data entry, having to look in several locations for information, along with an array of other inefficiencies. By planning carefully prior to implementation, you can minimize these possible issues.

4. Inadequate Power Protection

Just one power spike, surge, or outage can cause damage to your expensive electronic components and may result in serious data loss. This may be extremely costly for your business, which means you need to take steps to make sure plenty of power protection is in place.

To do this, install back-up battery devices that feature built-in surge suppression. Make sure that IT Support professionals check the efficiency of these regularly.

Overcoming the Most Common IT Problems

There are more than a few IT problems your business may face. Each of these can compromise your ability to do business and cause serious issues now and in the future.

If you are looking for more advice and help regarding your business and IT protection, check out some of our other articles. We are dedicated to providing quality and updated information to our readers.

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