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32 Affirmations for Weight Loss in 3-Minutes a Day

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Many people find positive affirmations for weight loss help create the right mindset each day to continue with a healthy eating and exercise plan.

To some people it sounds far fetched.

So is it really true? Can affirmations help you lose weight?

Let us explain …

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Your Guide to Affirmations for Weight Loss

Our health is one of the biggest reflections of how we each think as individuals.

If you are someone who has a positive attitude to healthy eating and regular exercise then you are likely to be healthier than someone who makes poor choices for nutrition and takes no exercise.

We all know someone who we think of as being a ‘healthy’ type of person. They eat the right food and make time for fitness. You know they have a positive attitude to their health.

That positive attitude comes from positive beliefs about health.

They choose salad instead of burgers, water instead of sugar based drinks. Their beliefs and thoughts towards health help them make better choices.

Now, if you’re someone who does not always make the best choice around food, nutrition and exercise (the rest of us!) you will need to reset your beliefs to help you make better choices.

Affirmations to the Rescue!

Choose positive phrases to say on a daily basis on the subject of losing weight, exercise and health. This will help you create improved, more positive, beliefs about health.

What you think about most of the time is what creates the world you experience.

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This is one of the core principles of the Law of Attraction.

Repeat a set of positive phrases about health on a daily basis. This will positively influence the beliefs you have about food and exercise.

You still have to take action and make good choices. However, affirmations for weight loss provide you with a daily reminder of the benefits of those choices.

In summary, to make a big difference to your life, use the power of your mind to lose weight. You just need to set aside 3 minutes a day to say affirmations that are designed to help change your beliefs about health.

Using Your Brain to Lose Weight Naturally

When you use affirmations on a daily basis, you are training your subconscious to see yourself at your natural, healthy weight.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the Keto, Dash, Gluten Free, Low-Carb, Atkins, Paleo or any other diet plan.

Affirmations are the the missing link to helping you lose weight naturally.

When your mind accepts that smaller portions, healthy options and exercise are all positive things in your life then you’ll naturally choose those options without resistance.

No crash diets, no yo-yo diets and no binge eating. You literally “think your way to your ideal weight”.

In order to train your brain to healthier thinking, you need to practice your affirmations daily for a consistent period of time.

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For how long? 21 days at least is recommended to begin to build up a habit. The best results will come when you say your affirmations every day from now on.

Let’s move onto the affirmations video.

Examples of Positive Affirmations for Better Health

So, you might be wondering what types of positive, healthy phrases should you be saying.

We have a video below that runs for 3 minutes.

The video includes a range of positive phrases for anyone looking to lose weight naturally and generally improve their health.

Examples of some of the 32 positive affirmations include …

  • Losing weight comes naturally for me
  • I see a new, healthier me in the mirror
  • I am unique and never compare myself to others
  • I let go of unhelpful patterns of behavior around food
  • I release the need to criticize my body

All 32 of the affirmations are shown in the video for you to repeat out loud. We recommend watching your affirmation video in the morning or evening.

Each phrase is accompanied with inspiring images and relaxing, calming music.

Both the images and music help re-enforce the healthy message of each affirmation.

Watch your positive affirmations video now …

If you find this affirmation video helpful, please check out these videos:

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