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3 Signs You Need to Hire a Probate Attorney

Dealing with the probate of a loved one’s estate is not an easy task. Probate is the legal process where the estate is distributed to the beneficiaries after the deceased person’s death. 

Probating a will requires legal knowledge and patience. The process itself can take years and plenty of back-and-forth between the courts, beneficiaries, and the executor. If you’re actively managing the probate of an estate, you’ll want to get help from a probate attorney.

Hiring an attorney with experience can spare you a ton of time and effort. Here are five signs you need an attorney to help you through probate.

1. Complicated Assets or High-Value Asset 

If the estate of the deceased individual has complicated assets or a high asset value, it is strongly recommended that you hire a probate lawyer. They will be able to arrange the assets of the deceased in a manner that is accepted by the probate court and is in accordance with the instructions of the deceased, should a will or living trust exist.

They will also be able to correctly divide the assets for distribution among rightful heirs or as designated by the deceased. With the help of a probate attorney, the process will be completed quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. 

2. Multiple States of Residence

Hiring a probate attorney is necessary for any estate that involves multiple states of residence. This is because state laws differ, and an attorney ensures that all of the necessary paperwork is filed and handled appropriately.

They know about the different laws and regulations involving the transfer of assets from one state to another. With their help, you can ensure that all assets are properly allocated, accounted for, and transferred in accordance with the laws of each state.

They may also help with filing documents such as ancillary proceedings and other paperwork. Without the help of an experienced probate attorney, managing assets across multiple states of residence can be a daunting task.

3. Unresolved Tax Implications

In this situation, a probate attorney can help you determine which taxes are due and the amount owing. They can understand the complex tax regulations and help you and the estate meet them in a timely manner. They are familiar with the applicable federal and state tax laws and can provide advice on the most effective ways to address any tax issues.

They can also provide assistance with preparing and filing tax returns, as well as helping to ensure that the estate pays all taxes it owes on a timely basis. This will ensure that all applicable taxation laws are followed to avoid any potential penalty or litigation. View here for more information about when it is best to seek the help of a probate attorney.

Hire a Probate Attorney

If you’re facing the probate of a will and the division of an estate, it’s important to ensure that the process occurs smoothly and correctly. A probate attorney can be an invaluable asset in ensuring a smooth probate process.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique, so it’s important to obtain personalized advice and direction specific to your estate plan. Reach out to an experienced legal professional today to ensure complete and accurate probate administration.

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