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3 Easy Tips For Marketing Talent Agencies Online

Is there another word that draws more ire for business owners than marketing?

Marketing is an important part of any successful business model. But finding the right type can be a pain. Investing in the wrong kind of marketing tools can be a costly error for business owners.

It’s especially tough for talent agencies to market themselves. The top four agencies account for less than 17 percent of total industry revenue. Most industry operators are small businesses or independent agencies.

This heated competition can make it difficult for agencies to stand out from the crowd. Agencies aren’t just competing for clients. They also have to attract talent, which can make marketing even more challenging.

Talent agencies require marketing to attract top clients and get their models work. Read here to learn 3 easy tips for marketing your talent agency online.

Social Media

How can you get a good return on investment from marketing? By choosing the right place to advertise your services.

That’s become a difficult feat in the digital age. Emerging technology has changed the way that people consume information on a day-to-day basis. Tablets and smartphones have become more attractive marketing mediums than radio or print.

But one marketing avenue has been consistently yielding a good return on investment for businesses: social media.

Social media has had a meteoric rise over the last decade. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have dominated the online landscape and businesses have begun to take notice. There are now more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with their customers.

Social media can be a useful tool for businesses in any industry. But it can be especially beneficial for talent agencies.

It can help make your brand more approachable to potential clients. It can also be a great avenue to showcase your talent.

The best part? Agencies can reach a large number of people with relatively little spend.

That’s because social media is an example of inbound marketing. Agencies can reach a large number of clients that are actively searching for talent. The results speak for themselves. Some companies have seen 450 percent average ROI from Facebook advertising and organic content.

Posting content is one thing, posting the right content is another. Think about what will be engaging with your target audience.

You can post a YouTube video highlighting what’s unique about your business. You can use Twitter to jumpstart a conversation about your business model. Check out the Next Level Modeling YouTube video for a good example.

Social media is all about creating a conversation about your brand. Be strategic and watch your ROI grow.

Create Viral Content

We’ve all seen our fair share of viral videos. Who doesn’t remember Gangnam Style? But while there’s no shortage of YouTube sensations, it can be difficult to understand what it really means to go viral.

“Going viral” means you’ve created a piece of content that is shared at a rapid rate. It’s one of the fundamental strategies behind content marketing.

But what causes a piece of content to go viral? Viral success might seem random. But there is a method to the madness.

There are steps you can take to give yourself a good chance of going viral. You need to understand your audience, tell an emotional story, use visual content, and encourage sharing.

Viral content doesn’t have to be a video. It can be a fun blog post, infographic, or anything that grabs people’s attention.

Talent agencies can start their own online campaigns in an attempt to go viral. Content marketing is a great way for businesses to get attention without going overboard with expenses.

Create a piece of content and post it on an internal blog, social media page, or industry website. Agencies can also write a guest post to reach a larger audience.

It’s never been easier to go viral. Use content marketing to your advantage. One viral hit could have a huge impact on your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an in-demand marketing technique. SEO is the science of changing the online visibility of a website in search engine results. The goal of SEO is to start gaining natural or organic traffic to a webpage.

Let’s say someone is searching for a talent agency in Los Angeles but have no idea where to go. They might start their search by going to google and typing “talent agency L.A.”

This person is a highly qualified lead. They have a need, are looking for a local business, and want recommendations. The only problem is businesses have to compete with thousands of search results in order to be found.

When is the last time you went to page two of Google? Businesses that don’t rank high in search engines are missing out on lots of potential business.

SEO helps businesses get to the top of search results. They do so by targeting specific keywords related to the business.

An SEO team might help talent agencies by doing a website audit. This is when they evaluate a website and make changes to make it search engine friendly.

They might also start doing pay-per-click advertising. Under this model, advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked on. This ensures that they only get charged when a prospect expresses interest in their services.

Google Ads is a popular pay-per-click marketing technique for businesses. Agencies can bid on keywords and then track their traffic and leads through Google’s portal.

SEO costs might be high initially. But the long-term goal is to get free and organic traffic to your site. This can pay big dividends in the long-run.

Marketing Your Talent Agencies

Marketing isn’t an exact science. What works for some talent agencies might not work for others. But you can set yourself up for the best chance of success by using these tips.

Online marketing is more important than ever. Don’t fall behind the times. Use these techniques to watch your agency grow.

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