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3 Constructive Methods Of Killing Time

‘A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.’ This quote can be attributed to Roald Dahl, one of the most recognized and celebrated children’s authors around. We often think ‘that’s nice,’ and then forget about the quote entirely. But it’s absolutely true. Think about it – when was the last time you felt you had time to simply enjoy something silly and fun? Something active? Perhaps enjoying the finale of your latest TV interest is something akin to this, but without much input from yourself, it can be hard to feel that emotion fully.

But when should we find time to embark in these silly escapades? Well, once in a while, we will have time to kill. For that reason, thinking up a few methods of engaging in something exciting can help you both kill said time, but do it constructively. After all, there’s no reason why killing time should mean wasting time. For that reason, we would like to offer the following warm advice to help you on this journey:

Read A Chapter

Reading a chapter of a book will always be a worthwhile measure of killing time. Not only does it help you become more alert, but it helps you take a minute yet constructive approach to escapism. There’s no better way to help the time pass, and hey, you’ll be making progress in your paperback or e-book! If you don’t have the physical apparatus for this, or perhaps get sick while reading on your commute, it could be that listening to an audiobook helps you fill with wonder in otherwise drab circumstances. For example, there are many academic and scientific coursebooks available for almost nothing on sites such as Audible, so it’s worth considering what you’re interested in and moving from there.

Construct A Puzzle

Constructing a little puzzle, a riddle, a crossword, or perhaps writing a little poetry could help you think a little more laterally, and that can help fire up your brain for the day. From brain training handheld video games offering a few puzzles each morning to help you wake up rested, to using a reliable tool to unscramble words and thus construct a small little puzzle to challenge yourself or your friends. It might seem over the top to complete something like this, but you’d be surprised just how powerful that can be, and how well it can help you overcome the boundaries of your daily habitual thought processes.


It’s easy to look at those meditating and think they are doing something to block out reality. In actuality, they are running straight into it. Following the breath, listening to the noises around you, being peaceful and letting the thoughts slowly take a backseat to concentration on a particular point can be practiced almost anywhere. Meditation is free, easy, and open to anyone who can breathe. To that extent, you’re not killing time, you’re using it expertly.


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