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250+ Best Biology Research Topics for College Students

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When writing a biology research paper, you need to choose insightful biology research topics. The process of selecting the best topics related to biology is challenging for most students.


Biologists study different kinds of organisms, from bacteria to large whales. This interesting science requires you to skillfully select an exciting topic that will enable you to craft a compelling research paper.


Biology is known as the science of life, and it covers a wide range of topics. Read on to find topic ideas on various areas in biology


Biology research topics for high school


There is a wide range of biology topics, from microorganisms to big organisms in plant and animal kingdoms. You can choose a topic that interests you and familiarize yourself with it. The following are biology topics for high school you can use in the brainstorming process


  1. Compare different types of cells that living things produce
  2. How was hereditary discovered, and who discovered it?
  3. Compare the cell structure of two plants
  4. Discuss the function of enzymes in the body
  5. Explain the process of photosynthesis. How carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen
  6. Discuss the process of metabolism in the human body
  7. Meiosis vs. Mitosis. Explain the difference
  8. How does gene inheritance work?
  9. Explain the DNA structure
  10. What is PCR, and how is it useful?
  11. Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of cloning
  12. Explain natural selection that leads to survival for the fittest
  13. Explain the evolution theory
  14. Discuss how species in the world are related
  15. How do organisms get nutrition?
  16. Discuss the extinction of dinosaurs. Do they have relatives today?
  17. Discuss the transmission of information in the nervous system
  18. What are the mechanisms of the carbon cycle?
  19. Discuss the impact of biodiversity
  20. Discuss population regulation and factors involved


Biology research topics for college students


You can write a college research paper on tiny organisms in the field of microbiology. These tiny living things consist of microbes like bacteria and fungi.


When scientists study microbiology, they find solutions to medical  and environmental issues. Here are biology research topics for college students


  • Discuss resistance in microbes
  • Discuss the human immune system and the role of bacteria
  • What are the different types of microbes?
  • How can microbes be useful?
  • Discuss how microbes are involved in soil pollution
  • What are some of the agents that can be used to kill bacteria?
  • How does yeast work? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • Virions vs. viroids. What is the difference?
  • What are the functions of cellular agents?
  • Discuss the biochemical found in fungi?
  • Discuss the causes of respiratory conditions in the body
  • How can stress affect the human immune system?
  • Why are vaccines important?
  • Discuss the structure of a molecule
  • Discuss the importance of microbiology in science
  • What are the advantages of microbes?
  • What happens when there are microbes in food?
  • Explain the process of making yogurt? What is the role of bacteria in this process?
  • Discuss the application of microbial
  • What are the groups of protozoa?


Human biology research topics


Human biology is an interesting topic that involves the study of people and populations. When you are writing your biology research paper, you can focus on two of its major parts: anatomy or anthropology.


Anthropology is the study of human evolution, while anatomy is the study of the human body structure. The following are good biology research topics on human biology


  • How does the respiratory system function?
  • How does anemia affect the body?
  • Discuss human population and its history
  • Discuss anthropology in relation to health
  • What type of information do you gather from reading bones?
  • Discuss human movement
  • Discuss nutrition and its effects on the human body
  • Explore psychology and how it influences the health of human beings
  • Explain how the brain can control human behavior
  • Discuss the bone structure
  • Explain the functions of kidneys in purifying blood
  • Explain the regulation of muscle movement in the body
  • What are reproductive technologies?
  • Discuss the functions of the human skeleton
  • Explain the functions of the cerebral cortex
  • Discuss the relationship between the brain and hormones
  • What are the functions of vitamins in the body?
  • Discuss the composition of blood
  • Discuss how the heart beats and things that can interfere with a heartbeat
  • Discuss the growth of the human population


 Cellular biology research topics


A cell is the basic unit of any living thing. Scientists study cells and investigate their lifecycle and vital functions. This involves the chemical processes that happen in the cell.


You can write interesting biology topics for presentation in this field. Below is a list of relevant topics


  • How can disease affect growth?
  • How much protein does the body need?
  • Explain the process of how cells can heal bones
  • What are the ethical issues concerning stem cells
  • How do cells communicate?
  • How does the environment affect DNA?
  • What can cause cell deformation?
  • Can the process of aging be reversed?
  • How do brain cells receive information?
  • How does the brain store memories?
  • Discuss the shape of cells of someone with sickle cell anemia
  • Discuss the advancement of molecular research
  • Discuss the movement of cells in the body
  • Should glaucoma be treated using surgery?
  • How are cells regenerated in the body?
  • Discuss diffusion in cells
  • What are the different cell types? And what are their functions?
  • Discuss DNA translation
  • What is the role of dead cells?
  • Explain protein biosynthesis


Environmental biology research topics


The field of biology that deals with the environment ensures a harmonious coexistence between human and nature. This field also focuses on pollution and waste disposal, for example, the disposal of wastewater. Below are topic ideas that can help you craft a compelling paper on environmental biology


  • Explain the effects of light in water
  • What are the functions of a dam, and how is it helpful to the environment
  • Discuss the effects of deforestation
  • What causes desertification?
  • Discuss the role of insects in pollination
  • Are there insects that are nutritious and good for human consumption?
  • How to properly dispose of wastewater
  • What causes the number of sea fish to reduce?
  • Explain the best way to dispose of garbage
  • The importance of biodiversity conservation
  • What is the role of warms in the ecosystem?
  • Discuss the conflict between human beings and wildlife
  • Are there toxic algae? What causes them to grow?
  • What are the causes of air pollution?
  • Discuss the causes of pollution in the sea
  • Discuss the impact of genetically modified crops
  • Discuss the risks of air contamination
  • Explain the benefits of natural gas to the environment
  • Explain environmentally friendly ways of conserving energy
  • Discuss human activities that cause water pollution


Marine biology research topics


Many living things underwater, including in seas and oceans, have not yet been discovered. The study of life underwater encompasses all living organisms underwater or close to a water body.


You can write an interesting research paper that will reveal the mysteries in the deep seas. Here are topic ideas you can consider


  1. What is the best technology you can use to study marine life?
  2. How do dolphins communicate?
  3. How are activities in water affecting whales?
  4. What are the advantages of living near the sea?
  5. How do animals living near water camouflage?
  6. How do living things inside water live together?
  7. What are the causes of high mercury in fish?
  8. What is overfishing, and what are its consequences?
  9. How does high temperature affect animals living in water?
  10. How do penguins survive? Explain their strategy?
  11. How does seafood affect life underwater?
  12. What is the role of bacteria in the sea?
  13. Are there invasive species? Discuss their types
  14. What is the role of birds in marine life?
  15. Discuss how starfish feeds in water
  16. Discuss the formation of coral reefs
  17. How can fish farming help boost the number of fish in the sea?
  18. Explain how whales evolve
  19. What methods can the government use to regulate fishing?


Plant biology research topics


When writing a plant biology research paper, you will cover different plants. This includes trees of different species to algae of all shapes and sizes.


This type of research helps to improve food and medicine, and conservation. Here are biology research topics you can select


  1. Discuss the most common causes of disease in most plants
  2. What are the advantages of studying plants?
  3. How can human beings take care of plants around them?
  4. Discuss the various types of toxic plants
  5. Do flowers have a defense mechanism?
  6. Discuss why and how trees lose their leaves
  7. Discuss some of the nutritious plants
  8. Explain how carnivorous plants eat
  9. How do plants purify the air?
  10. Explain how to preserve plants that are almost extinct
  11. Discuss the plant kingdom and problems associated with it
  12. Discuss the structure of a plant root
  13. What are some of the plants that have medicinal value?
  14. How does sound affect the development of plants?
  15. Discuss starch production in plants
  16. Discuss the growth of weed and why it is excessive
  17. How to identify various maize plant diseases
  18. Explain how light affects plants
  19. Discuss desert plants and how they survive
  20. Discuss the growth of a bamboo plant


Interesting biology topics for project


Every living thing goes through change. The changes can be experienced in various areas like ecology, paleontology, or genetics. You can cover these areas in your biology research proposal topics. Here are examples


  1. Discuss the changes that take place in a butterfly
  2. Discuss the changes that take place in an eagle
  3. How is sexual reproduction beneficial?
  4. Why is cancer persistent?
  5. Discuss how evolution affects society
  6. How can a disease evolve?
  7. Discuss the human race. Does science support it?
  8. How do people age?
  9. Does the environment affect evolution?
  10. How does genetic drift affect variation?
  11. What are the challenges of modern synthesis?
  12. What are the main factors that cause disease?
  13. Discuss the theory of evolution
  14. How do you determine the age of a tree?
  15. How does the life history of biology influence the evolution of species?
  16. How can a species achieve fitness?
  17. How do bees communicate?
  18. Discuss animal movement
  19. Discuss the evolution of animal psychology?
  20. Compare endotherms vs. ectotherms and how they evolve


Developmental biology research topics


Animals and plants go through the developmental process, and their features change. All living things grow from a single cell to a full organism in the developmental process.


Biologists study and track these developmental changes. You can write biology research topics about interesting facts when organisms develop from one stage to the next. The following are topic ideas you can select and brainstorm


  1. Describe the development stages of a baby
  2. Describe the growth stages of a plant
  3. What causes the cognitive disorder? How did it originate?
  4. Birds become territorial. Explain why
  5. What are developmental mechanisms?
  6. Are older people more likely to get cancer?
  7. What is the relationship between genes and body structure?
  8. How do bones develop?
  9. Describe the physical changes in boys and girls as they grow into adulthood
  10. Describe the development stages from a zygote until birth
  11. Discuss metamorphosis
  12. Discuss the changes that take place from a tadpole to a frog
  13. Can explosions and other external factors interfere with human physical development?
  14. How are new cells produced in a plant?
  15. Discuss the development process in a fish
  16. How do plants evolve?
  17. How does a flower develop into a fruit?
  18. Discuss the development of a zebrafish
  19. What are the features of desert plants that make them adapt to harsh environmental conditions?
  20. How do camels develop and adapt to living in the desert


Epidemiology and population biology topics for research paper


The topic of epidemiology investigates health-related issues and the causes of diseases in a population. Epidemiologists analyze health issues and injuries.


The study of population looks at interactions and environment of populations. This background information will help you decide if you are interested in writing a research paper on epidemiology and population. Here are science research topics in this field


  1. Discuss the development of population
  2. How do diseases spread in humans?
  3. How can the spread of disease be contained?
  4. Discuss the diseases that heavy metal pollution can cause
  5. Discuss how coronavirus spread
  6. Describe the causes of malaria
  7. What is Asian Carp, and how does it affect the marine population?
  8. What are the different kinds of population distribution?
  9. Discuss the effects of polio?
  10. Discuss ways of achieving moderate growth in population
  11. Discuss predator-prey.
  12. Discuss resource competition and avoidance mechanism
  13. What is a symbiotic relationship?
  14. What are the achievements in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS?
  15. How to deal with HIV stigma and how the stigma contributes to the spread of HIV
  16. Discuss the relationship between HIV and TB
  17. Explain how poverty contributes to the spread of HIV in developing countries
  18. What are the factors that lead to an increase in population growth?
  19. Explain how depression affects society
  20. Explain how to prevent an unborn child from contracting the HIV virus


History of biology research topics


Humans in the past had basic biology knowledge that was helpful in finding food and keeping domestic animals. This was before modern scientific studies emerged. Here are some interesting topics that you can write about the history of biology


  • Explain the knowledge of medicine in Ancient China
  • Discuss the history of Agriculture in Africa
  • Discuss the origin of life
  • Explain how historically, plans were used as medicine
  • Explain animal classification
  • Discuss the discovery of penicillin
  • How do animals communicate?
  • What are the relationships between different organisms?
  • What is the contribution of Albertus Magnus to botany?
  • Discuss how Italy has contributed to biological studies
  • Explain the factors that lead to the development of biology
  • How did modern anatomy originate?
  • Explain cell theory
  • When was the microscope invented, and who invented it?
  • What is GMO? Explain the benefits of GMO
  • Discuss how hereditary was discovered
  • Discuss how blood circulation works and who discovered it
  • Discuss the scientific development and biotechnology in Europe
  • Discuss the latest biotechnology
  • Explain the role of bioinformatics regarding the progress of genetic analysis


Biology research topics on hormones and behavior


You can write a research paper on how hormones can influence a person’s behavior. This is an interesting field with scientific evidence that will uncover how hormones can influence moods and wellbeing.


You can discuss this topic with other students who can relate to some conditions. Below are topic ideas you can consider


  • The significance of a particular hormone in the body
  • How is cell structure related to the resistance of antibiotics?
  • How do hormones affect a person’s behavior and mind?
  • What is the connection between hormones and depression?
  • Discuss pregnancy and hormonal changes
  • Discuss how hormonal changes can lead to psychological disorders
  • Describe the effects of bipolar disorder
  • What is the relationship between oxytocin and the reaction of fear?
  • What are some of the diseases related to the endocrine?
  • Discuss hormonal control and the reproductive system
  • Discuss hormonal influence
  • Is there a relationship between endocrinology and metabolism?
  • How can cardio exercises affect hormones?
  • Discuss hormones and women’s mental health


Research topics on the immune system


When writing about the immune system, you will be discussing the defense system in the body. The immune system is the defense mechanism against diseases.


This makes the topic important and interesting. Here are science research topics you can brainstorm


  • Explain the resistance capability of the immune system
  • What are the agents of the immune system, and how do they work?
  • When the immune system is not functioning properly what are the diseases that can occur
  • What is the relationship between stress and immunity?
  • Discuss the various allergic reactions that asthma causes
  • What is immunotherapy, and how can it influence the human body?
  • What are the benefits of vaccination?


Easy biology research topics about animals


You can write a compelling research paper that focuses on one animal or species. Here are topics you can select


  • What are the factors affecting animal growth?
  • Discuss obesity in pets
  • Is it ethical to test beauty products on animals?
  • Discuss the study of bird’s behavior
  • What are the camouflage mechanisms in sea creatures?
  • What is the relationship between veganism and meat production?


Biology research topics on ecology


When you write about ecology topics, you will be discussing how living things relate to each other in their environment. The following are exciting topics that you can use to uncover organisms and their environment


  • What is the relationship between living things and the environment?
  • What ways can plants adapt to changes in the environment?
  • What is the relationship between change in environment and different animal species?
  • What are the different ways of protecting wildlife?
  • How to protect rare species
  • Discuss the methods of stopping animal extinction
  • What are the different types of pollution?
  • Discuss why sustainability is important in wildlife
  • Discuss ecotourism and its benefits
  • What is the impact of the extinction of bees?
  • How do oil spills in the ocean affect water animals?
  • What are the benefits of organic farming?
  • How does climate change affect animal behavior?


How to choose topic for biology research paper?


Biology research topics are many from organism structure, chemical processes, and interactions. These topics are extensive. You can conduct in-depth research to produce an insightful paper.


It is important that you choose an interesting topic to ensure you deliver value to your readers. The process of selecting a topic can be difficult for many students. The following steps will enable you to choose a topic that will help you produce a well-researched and informative paper


1.     Brainstorm biology research topics


Brainstorm topic ideas to discover interesting biology topics for presentation. Research and create a list of ideas. Look at each topic and answer the following questions


  • What is your opinion about each topic? Is your opinion strong enough to inspire you to write about it?


  • Have you read an article or listened to news about a topic that has made you curious?
  • Do you have the desire to research the information further after reading or hearing about it?
  • What is your personal view on the topic?


After answering the questions you can choose a research topic for your paper. The brainstorming stage can be time-consuming as you analyze one topic after the next.


Do not be in a hurry to make a decision. Allocate enough time for it. You can brainstorm for one or two days before you decide on a topic.


After selecting your topic, wait for a day. Look at your topic again, and if you are fully convinced that it is the best topic for your paper, you can start researching.


2.     Choose an interesting biology research topic


Biology encompasses extensive fields that require in-depth research. Choose a topic that interests you.


An interesting topic will motivate you to research and write your paper faster. Your audience will enjoy reading an informative paper.


3.     Narrow down your topic


Science research topics can be too broad for you to manage unless you narrow them down. Select a narrow topic that you can handle and ensure you can find enough information to support it.


For example, biology is an extensive topic, but you can choose genetic researches biology topics. This is a field in biology that is narrow enough for you to handle.


4.     Write the keywords


Write a list of keywords that describes your topic. This way, you can use these keywords to search for relevant information in the databases. Find broad and narrow terms and key concepts that are useful for your work.


5.     Explore examples about your topic


Look at relevant examples about your topic and get insight into the primary matter. There are many articles with different examples.


It is important that you understand the main message. For example, environmental biology research topics cover areas like


  • Thermoregulation
  • Hypoxia
  • Environmental pollution
  • Hypothermia


Look at each sub-topic and choose the one that interests you. This will allow you to use relevant examples in your paper.


What is the best topic in biology?


There are different areas you can research in biology.  You can find the best topic in biology when you identify the areas that interest you. The following is a list of areas you can consider


1.     Microbiology


Microbiology is the study of tiny organisms such as viruses. Some of the viruses that scientists study cause diseases.


This field is closely linked to a different field called immunology. You can choose to research this topic if you are interested in tiny living things or causes of diseases.


2.     Anatomy


When you choose to write a paper on anatomy, you will focus on tissue structure and organs. You can choose this area in biology if you find researching about the human body tissues interesting


3.     Environmental biology


You may be interested in sharing with your audience different ways of supporting the environment. Environmental biology topics will enable you to find out information on how human beings affect their environment. You will uncover the reaction of organisms to the surroundings


4.     Marine biology


You may want to write about life underwater. The best topics in this field will come from marine biology.


You can write about any organism in water, from bacteria to the whale. You can also write about animals living near water.


5.     Botany


This is the study of plants. You can get the best topics on anything that deals with trees, flowers, and shrubs, among others. You can write about the different properties of plants and how they need sunlight and water to live.


6.     Biology research topics in evolution


All living things are constantly evolving. They can merge, create or delete genes.


You may be interested in this area of biology and how the changes are monitored. You can brainstorm the best topics in this area.


7.     Developmental biology


This area of biology deals with tissue regeneration and the growth of cells.  You can brainstorm topics that excite you in this field.


8.     Epidemiology


This is where scientists study health and how diseases spread among the population. Understanding where diseases originate and how they are transmitted may interest you. This means that you will need to select the best topics in the field of epidemiology.


Biology encompasses large areas, and writing a research paper on biology research topics may seem like a daunting task. How to start writing a biology paper requires you to understand the writing process.


How to write a biology research paper


Start with planning so you can work fast and save time. A structure will help you write a well-organized research paper quickly.


Structure of a biology research paper


When you structure your research paper well, you will have a good flow of ideas. A structure is a framework that allows you to organize your thoughts logically and present them coherently.


Your readers can follow your line of thought from start to finish. It acts as a guide to your writing.


A biology research paper structure allows you to write your main points so that you do not forget them when finalizing your draft. The following are elements that you should include in your biology research paper structure


1.     Title


Creatively craft an interesting title that will attract your audience even before they get to the introduction. You can use an opening statement or a question depending on the biology research topics.


2.     Abstract


An abstract should present a short summary from the beginning to the end of your paper. Your abstract should reflect the objective of your paper.


Ensure readers understand what your research paper entails. They should also understand the results of your research.


3.     Introduction


The introduction section introduces your topic and describes what your paper will try to achieve. It should start with a hook as the first sentence of the paragraph..


A hook encourages your readers to read your entire paper. The sentences that follow should provide some background information about your topic. The final one or two sentences of the introduction should be your thesis statement.


4.     Thesis statement


A thesis statement is the foundation of your biology research paper. Your thesis should reflect your main arguments.


It guides your writing process, and each point you discuss should be connected to your thesis statement. Make sure your thesis is clear and concise.


5.     Body paragraphs


The body section of your paper is where you provide detailed information about your science research topics. A topic sentence in each paragraph will introduce a sub-point that is connected to your thesis statement.


The sentences that follow will support your point with detailed information, including biology research paper example  and evidence. The final sentence in each paragraph is the concluding sentence.


It finalizes the discussion point and seamlessly transitions the reader to the next point. The body paragraph of your paper should include the following




You will need to explain how you carried out tests in your research. Give the procedure you used. Include the methods of data collection and analysis.




Present results you obtained from your research. Results can be figures or observational results.




You will need to discuss the results you have presented and anything that may have affected them. You can give your opinion regarding the results and if they meet your expectation from your theoretical knowledge.


Cited works


Make sure you properly cite your work and include a reference section on your paper. Follow your professor’s instructions on how to cite your work and the format you need to use.


The most common formats are APA, MLA, and Chicago. Formatting your work properly will ensure you get higher marks.


6.     Edit and Proofread


After you finish writing your paper, ensure you proofread and edit accordingly. Submitting your work without proofreading it can cause you to lose marks because of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.


Check your examples and make sure they are relevant. For example, if you write a biology research paper on genetic researches biology topics, your examples should adequately explain the topic.


Key takeaway


Biology is an interesting science subject. You can find many topics to write about. The challenging part is selecting the best biology research topics.


To get an interesting topic you will need to know “what are the best research topics?”  This way, you can brainstorm different topic ideas and select the one that is interesting to you and your audience.


You will need to ensure the topic is not too wide for you to handle or too narrow for you to find adequate information. To to get  best biology research topics for your research paper, pay for write my research paper expert.

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