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12 Signs You Need to Call a Miami Beach SEO Service

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Over the last two years, local SEO phrases such as “near me,” have increased in search engine use up to 200%.

Miami Beach SEO

Your digital marketing strategy for Miami Beach SEO should target local search engine users and more.

But what if you have limited experience with SEO? You can still attract more customers with search engine optimization. Learn more about the telltale signs you need to hire Miami SEO professionals.

1. Any Virtual Presence

No matter the type of virtual presence your business maintains online. You need to use SEO. You might limit your virtual presence to a few appearances in digital directories like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, or any social media platform. It might also consist of something more substantial than a business listing, such as a digital storefront like a company website.

Business Listings

Your brick and mortar store needs virtual business listing(s). Your business appears in multiple digital directories of your choosing. You need to verify the information for your business (e.g., location, hours, contact info) to boost your SEO.

If you do not verify this information, you make it harder to improve Google rankings. Investing in digital directories does not mean you should neglect print directories like YellowPages and other forms of print marketing.

A Company Website

Whether you have a digital storefront, or you’re extending the presence of a brick and mortar store, a website for your business is critical to boosting your Miami Beach SEO.

A website can make or break your digital marketing strategy. A well-built site should have search engine optimization at the front and back end of your site. This type of keywording should not be something you attempt without consulting a professional service first.

2. Lack of Experience With SEO

A lack of experience with SEO is not uncommon. Professional companies like Go Florida SEO exist to support businesses like yours. Search engine algorithms change multiple times in one year.

Keeping up with these updates is its profession. Not understanding how they impact your digital marketing strategy indicates the need for different SEO services. The last thing you want is for your search rank to suffer because you can not keep up with changes in SEO.

3. SEO Penalties

If Google has penalized SEO factors, you may be unaware. Several factors affect your search rank. You could be suffering from one or more gaps in your search engine strategy. These penalties can hurt your business in a few ways.

  • No business connection to local Miami Beach SEO
  • Outdated or ineffective keywords
  • Limited or nonexistent site metrics
  • Declining site traffic
  • The site does not generate leads

Google might flag your site as hazardous if your SEO is not consistent across multiple platforms (e.g., business listings, company website). Your visibility might also be compromised by poor keyword choices associated with your competition. Too many sites or keywords flagged as duplicates, when unverified, will drop your rank or derank your site.

4. Site Traffic is Low or Slow

If you target an audience with a local Miami Beach SEO strategy and find site traffic is slow, you have a problem. There are are several other factors that might impact your site, too.

Your keywords might be directing interested clients to competitors’ sites or the wrong landing pages on your own site. Google’s algorithm updates and inexperience with SEO can block site traffic. Coding rules that prevent your page from loading, slow it down.

Page redirects to incorrect landing pages or competitors’ sites drop your traffic numbers. Manual penalties from Google, as well as deindexed keywords, and SERP layout changes can all hurt your site traffic. Expert SEO services are the best way to determine why your traffic might be slow.

5. Evaluating Site Design

Some of the SEO penalties mentioned above can be fixed with a crafted website. If you want your Miami Beach SEO strategy to be effective, your webmaster or expert SEO services need to pay attention to a few elements.

Logical Structure

How is your website designed? If it does not have a logical structure, search engines can not display certain information. This structure is determined via hierarchal web design, understood best by expert SEO services.

Deep Links

Links on your website, such as those redirecting from digital directories like your Google business listing, should be deep links. Deep links take end-users to more and more pages, funneling them through the logical structure crafted for your site.

Deep links also take end-users to a natural conversion point. This funnel redirects them to a call to action (e.g., address, phone number, social page) that boosts your search ranking.

Optimized Pages

Optimizing pages on your website for the best Miami Beach SEO possible means adjusting your site’s hierarchy. If your business has multiple physical locations, you should have a landing page to keep your site structured. The more useful information you use to describe each location, the more impact your site will have on SERPs.

6. Measuring Site Traffic

If you have no clue how much traffic your company’s website gets, you have a problem. Your Miami Beach SEO strategy will be far less effective if you remain unaware of what is and is not working on your site. If you want to target local audience, you need metrics on your site’s traffic.

Tag Locations

When attempting to prove Google rankings, location tags are a great way to track site traffic. Expert SEO services like Go Miami SEO can set up tags that track data with a local search campaign. These tags can be coded as tracking URLs for individual search engines and measured with Google Analytics.

Canonical Tags

Another form of tagging used by professionals who have experience with SEO is canonical tags. This helps sift through incorrect versions of URL addresses. With the correct URLs, your site traffic is trackable with the right landing pages, locations, and so on.

Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are ideal to implement on your website, as well as your Google Business Listing. These buttons generate leads and convert searches into measurable traffic. Your CTA buttons could include:

  • Learn More
  • Reserve
  • Sign Up
  • Buy
  • Get Offer

These interactions and views can be tracked. Expert SEO services will capitalize on these conversions from your business listing, even if you do not have a company website.

7. Improving Your Business Citations

Business citations are any mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number across the web. These citations may be linked or unlinked and appear in any locally-targeted sites or digital directories. To get the most out of your Miami Beach SEO strategy, professionals can improve your citations in a few ways.

Listing Completion

Any of your business listings online need to have accurate, complete information. The name, location, and phone number should be the same for every citation, without duplicate listings. Duplicates make it difficult to verify your listing’s authenticity and can lower your Google rankings.

Citation Management

Keeping track of numerous listings can very time-consuming. When turning to expert SEO services, be sure to verify their ability to maintain real-time updates of your various listings. Citation management can increase your Miami Beach SEO performance.

8. Quality of Online Reviews

What are online reviews doing to your digital marketing strategy? Are they a factor you consider to target an audience better? If the answer to either of these questions is no, your Miami Beach SEO is suffering.

If your aim is to improve Google rankings, knowing what customers have to say about your business is powerful information. Google’s algorithms will pick up on good and bad reviews, which can increase your search visibility and impact what end-users see on SERPs.

When you see good reviews, respond to them. Offer gratitude and appreciation; other customers will see it.

Make sure to respond to bad reviews, too. Negative reviews are a good opportunity for you to demonstrate your business’s commitment to customer service.

9. Links to Your Website

Link building is not as simple a process as you might think. Backlinks are crucial to your digital marketing strategy, for your Miami Beach SEO. Credible backlinks validate your business’s authority in Google’s algorithms

Backlinks can be added to your website in several ways, and expert SEO services can determine the best linking strategy for your business. This can help you stand out compared to the competition.

10. Visibility On SERPs

Visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) can be impacted by many of the elements listed above. When you Google business, an ineffective digital marketing strategy will drop your ranking, or where your company falls, on the results page. You can improve your Miami Beach SEO by consulting experts like Go Florida SEO.

If you can not find your business in a search engine, customers can not either. Visibility is a critical factor in bumping up your site traffic and results from improving Google rankings.

11. There’s No Transparency

Maybe you have consulted experts experienced with SEO in the past. Have they met your needs? Were they transparent about optimizing your business and the amount of time it would take?

These are essential things to consider for your Miami Beach SEO needs. If a company promises you fast results at low prices, you will be left disappointed. SEO takes time to factor into Google’s algorithms and be verified.

12. Strategic Plan Integrity

When a company claims to have experience with SEO, make sure to verify this claim. You should make sure your business’s needs are met for both current and future digital marketing strategy plans. When consulting an expert, they should walk you through every step of their strategy.

If your previous experience with SEO experts has been confusing or overwhelming, how do you know if your needs are being met?

If you want to better learn how to target your audience, you need answers to your questions. If you do not understand parts of the suggested strategies, how can you determine what needs to improve for your business?

How to Find the Best Miami Beach SEO Services for Your Business

Finding a quality SEO company to work with is not impossible. There are a few steps you can take when looking for the best Miami Beach SEO company for you. We at Go Florida SEO want you to receive the best service possible.

1. Learn the Basics

Although this guide has shown you why you need expert SEO services, you need to know how to evaluate a company, too. Learning the basics of SEO can help you ask the right questions and avoid working with someone who oversells their abilities.

2. Ask About What Makes Us Different

At Go Miami SEO, we will work with you. Not only are we interested in providing the best services possible, but we also do not want you to get overwhelmed. Our goal is not to get you mediocre results.

We want you to understand the ins and outs of our different SEO services so you can make informed decisions for your digital marketing strategy.

3. Check Out Our Work

Our work speaks for itself. We are all about transparency. Beyond wanting you to receive the best service possible, we want your trust.

Any partnership is made better with trust, authenticity, and credibility. Our portfolio serves as a testimony to satisfied businesses like yours.

Working With Us

Now that you understand why your Miami Beach SEO needs expertise like ours, we hope you feel confident working with us. Contact us today for a consultation about how we can best serve your business.

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