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12 Reasons to Hire Janitorial Services Near Me

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Janitorial services near me is introduced in every aspect of this article to help find quality janitorial services.  Every year businesses lose productivity due to sick or ill employees. And, the data shows the peaks in work absences coincide rather nicely with flu season.

This is because workplace sickness spreads like wildfire. Everyone is sharing the same spaces and touching the same objects all throughout the day.

But, this does not need to be the case. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can take their weight off your shoulders. Let them clean your space while you make the money.

Are you wondering, “where can I find janitorial services near me?” You have come to the right place! Keep reading to find out all you need to know!

What Is A Professional Janitorial Service?

A professional janitorial service is a professionally trained cleaning crew and staff. Unlike a private individual, a professional cleaning crew is aware of all the little intricacies your company may need. They are trained and aware of what must be done in an office or professional setting.

Professional cleaners are trained to handle harsh chemicals and industrial equipment, unlike alternatives. Perhaps you have considered paying your current staff? Or, just hiring a high schooler to do the office cleaning?The difference between professional service and a private service such as these is the ability of the cleaner.

And, they provide several services and perks which a private service will not be able to offer. They have a staff behind them who know how to prepare their crew and inform them of what you want.

Before we dive into the top 12 reasons you need a professional janitorial service, we will discuss what they do. Also, we will explore the intricacies of what a service provides and the areas they care for.

Do You Know How Many Germs Live in Your Office?

Germs are everywhere and they can survive on a variety of surfaces. In an office setting or industrial setting, these germs can spread fast due to the volume of people. In an office, we don’t realize how many items our staff share day-to-day. And, when they share the tool, they share their germs.

One of the reasons spaces are so full of germs is because of a lack of attention and cleaning. Despite popular belief, the toilet and bathroom are not the dirtiest part of the office. This is because everyone thinks they are gross and tend to wipe them down regularly before use. Below we will deep dive into the dirtiest places in your office.

Just because the toilet has fewer germs than other spaces does not mean it is clean. Everyone knows just how filthy a public restroom looks and smells. Well, the reason for this is largely due to the quality of the cleaning.

Imagine you walk into a public restroom and you take out your little disinfectant wipe to kill germs. You are not going to go around and scrub the toilet with your little wipe. The purpose of the wipe is simply to kill the germs on the surfaces you touch.

But, the toilet, to be properly cleaned, needs to have beneath the seat and around the bowl cleaned. This is how you prevent those bad smells from appearing. A professional cleaning crew has the tools and cleaners available to ensure these spaces stay clean.

What spaces in your office are dirtier than your toilet? Let’s see.

The Telephone

Studies out of the University of Arizona conducted by Dr. Gerba found an alarming number of germs in everyday spaces. In his study, he examined several of the most used and least sanitized spaces in an office. But, one of the top germ collecting spaces is the office telephone.

The office telephone has an amazing 1,600 germs per square inch! This, when compared to the toilet seat, is thousands of times more bacteria!

The Coffee Pot and Coffee Cups

Everyone who works in an office setting is probably well aware of the need for coffee to get through the day. But, did you know the coffee pot and coffee mug are the number one dirtiest space in the office? If you didn’t know, now you do.

The coffee cup you drink from has a whopping 2,200 germs per square inch! This is alarming, I am sure! No one wants to imagine they are drinking a bunch of germs when they are trying to wake up.

The study also found that people can cut back the germs by washing the cup. However, if you clean your cup with the germ-ridden sponge soaking in the public sink, you aren’t doing much good. This sponge is not regularly sanitized and cleaned and therefore just absorbs the germs in the sink and spreads it all around!

Your Desk And Keyboard Space

The same study found that the space you consider to be “yours” is also riddled with germs! Your computer desk, including your keyboard and mouse, is full of germs from others around you. Remember, let’s say, you brought that dirty coffee mug to your desk? Now the desk is contaminated.

If you did not wash your hands or sanitize them after handling your filthy phone, you carry the germs with you. This is how you can spread and move germs all around your office space and even back to your own private table.

The study by Dr. Gerba found that your private space has between 600-700 germs per square inch! Again, beating out the ever so feared toilet seat!

Commonly Handled Spaces

Commonly handled spaces are things most of us barely think of on a day-to-day basis. But, we all handle these spaces constantly and spread hundreds of germs when we do. These spaces include doorknobs and even activation buttons.

Activation buttons can include the elevator buttons and the copier machine buttons. Many of us don’t even think about how these spaces are covered by germs. Because they have been touched hundreds of times every day. And, you probably don’t think about how the pens and pencils on your desk are covered in germs as well!

Whenever someone borrows your office supplies, they are also spreading their germs around. The exact number of germs on these surfaces varies a little. But, on average you can expect to encounter between 200-400 germs per square inch on these spaces. Once again, beating out the toilet!

Why Should You Care As An Office Manager?

As the office manager or owner, you may be alarmed by these statistics. You may be wondering how we could be coming into contact with so much every day! But, maybe you think if this is the average, then it must be safe. People aren’t dying left and right from the office, right?

Well, this is not entirely true. Let’s explore the data a little bit more and see what we find.

Businesses stand to lose a significant amount every year due to lost productivity due to illness. The exact amount it will cost you personally does vary a little based on your business. But, the reality is, you will lose revenue when your staff is out sick.

You will lose revenue two ways through a poorly cared-for staff. This is similar to how businesses stand to lose revenue when they have an unsafe working environment. An unclean work environment is not safe in reality. We can all see physical threats to injury and are more likely to react accordingly.

Maybe our staircase is too slippery or steep and we envision an employee or patron falling down it. This is why OSHA has strict guidelines regarding workplace safety and regulations. But, when we are thinking about a microscopic organism, it may not seem particularly threatening.

However, germs can impact our workers just as much as a glaringly obvious physical hazard.

What Are The True Costs Of Lost Workforces?

Most employers factor the costs for healthcare in their cost sheets. But, they may not factor in the cost of lost labor and loss of labor resulting from illness. Studies have indicated that businesses can lose millions every year in lost production.

The Integrated Benefits Institute discovered that businesses tend to lose over $500 million every year. This does not include the costs paid out for healthcare and similar benefits. This would only include loss of production from illness and sickness.

For employees, they want to feel safe at work. But, as the employer, you also must view your workers as an investment. If they are unable to work, you won’t be able to produce and therefore gain revenue.

This reality was even more pronounced during the outbreak of Covid-19. During the early stages of the pandemic, a shortage of supplies for medical workers led to unsafe exposure. Now, workers still feel their workspace is unsafe and not sufficiently taking their needs into concern.

If you want to attract workers and ensure they are able to work, then sanitary practices are a must.

How Often Does Sickness Spread In The Workplace?

Sickness spreads rapidly in the right environment. Unfortunately, the office is the ideal space for germs and bugs to spread rapidly. Part of the reason is these spaces have two of the main causes of pathogen and germ spreading.

The first is, they have high contact surfaces. These surfaces have the potential to spread disease very fast. These include door handles and countertops, and they are handled by hundreds every day.

On top of this, they are not regularly sanitized. So, everyone who enters the building touches the same door handle and potentially shakes hands with others. Thus, spreading those germs to the whole workforce.

The other aspect that makes these spaces ideal is their air quality. Many offices do not have great air filtration or sanitation. For this reason, germs and bacteria get trapped in carpeting and other soft spaces. When disturbed, these germs can get kicked up into the air again, potentially infecting workers.

These aspects are easily improved and help to make a good workspace with proper care.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Workers?

In the content below we will help you examine the 12 best ways a janitorial service can help you! Afterward, we will examine what aspects to look for in a janitorial service to help you find the very best service you can.

Overall, a janitorial service can help you by ensuring the work gets done and is done correctly. They are trained and experienced in the best methods of sanitation and cleanliness. Other aspects that set them apart include their ability to work efficiently.

When you hire a janitorial service, you will be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run; since you will likely decrease sick days for your employees and increase production. Employees also appreciate knowing their safety is taken into account by their employer.

If you want to save yourself some money and please your workers in the process, check out the top 12 ways!

1. Professional Janitorial Services Are Fully Trained

The top reason to hire a professional janitorial service is they are fully trained and skilled. Many do not fully appreciate just how much a janitorial service does to keep people comfortable. But, the truth is, they do a great deal to help give people these comforting experiences.

Professional cleaners know how to sanitize the proper spaces while cleaning them as well. Going back to the example of a public bathroom, professional janitors know how to both clean and sanitize.

Getting the dirt and debris buildup off of the surfaces is a must. This ensures the space not only is clean, but looks and smells clean as well. This helps guarantee your business has a good reputation as well.

Imagine a potential buyer or client enters your space and then needs to use the restroom. Once they enter, they smell a public restroom with all its dirty smells and appearances. Professional cleaning services help to guarantee this won’t happen.

The way you present your space is useful in helping you make a good impression. So, don’t be caught empty-handed. Give the best experience overall to ensure you get the clients you want.

Being professionals, they also make sure you are well stocked and supplied. They know when to replace a dwindling supply of goods and when to order new supplies. Again, it is quite annoying to be in the middle of something important and have to go to your storage closet for a replacement.

Janitorial cleaners can make sure your space is stocked and cleaned at all times.

2. Professional Janitorial Services Are More Efficient

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you are investing your own time. They are much more efficient due to their extensive training and instruction. Again, they have a method that works especially well.

But, by delegating this service to another group, you free up your time and your staff’s time. Requiring your own staff to clean the bathrooms or sanitize the kitchen is an inefficient use of their time.

This is not to say the work is beneath them. Rather, it is to say they are trained in a different skill. Your office staff exists to ensure customers have the best experience possible. Janitorial staff is meant to guarantee everything else flows smoothly.

Do not waste your time or your staff’s time cleaning your office space. Rather, make the wise investment in an efficient and skilled crew that can do this efficiently.

3. Professional Janitorial Services Are Flexible

Professional janitorial services are commonly around-the-clock services. So, if you would rather not have a janitorial staff interrupting your staff’s space while they work, don’t worry!

Commonly, janitorial staff has an around-the-clock service that you can request at almost any time. There is occasionally an upcharge for overnight services, but it will still save time and money in the long run. Let’s say your staff is trying to answer phones while your janitor is vacuuming the carpets. This might be a little disruptive to the flow of your business.

It is best to allow your staff to operate uninterrupted and avoid any inconveniences.

It is also much less disruptive to your customers and clients. Mopping floors is a hazard and can cause people to slip and fall on your property. You don’t need to be told that this is not a good thing to happen. It may seriously injure your client and not only ruin your relationship with them but also possibly end in a lawsuit.

Needless to say, this is a good option to have open!

4. Professional Janitorial Services Have All The Supplies

Professional janitorial services are fully equipped. They have equipment for a variety of cleaners and cleaning equipment. You won’t need to worry about providing them with the cleaners they need to get the job done correctly.

They are trained to handle harsh chemicals for any potentially difficult spaces you have to clean. Also, many professional janitorial services have specially trained workers. They can handle potentially hazardous materials.

This can be vomit or blood or bodily excretions in excessive amounts. These contaminants are normally considered unsafe for untrained individuals to handle. In some states, you must have trained individuals to clean up contamination like this.

Fortunately, if you have a professional cleaning crew, you will have access to this perk. Another benefit is if you have a contract with them, many will include this service as a request. So if someone makes a huge mess in the middle of your working day, they can take care of it!

5. Professional Janitorial Services Provide Detailed Cleaning

You probably do not think about cleaning under the couches and bed of your home very much. In a home setting, this is okay, because the pollution is minimal. But, in your office, where hundreds of people move about all day, these spaces get very dirty.

When people walk about, they drag dust and dirt along with them. This accumulates beneath your furniture as “dust bunnies”. But there is more under there than just dust and dirt. People’s food crumbs gather beneath there, too.

Not after long, these spaces get filled with little critters looking for a dark space to call home. You do not want this to happen since then you’ll need to hire an exterminator as well! Professional janitorial services help to prevent this from happening in the first place.

They are thorough and make sure they reach these difficult spaces where critters gather. Make sure you avoid these potential infestations!

6. Professional Janitorial Service To Attract Workers

Recent polls have found that employees want a safe work environment and they want their employers to do more. The Coronavirus made people realize this more than ever. This poll found that 66% of office workers want their employers to ensure their safety against infection.

They also want to have safe and clean places to operate without fear of death or disease. They stated that an unclean office environment is a good reason to find a new job.

The poll was conducted by the Cleaning Coalition of America. A  group that advocates for cleaning crews and sanitation workers. Their knowledge is a dependable one since they work closely with these groups and know many of these factors first hand.

The result of this research is that a professional janitorial service can help attract new workers and retain old ones. If you need to constantly hire new workers due to inadequate care, you will be wasting money.

For each new hire, you will need to invest money to train them and wait for them to be fully productive. Keep your trained staff by helping them feel safe in their workspace.

7. Professional Janitorial Service to Mitigate Allergy Symptoms

Did you know that your seasonal allergies are caused by more than just pollen? Many of us assume we get our allergy symptoms because the world’s flowers are starting to reopen. This is not entirely wrong, but there is more to it than just that.

Allergy symptoms are caused by several local pollutants in your space. These pollutants include dust mites and airborne pollution (such as pollen build-up and dust). The fact is, office spaces accumulate a lot of debris over time which can irritate your employees.

This can lead to a loss of productivity and perhaps even more sick days. A professional janitorial service can prevent this from happening. They can prevent dust particles and dirt from accumulating.

Get those pesky mites and allergy-inducing pollutants out of your office. It will make your space much more comfortable and your staff will thank you every Spring and Fall.

8. Professional Janitorial Service To Clear Up Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew are actually rather dangerous to have in your home or workspace. For people suffering from respiratory issues or infections, mold can make their symptoms much worse. This is because mold is an irritant that can result in inflaming airways and constricting them.

And, this is not the only health hazard associated with cold and mildew. There is evidence to support the notion that it can cause migraines and other painful headaches.

Everyone knows a bad migraine can be very debilitating. Again, clean space can help increase productivity and work rates among your employees. If your workers are suffering from painful headaches, they probably won’t be the happiest people to be around either. This may not be such a big deal, except this can impact your customers as well.

If you have a bunch of cranky people answering phones all day, the customers may not like that. And, a professional janitorial service knows how to kill mold and prevent it.

Windowsills and other moisture buildup spaces are the most common culprits for mold. And, the mold is likely to develop over time as dirt and dust rest in the condensation. If someone is caring for this on a regular basis, you won’t need to worry about the mold disturbing your workers.

9. Professional Janitorial Service To Extend Your Office Life Span

Hiring a professional janitorial service can help extend your office space’s life. This is because as debris builds up and wet spaces fail to be attended to, things decay.

This can be your furniture or your floors. Professional cleaners know what spaces to clean and how often. Let’s say you fail to check the back storage area on a regular basis. But, you fail to realize the roof is leaking.

This is a good example of how a cleaning crew can prevent decay. While the roof is leaking onto your floor, it’s actually starting to rot the floor. And, if you do not see and clean this up right away, it can get worse. Then you will need to invest in a professional to fix it.

Granted, most cleaning crews do not fix roofs, but they will spot a leaking one. By doing so they can clean up the mess and keep it clean until you can get that roof fixed.

And, since they are caring for the spill, you won’t have to worry about fixing the floor as well!

10. Professional Janitorial Service To Polish Your Floors

Professional cleaners have all sorts of tools to make their job and your life easier. But, one of the nicest parts of having a professional cleaning crew is they have special tools for your floors!

Commercial cleaning services provide their workers with buffing machines and wax. These can make any lackluster floor look brand new. With a stripping machine, the old wax can be stripped away with the right chemicals.

Then, on top, they will lay a fresh coat. But, just make sure you do not have them do this during office hours.

Buffing floors that are already waxed should not cause any real irritants. But, the chemical they use to strip the floors can be very smelly. It is best to give the crew the evening to accomplish their work.

But, the way your floors will shine when they finish will make you smile!

11. Professional Janitorial Service To Prevent Injuries

We have already discussed how hiring a professional can save you time and money. But, hiring a professional can also help prevent potential injuries.

If you did decide to hire an untrained or poorly trained individual, they may get hurt. And an untrained individual does not understand how to handle chemicals or climb ladders.

They may not put out the proper signage when the floors are wet. Or, they may leave harmful chemicals out in unsafe places. They might mix chemicals in an unsafe manner when they refill chemical bottles.

All of these are potential health and safety hazards. OSHA has a detailed list of in-depth requirements for chemical safety and storage. Each of these steps is vital to the safety of the staff and those who come in contact with the chemicals.

It can be a very time-consuming job having to handle all of the storage and signage. Rather, you can hire professionals who know how to properly handle and store these chemicals.

12. Professional Cleaning Services Can Give You What You Want

Last on the list is customization. A professional cleaning service can provide you with personalized services to meet your needs. Customization can take on many shapes, which is exactly what you need.

Professional crews have a large number of workers. Maybe you would like to have a regular crew who knows your space and how you like it? You can request to have that crew!

Of course, they may not be available every time. But, at least you have the most of the time.

You can request they only use certain chemicals. Maybe you only like organic cleaners in your office? You can always request this personalization!

Again, some spaces may require more intense and detailed cleaners. But, a professional crew has the option for many different types of cleaners. So, if you would like a certain scent or only organic, they should be able to!

Additionally, they can personalize their services in multiple ways. But, we don’t have the space to discuss each of them in detail. Rest assured though, they will do their best to give you what you want.

What Should You Look For In a Janitorial Service?

For the last section of our piece, we will explore what signs indicate a good service provider. Ultimately, we all know we want a service that has a good reputation. One that knows how to clean.

And, we already discussed the top 12 reasons why you want one. Now, what attributes should you seek when you meet with them?

What sort of questions should you ask when you speak with them? How much are janitorial services usually? And finally, where should you hire your janitorial service?

Everyone knows that working with unpleasant staff or lazy people is unpleasant. And, before you sign a contract and get stuck with a service, let’s jump in!

Find a Cleaning Crew That Is Responsive

You have probably experienced how annoying it is when someone does not respond. This is not very helpful, especially when you want to get a service from them.

If you have called a service or emailed them and they fail to respond, this is a bad sign. An unresponsive company could mean they are just overbooked, or it could mean they are unorganized.

Either way, the end result will be the same for you. You will be left struggling to get a hold of anyone when you have a question. Or, perhaps you have a concern about the cleaning crew’s performance.

Or, maybe you just have a scheduling conflict. Again, the actual big issue is that they are not responding. This means you will continue to have poor care throughout the professional experience.

Find the service that takes you seriously and responds.

Does Their Staff Wear A Uniform?

This may seem extra picky, but actually, it is not. Several issues are solved by a staff uniform. And, it makes them seem professional and tidy. This is something which should especially matter during your operating hours.

When your clients enter and see a cleanly dressed individual cleaning the guest area, it looks good. But, if they enter and see someone with their clothes hanging off, they may not be impressed.

But, a uniform does more than just please your guests. They can also prevent the crew from getting hurt. Janitorial uniforms are meant to prevent the worker from getting snagged or caught on things while they clean.

They also have non-slip shoes which prevent them from falling and slipping while they work. This is extra important. Again, you don’t want to end up getting sued.

Do They Have A Dedicated Workforce?

Last, you can tell a lot about a company by their employees. A company that takes care of its workers is one with a dedicated workforce.

But, this is more than a nice fact. It matters for you as well. When you hire a janitorial staff, you want them to be dedicated to what they do. This doesn’t mean they have to think of this as their only job.

But, it does mean they take pride in what they do. You know the difference between a worker who hates their job and one that performs it with dedication.

You want the latter type of worker. And, if the company loses a lot of its employees, then it means they have poor business quality. And, this bad energy will impact the way workers show up to work and perform their tasks.

How Much Are Professional Janitorial Services Near Me?

There is no one size fits all service for every company. So, the pricing of a janitorial company varies. But, pricing is usually broken down by service and product.

What does this mean?

When a janitorial company is providing you a quote, they base it on several factors. Each of these factors will impact the prices you can expect to get from quotes.

One of the first factors is if you want basic services or more complex services. Clearly, the more complex the service is, the more money it will likely cost. So, when you are seeking a janitorial service make sure you have a list prepared.

You will want to be able to inform them of the types of cleaning you want and how often. If you want cleanings once a week, the total may be less. But, the service may be more than a daily cleaning.

In other words, if you only get cleaning done on Friday, the total may be less. But, the service will be more than the rate per day of daily services. This is because the service on the one day will likely need to be more detailed.

The more work the cleaners must do, the more the service will be. But, they also factor in the cleaner prices. Ultimately, this is still much cheaper than having to buy your own. Professional cleaners tend to have deals with cleaner producers to get them cheaper in bulk.

But, it is an expense they must calculate.

It may seem overwhelming, but don’t feel that way. Just know what you need going in and it will go much smoother.

Where To Find the Best Janitorial Services Near Me?

You might be asking now, where can I find the best janitorial services near me? Well, we hope this guide has helped you determine what services you need.

And, we hope it has helped you consider the benefits associated with hiring a professional crew. Now, we must answer, where do you start finding one?

At TC Service, we provide the best cleaning services at affordable prices. Please contact us today to get started on your free estimate!

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