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10 Benefits of Hiring Security Personnel

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Are you thinking about hiring security personnel for your business? Are you wondering if you really need it and if the outlay is worth it to your business?

According to crime comparison stats, the United States is roughly three times as dangerous as the EU. Moreover, it ranks considerably closer to the countries with the highest crime rates than to countries with low crime rates.

Therefore, depending on your industry and needs, it can never hurt to put safety first and get bring a security guard on board to help.

At the same time, there a number of often-disregarded benefits that come with hiring a security guard which you can take advantage of. Want to know what these are? Read on to find out.

1. A Guard at Your Business Makes People Feel Safe

As a business owner, you want your place of business to be welcoming and inviting to customers. One way to do this is to provide customers with a sense of security.

Having security personnel on site will go a long way to reassuring customers that they are safe at your place of business. This is especially true for the elderly and mothers with small children.

Moreover, if you operate a business that is involved in the financial industry or any other sector that can attract higher rates of crime, it is doubly important that you make your customers feel safe and protected.

Businesses like fast-food restaurants and bistros are also increasingly hiring security guards to make customers feel secure. This helps to prevent disturbances and maintain order.

2. The Presence of Security Personnel Makes Customers Feel You Care

Having a security guard on your premises makes customers and clients feel secure. Additionally, it demonstrates to them that you care about their safety.

Besides, having security on hand indicates your company is organized and responsible. Plus, it shows that you are willing to devote resources to maintaining high levels of safety.

3. A Guard Adds a Human Element to Security

Security cameras and other security tech can increase safety and surveillance levels. However, these safety measures tend to have a cold feeling to them.

A security guard, on the other hand, adds a human element that is reassuring and comforting to people. Having a physical human presence in charge of maintaining security is also a more visual sign of security than cameras.

Also, having onsite security personnel can act as an effective crime deterrent.

4. The Presence of Security Guards Is a Crime Deterrent

One of the reasons many businesses take advantage of security guards is that the sight of armed security personnel is often enough to stop crime before it even happens. In fact, studies have shown that private security can substantially prevent crimes by creating a general deterrent effect.

This can be of great benefit to your business. A reduction of disruptive and potentially dangerous incidents can save time. Also, it can reduce the negative effects of distress on your employees and customers. Most of all, fewer unwanted incidents mean that your business is less likely to be associated with security breaches.

5. When an Unwanted Incident Happens, Security Personnel Know Exactly What to Do

The presence of armed and trained security personnel prevents unwanted incidents from happening in the first place. Additionally, when something unwanted does happen, a trained guard will be able to handle the situation in a professional and effective way.

Incidents of theft and violence can throw even the most level-headed employees into a state of fear. However, an armed trained guard has been trained and prepared for these incidents. He or she has on-the-ground experience of how to handle them effectively and without panicking.

This is one of the biggest reasons to hire an armed guard.

In addition, a security guard can also professionally assist with police inquiries. Moreover, they can act as a valuable eyewitness in most situations.

6. Security Personnel Can Save You Money, Property Loss, and Complications

It’s true that hiring security personnel is an expense for your business. On the other hand, in some cases, your investment in additional security can end up saving you money. It can also guard against loss of property and help to avoid legal complications.

Having a hired guard on site means there is less chance of theft within your business. This can save you significant amounts of money. This is thanks to the fact that security personnel conduct constant surveillance.


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7. With Security Personnel You Have Constant Surveillance

One of the reasons why having a security guard is so beneficial for a business is that hired guards are responsible for maintaining constant surveillance.

For example, having security cameras in place is a waste unless somebody is monitoring the footage in detail. However, what often tends to happen in businesses is that nobody has the time to devote to going through and monitoring all of the security footage. But this is precisely what makes footage useful for stopping crime as it happens.

If you have security personnel on your premises, one of their roles is to maintain vigilant monitoring of all security footage. Besides this, security guards are trained to keep their eyes and ears open for any discrepancies, in any area.

This continual surveillance will heighten security not only on your business’s public front but also within its internal workings. If discrepancies or irregularities come to light, some firms can also utilize professional investigative services to resolve the issue.

8. Security Personnel Can Ensure That Strikes Are Safe

If you are in charge of a large organization or business, there is a chance that you will have to deal with industry strikes or demonstrations. While most strikes and demonstrations start out with a peaceful resolution in mind, a handful of troublemakers can easily steer a strike into a destructive and chaotic affair.

However, having armed security personnel present can ensure that any strikes that involve your employees remain controlled and safe for those participating and anybody else who’s in the vicinity. The presence of security guards can also minimize any potential damage to property or other unforeseen circumstances.

9. Security Guards’ Roles Can Be Extended to Provide Customer Service

Although a hired security guard needs to constantly be on watch, they also often have time to help customers who just need to be pointed in the right direction.

This is because most people instinctively trust security personnel. They will often approach them with problems, from locating the bathroom to finding out if they are on the right floor or tracking down somebody they have lost.


If a security guard is present to assist customers and point them in the right direction, this solidifies the impression that your business is a safe place. Moreover, it shows your clients and customers that the people in your business are reliable, trustworthy, and friendly.

Another role that security personnel can handle with ease is crowd control. If you run a business that sees a lot of foot traffic, a security guard can manage any crowd issues that develop.

This skill is very useful for occasions in any business where a crowd may form, such as in the event of a fire or some other emergency.

10. You Don’t Have to Worry About Any HR-Related Hassles

Another considerable perk that comes with hiring a security guard is that you can skip all of the HR hassles. If you choose to hire security personnel from a security firm, they handle all of these issues for you. This can dramatically save on costs, time, and resources. It also increases efficiency.

Security guards from reputable firms—such as TSE—are rigorously trained. And they also come to the job with hands-on experience.

This means you won’t have to waste time on any training or calling up references to see if a potential security guard is as experienced as he or she says they are.

In fact, you won’t have to devote any HR resources to the hiring process. Nor will you have to handle additional payroll and other employer duties.

Now You Know Why Security Personnel Can Be So Valuable to a Business

If you thought security personnel might be an unjustifiable business expenditure, think again. The presence of security guards stops crime before it happens. Plus, it ensures that any incidents that do take place get handled professionally.

Having security guards in place also demonstrates that your business takes its security and the safety of employees and customers seriously.

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