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Zoom Whitening: How Does It Work?

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Did you know that simple activities such as swimming can cause tooth discolouration. Other factors that can cause your teeth to darken include; drinking coffee, tea, and wine, smoking, fluorosis, and more. Discoloured teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile.

Luckily, ZOOM! whitening is the perfect solution for your stained teeth. It can help whiten your teeth, giving you a brighter, self-confident smile. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you learn more about ZOOM! teeth whitening.

What Is ZOOM! Whitening?

ZOOM! whitening is a light activated belaching treatment that lightens your discoloured tooth enamel. The teeth whitening procedure is simple and non-invasive that can take between 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

Your dentist will use a ZOOM! light or ZOOM! laser with a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel to give you a brighter smile. The results will be immediate and long-lasting.

How Does Zoom Whitening Work?

During ZOOM! whitening, your teeth are covered with a gel that has a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Once the peroxide comes into contact with the intense light emitted from the ZOOM! light or laser, it breaks down.

It then dissolves a thin layer over top of your enamel, releasing oxygen into your teeth. The oxygen will help get rid of tooth discolouration.

Benefits of ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking to brighten your teeth, there are several reasons why you should consider using ZOOM! whitening treatments. Top benefits include:

Simple and Low-Risk Procedure

Zoom whitening takes less than an hour to brighten your smile. You can whiten your teeth during your lunch break and get back to work soon after. What’s more, the treatment is non-invasive. It won’t affect the physical structures of your teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening Is Possible

Apart from in-office treatment, you can also conduct ZOOM! whitening at home. All you need is to get an at-home ZOOM! teeth whitening. However, the possibility of opting for at-home ZOOM! whitening depends on the degree of discolouration.

Ideal for Sensitive Teeth

Do you have sensitive teeth?

ZOOM! whitening may be the right solution for your stained teeth. The teeth whitening gel is formulated to prevent any gum or teeth irritation. Some patients may experience short flashes of discomfort during the procedure.

Highly Effective Results

Unlike many over-the-counter teeth whitening options, ZOOM! whitening offers dazzling results. Your teeth will be whiter in less than an hour. The results can last between one to four years if you maintain your teeth properly.

Enhances Your Appearance

Stained teeth can affect the way you look. This can also make you self-conscious. ZOOM! whitening can combat the staining for a whiter smile.

What to Expect During a ZOOM! Whitening Procedure

Visiting your dentist for your first ZOOM! whitening procedure? Here are some things you can expect:

Step 1: Book a Consultation

At your consultation, your dentist will determine if you’re the right fit for zoom whitening. They will explain the ins and outs of the procedure, discuss your dental goals, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Teeth Cleaning

Your dentist will clean your teeth out prior to the Zoom whitening process. It’ll help remove plaque, food particles, any buildup from your teeth. This will help your teeth respond better to treatment.

Step 3: Retractor Placement and Other Preventive Measures

Before ZOOM! whitening begins, your dentist will place a retractor in your mouth to cover your lips. This will protect them from chemical damage and sensitivity. It’ll also leave your teeth exposed and keep your mouth wide open during the procedure.

They will also cover your gums with a coating to protect them. You will need to wear glasses to protect your eyes from intense blue light.

Step 4: ZOOM! Whitening

The zoom whitening procedure consists of 3 sessions that can take about 15 minutes each. During each session, your dentist will apply the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel application and activate it with ZOOM! light. The dentist will remove the old gel after every 15-minute session and apply a fresh layer of gel.

Once you’re done with the 3 sessions, the dentist will coat your teeth in a paste to help reduce sensitivity.

What to Do After ZOOM! Whitening Treatments

After the treatment, you can get a ZOOM! touch-up home-use kit. It comes with custom-fitted trays to help you maintain your bright smile. Your professional ZOOM! dentist can guide you on how and when to use the kit.

Stay away from smoking and taking beverages like red wine, soda, coffee, and tea. They can reverse the effects of the treatment and ruin your bright smile.

In addition, maintain good dental hygiene practices like regular flossing and brushing. This will prevent any stains from forming on your teeth again after the whitening treatment. What’s more, ensure you visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleanings.

How Much Does ZOOM! Whitening Cost?

The ZOOM! whitening can cost around $500 to $800. It depends on the type of ZOOM! whitening treatment your dentist uses. Also, at-home teeth whitening treatments will be cheaper.

Since teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, most insurance plans may not cover the costs. Therefore, you’ll have to pay for it out of pocket.

Who Is the Right Candidate for ZOOM! Whitening?

While ZOOM! whitening can help remove the toughest tooth stains, it isn’t for everyone. The people who are not recommended to receive ZOOM! are:

  • Children under the age of 14
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Patients undergoing any type of photochemotherapy
  • People with increased sensitivity to light
  • Patients with melanoma or any other type of skin cancer

Get a Whiter and Self-Confident Teeth

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Look no further than justSMILE. We offer high-quality and effective zoom whitening to brighten your smile and make you more confident.

Our dentists will personalize your teeth whitening treatments depending on your needs so you can get the most out of the treatment. We also use state-of-the art technology for your treatments. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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