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Why It’s Important To Get Heating System Checkups Each Winter!

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Have you received a heating system checkup yet this winter?

Successfully maintaining your northern Utah home’s heating equipment is a multi-pronged effort, and although there are many DIY tasks that you can consider, there are many more that require the assistance of licensed HVAC technicians.

It’s absolutely critical to invest in a heating system checkup each year to ensure the long-term functionality of your heater while minimizing any ongoing wear and tear. So if you haven’t scheduled any furnace maintenance in several years, below are a handful of reasons why you should do so this winter!

Maintaining Furnace Manufacturer Warranty Compliance

All heating equipment is covered by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty, which usually is a guarantee against improper assembly, defective parts and generally bad workmanship. This type of agreement is particularly useful when your heater system prematurely breaks down, because it’ll cover the costs for repairs or replacements.

But it’s important to remember that these warranties are mutually binding agreements, which means that you’ll also have to adhere to the warranty’s terms and conditions. This essentially means that you’ll have to do your part to prevent heater problems, which includes scheduling annual system checkup appointments with a licensed HVAC company like ours.

Failing to get your system professionally inspected could cause you to lose your warranty protections, which means you could be paying out-of-pocket to resolve issues that otherwise would’ve been covered!

Furnace Warranties Can Last Longer Than You Might Assume

Heater warranties are sometimes surprisingly long. Some companies might offer 5-10 year warranties on most parts, and some might even offer 10-20 year warranties on limited parts like your heat exchanger.

So even if you’ve owned your furnace for a very long time, it still makes sense to honor your warranty agreement terms and invest in a seasonal checkup!

Limiting Carbon Monoxide Exposure Risks

Heater system checkups are particularly important for homes with fuel-combusting heaters, and this is especially due to the production of carbon monoxide. Although carbon monoxide is supposed to be vented outside of your property, it’s always possible that you might be experiencing issues with your exhaust vents.

Exhaust vents can often be compromised by heavy snow, ice loads, pests, general wearing, and many other extenuating factors. And when your heating system’s vents are damaged in any way, you’ll run the risk of increased carbon monoxide exposure.

Annual furnace maintenance can help prevent these types of venting issues and keep your property safe for the long-term future!

Increasing Heating System Efficiency

HVAC technicians are able to identify all sorts of issues during seasonal checkups, including airflow obstructions, broken fan blades, duct leaks, poorly positioned thermostats and much more.

Technicians will also remove any debris buildup and replace damaged components to get your heating system to a like-new condition. Although it’s normal for heaters to lose some efficiency as they get older, yearly checkups can slow down this aging process and maintain efficiency.

Proactively Catching Minor Problems Before They Get Worse

Heating system checkups can help homeowners to more effectively identify any lingering problems far before they end up necessitating any significant repairs or replacements. This includes significant issues like clogged intake valves and more minor stuff like a dirty thermocouple.

By proactively taking care of heater problems, you can ultimately limit your repair costs and extend your system’s lifetime.

Avoiding Heating Emergencies

One of the most important reasons to invest in yearly tune-ups is to avoid a heating emergency at your home or business. This is particularly important during our harsh winters here in northern Utah, because you’ll undoubtedly need a functional heating solution to stay warm while outside temperatures plummet.

Heater breakdowns are always inconvenient, but investing in seasonal upkeep can help you avoid a tough situation when it’s actually dangerous!

Enjoy Quiet Heater Operation & A Fresh-Smelling Home

If your furnace’s blower isn’t sufficiently lubricated, it could end up emitting squealing and screeching sounds. Banging, rattling and clanging sounds are also possible when a property is experiencing air duct obstructions. It’s important to remember that quiet operations are less likely as your furnace gets older; however, yearly maintenance appointments can better ensure that your furnace doesn’t randomly wake you up in the middle of the night!

Maintained heaters also smell much better. It’s normal to experience some funky smells when you first turn your heater on during the fall months, but these smells aren’t supposed to linger throughout the entire winter. What’s even worse is that certain residues can potentially impact your heater’s internal components and cause even worse issues.

Extending Your Heating Equipment’s Lifespan

Heating systems that receive seasonal maintenance each winter simply last longer, and this is because maintenance reduces wear and tear for the entire system. Seasonal checkups also eliminate airflow obstructions, which ensures the system’s long-term efficiency.

While most heating systems will only last around 15-20 years, a well-maintained heater can last upwards of 30 years or longer!

Save Money In The Long Run

A lot of people will put off heating system maintenance due to expected repair costs, but it’s important to remember that these small fees will actually help you save throughout the entire winter.

Eliminating airflow issues will improve your heater’s efficiency, which will improve your entire system’s efficiency and reduce your monthly energy bills. This is true across the board, no matter what fuel source your heater uses!

Reach Out To Our HVAC Specialists When You Need A Heating System Checkup At Your Northern Utah Property!

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