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Where to Put Your Portable Bathroom Rental in Your Next Event: A Guide

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Your next event is on the horizon. Are you ready for it? Have you made all of your plans and gotten all of your necessities?

Now that you have your venue and an approximate guest list, you have a very important decision to make. Where are you going to put your portable bathroom rental?

Sure, choosing where to put your porta john rental might not seem like a top priority, but it’s still something that you have to consider before the day of the event, and it’s not as simple as you think.

Read on for a few tips to help you figure out where to put your portable toilet rental.

Don’t Hide Your Toilets

It’s tempting to tuck your porta potty rental somewhere that no one will see it. Why would you want to ruin the aesthetic of your event with portable restrooms out in the open?

While it’s good to tuck them away in a strategic spot, you should still ensure that they’re visible and easily accessible. A portable restroom isn’t helpful if no one can find it.

You have a few options here.

If you must tuck them away from the main part of your event, we recommend putting several together and making an obvious “restroom space” that people can find. Make sure that you include restroom spaces on your map. You can fence them off so the fence is a clear indicator of the restroom area.

You could also put them in the open, but in areas that won’t get a lot of traffic.

Consider Spreading Them Out

If you have a large-scale event to plan that’s going to cover a lot of ground, it’s in the best interest of your guests to spread out your portable restrooms so they’re accessible throughout the event space.

When you have all of the porta johns in one place, you’re going to have long lines and clusters of people. Guests will also have to abandon whatever they’re doing to trek across the event space to use the restroom.

By placing restrooms at all corners of your event, you’ll minimize lines and have happier guests.

Close (But Not Too Close) to Refreshments

If your event has refreshments, it’s a good idea to put the portable bathrooms somewhat nearby. Not only is this helpful for people who want to clean up or use the restroom after they eat or drink, but it’s also an “obvious” place to put a bathroom.

In other words, people expect refreshment areas to include restrooms as well. This will minimize confusion.

Where Will You Place Your Portable Bathroom Rental?

The placement of your portable bathroom rental is more important than you think. Remember, you need restrooms to be as accessible as possible, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be eyesores.

Spread them out and make restroom areas obvious enough that people can locate them, and you’re sure to have happy guests.

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