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What Is Micro-Channeling Fort Worth? The Future of Anti-Aging

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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Micro-channeling Procell treatments! We have been learning about Procell all summer and have been testing it out and seeing AMAZING results with each session. What is micro-channeling, you ask? It is similar to micro-needling, but instead of using needles it uses wire filaments. The machine used has a fixed paddle on the end of it that ranges in wire depth. After the face is numbed, we then pass over the entire face with the machine by using gentle pressing movements. It presses the tiny micro-wires into the dermal layers of the skin that causes a reaction within your body. This reaction creates collagen and elastin and can repair the skin. Acne scarring? Minimized. Wrinkles? Filled in and tightened. Dark spots? Lightened. Skin texture? Evened out.


Procell has a special sauce concoction of a serum that makes it unique in repairing the skin. During the treatment, we use a serum consisting of hyaluronic acid and human stem cells that truly transform and repair damaged skin. This is a LASTING treatment that doesn’t just enhance the appearance of skin, but literally gets rid previous scarring, aging and sun damage. These are PERMANENT results.

micro-channeling fort worthHow Long Does It Take?

The treatment takes about an hour in total. First, we numb the skin. This takes up 20-30 minutes. Then we will do a quick microdermabrasian treatment to ensure the best results. This takes about 15 minutes. The last 15 minutes is the micro-channeling. We do our best to keep the entire procedure comfortable and easy. Micro-channeling Fort Worth is going to be the newest hot thing that is sure to catch steam quickly once people see the amazing results.


This is another thing that makes Procell different than micro-needling skin pen. The down time for a micro-channeling session is about 24 hours. You’ll experience a mild rosy tint to your skin immediately after the procedure that usually goes away in less than a day. You can use makeup the very next day. We recommend using a sunscreen on the face. For optimal results, use high quality facial serums that will feed the face with vitamins and hydration to continue to heal and repair the skin.


Procell treatments are $300 per treatment on average. For most clients, they can see desired results within 1-4 treatments. For continual anti-aging, you may do this treatment a few times a year. It’s much more gentle on the skin than lasers and chemical peels so you don’t have to be afraid of doing too much and it causing more damage than good. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on deals and coupons that we offer throughout the year. Micro-channeling Fort Worth treatments will be discounted at certain times of the year, so be on the lookout for the deals!procell treatment

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-DFW Microblading Team

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