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What Are the Best Promotional Items for Small Business

As a small business, there are tons of different things that you should add to your marketing strategy such as giving away promotional items. You may be thinking about what promotional items are the best to give out!

Promotional items are an exciting way to gain new customers and get your business out there. Giving away the perfect promotional items can do wonders for your business and its marketing plan.

Keep reading for our guide to the best promotional items for small business that you can give away to get your company out there.

Reusable Water Bottle

A lot of the time when it comes to promotional products they just get tossed aside or thrown away. Unfortunately, that can be very wasteful so try to give your potential clients something they won’t want to throw away such as a reusable water bottle.

reusable water bottle is an awesome way to promote your company and support a positive message by being more sustainable. You can get your logo printed on the side of a reusable water bottle so every time they use it they will think of you. Another great option is to go with a filtered water bottle so that your clients can use them anywhere on the go.

promotional bags for small business

Canvas Tote Bag

One thing that people love getting is a practical item that they can use daily which is way a canvas tote bag is the perfect promotional item for your small business. You can get anything that you want to be printed onto a canvas tote bag. They’re easy to make and can be a cost-efficient so you can get lots to pass out to potential clients.

One of the best things about a promotional tote bag is that you can put more things inside of them. You can add lots of fun little surprises that your clients will love.  Whether you get a funny saying or just your logo printed onto a canvas bag your potential clients will be sure to love this promotional item.

Pen and Stylus Combo

When it comes to promotional items for your small business you should skip the boring and plain pens that people usually forget right away. Instead, opt for a pen and stylus combo! This is something that you can choose the color and put your business logo on.

In this day and age, everyone still needs pens but they also need a stylus to use on their phones and tablets. Why not get them both? A pen with a stylus can be really important for people in the business world so make sure to give them convenience when it comes to your promotional products.

USB Drive

Another great promotional item to give away for your small business is a USB drive. You can be sure that USB drives are something that potential clients can actually use and they might continue to use it daily. Depending on your budget you can get large or small USB drives that your clients will be sure to love. Documents and files need to be stored and shared somehow so USB drives are an awesome way to do it.

Plus you might be surprised to know that USB drives can be customized in many different ways! Most USB drives tend to be one boring and plain color but you can do so much more with them. You can completely change your USB drive and make it as personalized to your brand as possible. USB drives are something that everyone can use especially within the business world.

Portable Charger

If you’re looking for a promotional item so your potential clients will think of your company every time they use it, then giving them a portable charger is a great idea. This is another item that can be customized just how you would like it for your business plus it is very convenient to use!

A portable charger is perfect for anyone who is always on the go and always on their phone. Your potential clients will use this portable charger anytime their in a bind and then thank you for helping them through it. This is an awesome promotional gift to get your business out there and your name well known.

Desk Toy

You might be looking for something a little less expensive and if so, then a desk toy could be right up your alley. Desk toys are awesome for people in the business world because everyone needs a break sometimes.

This promotional item is something that potential clients will sit and display on their desks as well as play with when they have some downtime. A desk toy is a fun promotional item that your small business can give away because it is practical and something that people can use once in a while.

Snacks and Treats

If you’re looking for a promotional item to pass out at a conference or event, then getting customized snacks and treats are perfect. Potential clients will thank you if they’re looking for a quick bite to eat so you will already be on the top of their list.

There are plenty of different ways that you can get snacks and treats for your promotional gifts. You could either get customized snacks with your logo on the package or even print your logo out and tape them to the snacks. This is an easy but efficient way for people to remember your business when it comes to passing out promotional items.

The Best Promotional Items For Small Business For You

When it comes to finding the best promotional items for small business there are tons of different items that you can order to fit your companies needs. People love getting free things especially if they’re practical and something that they can use.

If you’re looking for a tote or backpack to use as a promotional item for your small business, then make sure to check out how you can add a logo and get them printed right away!

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