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What Are the Advantages of Custom Book Printing

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Suppose you’re looking to get communications printed for your enterprise. In that case, you might be looking for the best custom book printing options out there.

Your business’s booklets are an essential part of your brand. So, there’s no doubt you’re aiming for high-quality prints to let your information shine.

Whether it’s employee handbooks, yearbooks, invoices, promotional books, or industry guides, custom book printing could be the answer.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main benefits of custom print-on-demand book printing for your next communications project. That said, let’s get down to business…


What’s Custom Book Printing?

Custom book printing refers to printing a book that is heavily branded or customized in nature. Custom books often belong to a specific company and are part of their marketing, onboarding, or training strategy.

No publisher would usually be interested in picking up such a niche project. So businesses need to work with custom printers to get their project completed.

The client continues to own all stock and copyright to perform and pays a fixed fee to get a certain number of copies.

Since the rise of the internet, printing has become a more versatile and convenient industry. It has become much easier for individuals and companies to take advantage of custom printing.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits this has brought about:


Why Should I Get a Custom Book Printed?

Before we look at print-on-demand and its advantages for custom book printing, we also want to discuss the benefits of creating a custom book in the first place.

Businesses and enterprises can write and design custom books to add to better position themselves in the market. Custom books are a great brand-building or marketing tool that can tie in with your overall brand objectives.

Suppose you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field. In that case, nothing adds more credibility to your brand than a well-researched and presented book.

Does your company already commit to a lot of research within your industry? You can publish a book that summarizes all of your findings.

But of course, custom book printing is also very relevant to individuals that want to see their creative project flourish. If a project is very niche or personal, it might not be picked up by traditional publishers.

This is where self-publishing with custom printing still allows you to distribute your book to your niche audience and make your writing dreams come true.

Custom books also make fantastic gift ideas for your staff, key stakeholders, or even family. Your business would likely love a yearbook that highlights the people and achievements over the years.


You Can Get Any Number of Copies – From One to a Million

On-demand printing allows you to decide precisely how many copies of a book you need printing. This is great for companies that want to get one piece of communication out to their existing employees or clients.

Because you can decide on the exact number of books to be printed, you also don’t throw away money on books that might never be used or sold.

Especially with company printing, this makes custom book publishing a simple and affordable solution.


It’s a Cost-Effective Method to Print

We’ve already touched on the fact that you don’t lose money to unnecessary copies. But another cost-preserving effect of custom book printing is that it often gets cheaper the more books you order.

It’s also much less expensive upfront if you are looking to sell your book via self-publishing. Custom book printing allows you to only invest in the initial proof.

From there, you can print-on-demand whenever you receive a large order and therefore only pay the offset of your profits and the printing cost.


Superior Customization

With digital printing, you can take customization to the next level. Custom book printing allows you to populate each piece you print with individual, granular data.

LineMark’s digital presses add emphasis with spot or flood coating to enhance communication projects.


Faster Results

Custom book printing is fast. Digital printers don’t need to move blocks and covers to different sites within a printing facility. Commercial digital printers are high-speed and constantly improving.

This means you’ll have resulted in hand as quickly as a few weeks, or even sooner if you’re only requesting small stock.


You Don’t Have to Worry About Mailing and Fulfillment

With print-on-demand, custom book printing, storage, and fulfillment are often handled by your printing provider.

They can handle getting the books shipped to the correct address for a smooth customer experience without you having to organize anything else.

Linemark distributes 80% of what they produce via USPS or third-party carriers.

As our technology integrates with our carriers, we can provide a digital footprint the whole way. This means ease of mind for you and your customers.


Ready to Start Custom Book Printing? LineMark Has You Covered

There are many reasons to opt for custom book printing. This keeps down costs, ensures quality, and makes sure your product is delivered to your niche audience right on time.

If you’re ready to get started on a powerful communications project with custom-book Printing, you’ll need a reliable printing partner at your side. LineMark employs a digital workflow and online proofing.

We assist you all the way, starting with the creative process and ending with mailing and fulfillment. You can rely on expert support throughout the entire printing process. Contact us today for more info!

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