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WebDesign and SEO Go Hand-in-Hand: How to Boost Your Ranking with Style

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Are you building a website for your business? Or perhaps you’re looking to improve the search rankings of your existing site? In both cases, two valuable elements come into play: web design and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Despite having different functions, webdesign and SEO must work hand-in-hand to ensure a website ranks high in the leading search engines. Google considers several factors in ranking websites.

Missing out on one may badly impact your search rankings.

With Google tweaking their algorithms, you need to keep up with some of the industry’s best practices. You need to learn how to make your web design complement your SEO.

Continue reading below as we discuss some of the most valuable design principles the best-ranking sites use.

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How Do SEO and Web Design Work?

To get a clearer picture of the matter, let us first revisit how webdesign and SEO work. Web design pertains to the design of your website, particularly how it looks on the internet. This involves different aspects that affect the overall user experience.

A web designer takes care of the site’s layout and appearance. He ensures that the site uses the right fonts, colours, and images, among other things.

SEO, on the other hand, aims to increase the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic. It primarily uses organic search engine results in achieving its targets.

The quality of your site’s traffic involves attracting the right visitors. The quantity pertains to increasing the number of the right people visiting your website.


Maximizing the Web Design and SEO Relationship

The key to boosting your ranking involves certain web design principles. These principles help you maximise the relationship between your SEO and web design efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones that you need to implement right away:


1. Use Visuals

One of the first areas you need to work on is the flow of your content. One good way of doing so is to break your text using visuals. For example, if you are explaining one of your products, don’t make it an all-text affair.

Instead, let some images do the talking. If your product comes with impressive details, post pictures of the product from different angles. Not only will this excite your customers, but it will also send your message across using fewer words.


2. Minimise Your Text

Speaking of using fewer words, you need to practice minimising your text. Use shorter sentences as much as you can. The shorter your sentences, the easier visitors can read them.

The same thing goes for your paragraphs. Very long paragraphs tend to look too blocky. When this happens, your visitors may find them tiring to read.

It will be hard for them to digest your message.

Instead, use paragraph breaks wisely. Discard unnecessary text on your web pages. Focus more on creating a solid call-to-action.

Additionally, consider making lists in the form of bullets. Studies reveal that people tend to read bullet points over other formats.


3. Ensure Mobile Optimization

Make sure to optimise your website for mobile devices. Tech experts forecast that 72% of internet users will go online using only their smartphones by 2025. Furthermore, 80% of today’s leading websites a mobile-friendly.

Additionally, 70% of Google’s first-page results contain sites optimised for mobile devices.

Thus, you need to emphasise the responsiveness of your site on various mobile platforms. Update the areas that are not mobile-friendly.

For starters, think about the needs and wants of smartphone and tablet users. The way they navigate websites on their devices differ compared to when they use their laptops.


4. Use the Right Colour Scheme

When it comes to your colour choices, make sure to align them with your branding strategy. Studies show that colours play a vital role in the way customers judge products.

In their eyes, your website is a product. In less than 90 seconds, they will decide if they will continue browsing your site or move on to another.

Furthermore, your choice of colours helps improve readership by 40%. It also increases brand recognition by 80%.

Revisit your logo and other branding elements. Look at the colours of your logo and incorporate them into your website. This will create consistency, which customers are looking for.


5. Loading Speed Counts

If you wish to rank high on Google’s page 1, make sure your website loads fast. Though speed often depends on the quality of your website hosting, your web design also plays a crucial role in your site’s loading times.

Adding videos, images, and other complex files can slow down your site’s loading speed. The number you should look out for is three seconds. This is the maximum amount of time your pages should take before loading.

If your pages load beyond three seconds, 40% of visitors will likely abandon your site. If you do the math, you lose 40 out of 100 prospective clients because of slow page loading.

To address this matter, make sure to reduce your image’s file sizes. Also, use your caching tools to your advantage. You should also consider reducing your HTTP requests while improving your TTFB.

Additionally, you should practice combining some of your files.


6. Aim for Content Discoverability 

Last but not least, you need to design your website with content discoverability in mind. In the SEO side of things, you want Google and other search engines to crawl and index your content. Hence, you need to make sure that proper links to your content are in place.

When it comes to the design aspect, you want a site architecture that engages users. To pull this off, place the most important content at the top of the site’s architecture.

This can be your best product categories or top-level services.


Let’s Fix Your Webdesign and SEO Today!

Understanding the relationship of webdesign and SEO is the key to strengthening your website. It is also your path to maximising your site’s potential and discovering ways to reach out to more people.

If you are looking to redo your website but do not know where to start, then you came to the right place. We offer webdesign and SEO solutions at competitive prices.

Connect with us and request a free design quote. Tell us exactly what you need and we can start working on your web design and SEO as soon as possible!

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