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VISIONS Service Adventures Celebrates 35 Years of Transformative Teen Service & Immersion Travel Programs

VISIONS Service Adventures is excited to announce its 35 years of deep cultural immersion and community service programs for teens seeking transformative experiences. The organization stands out as a leader in international and U.S. Indian Reservation summer programs for high school students. The company has helped in fostering an environment where teen volunteers become an integral part of their host communities.


Bozeman, Montana, January 5, 2024— VISIONS Service Adventures, a guiding force in teen summer service and cultural immersion programs, proudly marks its 35th anniversary. Since its inception, VISIONS has been committed to fostering global connections through purposeful Teen Summer Service Travel Programs, making a lasting impact on the lives of both volunteers and host communities.

In its 35 years of service, VISIONS has become a gold standard for teenagers seeking not just an adventure, but a meaningful experience contributing to personal growth and global understanding. The organization has continually evolved its international community service programs, creating an environment where teen volunteers become an integral part of the communities they serve. By engaging in daily life, forming local friendships, and immersing in new cultures, volunteers gain a unique sense of global connection and camaraderie.

The heart of VISIONS’ mission lies in the belief that the connection fostered between volunteers and host communities brings hope and positive change for the future. The programs extend beyond service initiatives, encompassing projects such as social services with children, construction projects, sustainability initiatives, and connections with the land and animals. These experiences offer travel as well as an opportunity to engage in work that makes a real difference in the lives of others and the planet.

In addition to summer programs, VISIONS runs high-quality, Custom Group Volunteer Programs for schools, clubs, and other groups of people who want to travel with the spirit of community service, cultural immersion, and adventure.

“VISIONS Service Adventures celebrates the 35 years of impactful service and cultural immersion that have shaped countless lives. We invite teenagers who are ready for a journey of enduring fulfillment, working towards shared, powerful goals, to join our volunteer programs,” says Katherine Dayton, Owner and Director at VISIONS Service Adventures.

Over the years, VISIONS teen volunteers and local partners have built more than 1,500 structures and provided countless hours of environmental and social service. The current program destinations include the British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Montana Blackfeet Indian Reservation, and Peru, all designed to cultivate deep cultural understanding and forge enduring relationships with local partners. One thing that stands out about VISIONS is its long-term relationships with its partner communities, which have all been welcoming the organization for 25 to 32 years. Teens learn from and work with indigenous elders, community activists, and local nonprofits. The organization is committed to inclusivity, offering financial aid, and welcoming teens from all socio-economic backgrounds.

“The impact of VISIONS goes far beyond the structures we build and the hours we serve. It’s about the connections we make, the friendships we form, and the perspectives we gain. It’s about learning to see the world through a different lens and recognizing our shared humanity,” Dayton adds.

As VISIONS celebrates its 35th anniversary, the impact of its Teen Summer Service Programs is evident in the hundreds of structures built, including schools, community centers, homes, irrigation systems, tribal ceremonial structures, playgrounds, and wheelchair ramps. Alumni have contributed to environmental initiatives, social services, and even built dog houses for shelter animals. This collective effort has created a legacy of positive change that resonates across borders and that can last a lifetime.

About VISIONS Service Adventures:

VISIONS Service Adventures, established in 1989, is a leading provider of teen summer service and travel programs. With a commitment to building global connections through purposeful travel, VISIONS creates opportunities for teenagers to engage in impactful service initiatives, cultural immersion, and personal growth. The organization’s enduring partnerships with communities around the world have resulted in a transformative experience for both volunteers and host communities.

Contact Information:

Organization: VISIONS Service Adventures

Contact Person: Katherine Dayton

Phone Number: 406-551-4423

Address: 203 North Church Avenue Bozeman, Montana 59715


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