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Top 5 Upholstery Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Furniture Fresh

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Got dogs, kids, or a tendency to spill your red wine? Don’t we all.

Messes are going to happen. Even where you really, really don’t want them to — like the cream colored couch you’re still making payments on.

But don’t turn over the cushion. You can only do that twice. Fight back against spills.

These are our go-to upholstery cleaning tips. Get to scrubbin’!

This Is Time Sensitive, People!

Get to stains quickly. You can’t let them fester. When the filth hits upholstery, it’ll seep in fast.

Even a few minutes is too long. Get to work immediately. Getting dirt, grime, and apple sauce out of your tufted couch is harder after it sets.

Check What’s Safe to Use

But don’t too hastily. You could make matters worse if you were to use the wrong cleaning products.

Upholstery furniture is delicate. Each material requires different care.

Some manufacturers actually include a washing manual for their cloth products. That booklet you likely threw out included those instructions. No fretting, check the internet if you want to be extra thorough.

There are also tags attached to most furniture. If you haven’t ripped these off yet (don’t worry, it’s not illegal), they have clues to what you can use.

Most will have a generic coding system, like W, W/S, and S.

Water-based cleaners are for cloth tagged with “W.” Solvents for “S” tags. And everything else is universally OK to use.

Vacuum and Brush

Before cleaning with any agents, crumbs and loose debris need clearing.

You can’t see stains when they’re covered in dog fur, bread crumbs, and other junk. Plus, if you’re going to be scrubbing your furniture, you shouldn’t scrub dirt into the cloth.

A gentle vacuum with a brush handle is recommended. It’s versatile enough and portable.

If you don’t have access to a vacuum, a soft brush is a good substitute. Brush off upholstery with soft strokes in one direction.

Attack the Filth With These Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Time to get to scrubbing.

When you’ve found out what your upholstery can handle (W or S), spot treat any stains. If you’re afraid of discoloration, test the cleaner on an invisible area. Trying out your cleaner in a clandestine corner of the couch is better than making it a splotchy Jackson Pollock.

Don’t use anything too coarse. A rough brush could leave streaks in the fabric.

Instead, use something soft to the touch to brush in the cleaner.

If you’re not a fan of the hard work required to keep your upholstery lookin’ fresh, there are cleaning services.

Soft Tower or Air?

Now, you can wait it out or dry it by hand.

There’s not much of a difference, just one’s faster and one’s more natural.

If you decide to dry your upholstery after washing, use a soft towel. Like with brushes, you don’t want to leave streaks in the grains of the fabric.

If you decide to leave it to air dry, leave a fan on in the room. It’ll circulate the air quickly and more evenly.

All Clean!

Upholstery is a nightmare to keep clean. But with a little work and the handy upholstery cleaning tips you’ve learned, it’s no biggy!

Remember to get to any stains immediately. Check what cleaners are safe, and be sure to vacuum or brush off particles before use. Once you’ve washed it, you can let it air dry or hand dry it.

Don’t like cleaning yourself? Try out our upholstery cleaning services!

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