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These Are the Best US States to Live In if You Want to Move

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Factors that influence the most popular and liveable states across America have changed drastically over the past decade. In the wake of the Covid pandemic, as well as factors such as inclusivity, voting rights, the cost of living, and childcare, some states offer it all (mostly) in the opinion of America’s Gen Z and millennial population.

If you’re considering a move across state lines, what are the best states to live in that offer the best quality of life, in-line with the above factors? Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the most liveable states in America in 2022.

What Are the Best States to Live in?

1. Vermont

If there’s one thing Vermont prides itself on, it’s voting rights. No other state in America makes exercising your right to vote simpler. Vermont also offers unparalleled access to childcare, which is extremely important to new families and parents looking to re-enter the workforce as the pandemic tapers off.

If you’re looking for easy access to top-quality healthcare, this is the state for you. In addition to this, Vermont is gorgeous, offers a slower pace of life, and has low crime rates to match. The state also offers a good rate of inclusivity and job opportunity.

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2. Iowa

This state is quite possibly one of the best when it comes to access to great healthcare for the entire family. In fact, as little as 9 percent of the population in Iowa is uninsured. The state also spends a good amount of its budget on public healthcare — up to $161 per person.

Thanks to Iowa Child Care Resource & Referral, this state also offers its residents an abundance of childcare facilities, making a return to the workforce that much easier. If you’re looking for a laid-back pace of life, plenty of open space, fair housing prices, and work opportunity, Iowa is the ideal state to raise a family.

3. Hawaii

Hawaii might be the land of extremes, but boy is it beautiful. If you’re an outdoor lover, looking for warm, balmy weather, year-round, Hawaii is the state to settle in. It offers a pristine, historically preserved environment with something new to discover every weekend.

Not only that, but it’s also one of the best-ranked states in terms of crime rates and health care. It also has some of the best air quality and work-life balance in the United States. When it comes to childcare, the state falls a little short due to higher costs. However, it still ranks in the top half of the states in America.

4. Maine

Located right beside Vermont, Maine is a sister state with all the best qualities. The most significant of which is its very low crime rate. In fact, the state and its Department of Public Safety report a decrease in crime rates for the past nine years.

It also offers brilliant access to childcare with some of the most affordable and abundant childcare services in the U.S. Due to its seaside location, the state has some of the best air quality in the country, too.

5. North Dakota

Known as the Peace Garden State, North Dakota lives up to its name with its brilliant natural beauty and peaceful, easy-going way of life. It once battled a surge in drug abuse and drug-related deaths, but in recent years, the state has turned these numbers around.

Today, rates of addiction and overdose deaths are at their lowest. Crime associated with drug abuse was once at an all-time high, but crime rates have also dropped dramatically. North Dakota offers amazing access to health care, plenty of outdoor pursuits for raising a family, a reasonable housing market, and pristine air quality, of course.

6. Washington

This state leads the pack in terms of childcare access in the U.S. It offers the most accessible and affordable childcare facilities, thanks to the Fair Start for Kids Act. With one of the best ratios of childcare facilities to the general population, Washington prioritizes both childcare, and family support.

The state is also a leader in anti-discrimination laws, inclusivity, and equality for all. If you’re looking for fair and abundant access to job opportunities, this is the state for you.

7. Minnesota

Minnesota is home to one of the best-rated healthcare environments in the country. You may have heard of the Mayo Clinic? Well, Rochester, Minnesota is host to its headquarters. Per capita, the state offers some of the best access to healthcare as well as one of the lowest rates of premature death in America.

Despite its Midwestern location, Minnesota is a very inclusive-focused state and offers some of the most astounding natural beauty in all of the U.S. with its collection of over 10,000 lakes.

8. Oregon

Inclusivity is not only important in Oregon, it’s a simple way of life in this state. It offers some of the most robust anti-discrimination laws in the country, meaning that equal opportunity for all reigns. It also offers incredibly secure and simple voting processes as the only state to conduct all elections via mail.

Oregon is also a very family-friendly place to live with an amazing array of childcare facilities and support per capita. Located on the Pacific North West, beauty abounds in this state, not-to-mention the selection of outdoor activities for all.

Broaden Your Knowledge, Broaden Your Horizons

Today, the best states to live in are those that offer inclusivity, secure and accessible voting rights, childcare, healthcare, and fair job opportunity. As an American citizen, these are your basic rights, and the above states honor that.

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