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The Top 10 Ferret Toys For Your Furry Friend

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One of the most entertaining pets to keep is the ferret. They are among the most playful and highly active little creatures with a surprising degree of intelligence.

Keeping a ferret is not just about your entertainment, it means entertaining your furry friend as well to keep it happy and healthy as they are social animals that enjoy companions. You will have to occasionally allow your ferret out of the cage to play which helps to meet its needs for enrichment, exercise and mental stimulation.

Considering their intelligence, it is no surprise that these creatures are born explorers who love to enjoy new exciting things. Ferrets are all different. Some will love any ferret toys you put in front of them while some pay attention towards one type of toy. Experimenting by buying different ferret toys is the only way to know what your ferret enjoys the most.

Here’s a list of the top 10 ferret toys to buy.

1. The Super Thru-Way Marshall Pet Products

This toy for Marshall has a see through design and expands to fifteen feet so you can easily watch your pet tunneling action.

It is believed that ferrets were originally bred to hunt rabbits that lived in tunnels and dens even though they have been domesticated in the recent years. This explains the ferrets natural love for tunnels.

Your ferret will love to run through the tunnels


  • You can attach the tunnel with other toys
  • Affordable price considering its high quality
  • Made from durable and flexible materials


  • Hard to clean through those tunnels
  • The plastic can emit a slight odor

2.  Marshall Bungee Ferret Toys

This toy looks like a fluffy duck attached to aa elastic bungee cord that helps the toy to bounce wildly thereby stimulating your ferrets instincts to chase. It is also made from soft fabrics making it perfect for cuddling.

Its bouncing nature makes it your perfect ferrets toy to keep your pet entertained for hours.


  • This toy encourages chasing which is a healthy activity for your ferret
  • Inexpensive giving you good value for your cash
  • Has no sharp edges that could harm your furry friend
  • The elastic band is adjustable to fit your ferrets cage


  • Since ferrets love to chew, they could chew through the cord easily. You can always supervise your ferret when its playing with this toy to ensure it doesn’t chew.
  • It could get caught up in ferrets claws

3. The Pop-N-Play Marshall Pet Products Ball Pit


This is another great ferrets toy produced by Marshall Pet Products. What better toy than a ball pit to satisfy a ferrets childlike sense of play?

This toy is a pop-up box that comes with 35 plastic balls of different colors and you can always buy a separate pack of pit balls. You can also connect the ball pit to the Thru Way tunnel toy from Marshall Pet products which would add to the fun of watching your ferret tossing and diving into the balls.


  • It is made of durable materials that are easy to clean
  • Easy to set up
  • You can attach this toy to tunnels


  • Ferrets climb out easily so the walls could be taller
  • Also a challenge to keep the balls inside the pit

4. KONG Small Animal Toy



Ferrets seem to have a particular fondness for rubber toys but its difficult for them to hold up well against their sharp teeth. This toy is built to last as Kong specializes in making rubber toys that are chew proof.

This is the ultimate product to use while playing fetch with your furry friend and it comes with three different sizes so you are able to pick the perfect one that fits your ferret. It also contains a hole in the bottom that you can insert treats for your ferret making its play time even much more fun.

In addition. the small animal Kong toy helps to clean your ferrets teeth, soothe their gums and also help your ferret to avoid dental diseases.


  • Made from durable rubber materials
  • Comes in different sizes which means they are perfectly sized for all size ferrets
  • Cleans ferrets teeth


  • Ferrets treats are too small to stay inside the toy
  • Recommended supervised play

5. Ferrets and Critter Nation Accessories Kit

Ferrets like to sleep during the day but they can be super active at night as they are nocturnal creatures.

This toy goes from day to night making it the perfect toy. It has a hammock that your ferret can sleep in during the day and a fabric tunnel that your ferret can play in at night. It also includes a cube and a blanket.

This toy is custom designed to fit the ferret nation and critter nation habitats perfectly.


  • Made from soft materials with attractive colors
  • Can be customized
  • Combines both rest and play


  • Its clips could be too short for some cages
  • Tunnels and cubes are not so sturdy

6. Marshall Pet Pirate Ship


This is a cute little product that can make a great place for ferrets to sleep or hang out. It comes with two holes on either side plus one at the top for ferrets to poke their heads. It also comes with its own pirate flag, totally adorable!

This pirate themed toy can be placed on the floor of your ferret cage as it comes with an insert at the bottom that keeps the entire ship stable.

It is literally a gem that can also be used as a ferret bed.


  • Its straps are removable and adjustable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Made from material that is easy to clean


  • Not big enough to fit multiple ferrets

7.  Ferret Sports Balls

This product comes with a pack of three soft and chewable balls that ferrets will love considering they are predator carnivores. This plush balls come with a bell in the middle which adds to the fun.

The balls are made in perfect sizes that make it easy for ferrets to play with. The stuffing of these chewable balls is light and does not hurt the ferrets teeth and gum.


  • Safe for ferrets to chew on
  • Light and soft


  • The balls can only last a few weeks
  • Its fabric can get stuck on ferrets nails

8. Ferret Octo-Play

It is a soft hideaway toy that is designed as a cute, cuddly octopus that can be used inside or outside the ferrets cage.

This toy has eight arms for ferrets to crawl through and eleven ways to get in and out. Imagine the kind of fun your ferret will have with 8 tunnels! It also provides a cozy place for ferrets to sleep and can be used by one or more ferrets.


  • Great value for money
  • Easily accommodates multiple ferrets as its big enough
  • Easy to clean by hand washing and flat drying


  • The interior design has to be checked regularly as it may tear to avoid harming your furry friend

9. The Turtle Tunnel

This turtle shaped toy provides the right spaces for a great ferret chase or the perfect spot for a ferrets hide and seek game. Once the ferrets are tired of playing, they can rest inside or on top of the turtles shell.

This toy is the turtle that will not slow your ferrets down!


  • Greatly accommodates multiple ferrets
  • Easy to hand wash and flat dry
  • Can fit in any cage size


  • The holes don’t stay open on their own
  • Not sturdy to stand up well

10. The Living World Teach N Treat Toy

This is a unique interactive and educational toy that will help to stimulate your ferrets mentality. It includes three levels of configuration that switch according to your ferrets intelligence.

This product helps to keep your ferret active, alert and healthy as it is very interactive. It also offers rewards for the hard work your ferrets puts in the activities.


  • It is an interactive and rewarding toy
  • Keeps your furry friend active, alert and healthy
  • Helps to teach your ferrets how to search for treats


  • It may only take a few weeks for your ferret to figure it out so the levels will no longer be challenging


Since ferrets are naturally playful animals, if you don’t give them interesting ferret toys to play with, they will resolve to finding something else. They love to gnaw so if you don’t provide them with chew toys, your ferrets will chew on something unsafe or even toxic.

Providing your furry friend with assortment ferret toys to keep them busy will ensure their safety!

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