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The 9 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen

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Are you visiting Copenhagen? You can easily have a great time! If you’re looking for fun activities, here are the 9 best things to do in Copenhagen.

There’s no better time to see the world than now. Not only is air travel at an all-time high, but global tourism has steadily climbed nearly two percent in the last decade. Add in the $2.57 trillion U.S. dollars to the global economy, and it’s proof enough that world travel isn’t just a trend – it’s here to stay.

With experiencing world cultures at the top of everyone’s bucket list. But when it comes to European cities, Copenhagen is a dream come true! From its museums and palaces to its food and gardens, there is no shortage of things to see and do.

Not only does this charming city offer plenty of rich history, but seeing the area on foot is a wonderful way to experience Copenhagen culture firsthand. To help you get an overall feel for the city, we’ve created a list of nine things to in Copenhagen below.

Nine Best Things to Do in Copenhagen

Whether it’s your first time or fifth time to Copenhagen, there are endless options to see in this historically beautiful city. Continue reading for nine of the best things to see while you’re there.

9. Little Mermaid Statue

Whether you’re a fan of the Hans Christian Andersen tale or the Disney movie, seeing this iconic sculpture is at the top of every Copenhagen visitor’s to-do list. Artist Edvard Eriksen completed designing the bronze and granite sculpture in 1913 after being commissioned by Carlsberg beer brewer Carl Jacobsen.

Jacobsen was said to have been moved by the ballet performance of The Little Mermaid at The Royal Theatre. Located at the Langelinje Pier, the mermaid sculpture gets one million visitors each year.

8. Tivoli Gardens

It’s hard not to mention Tivoli Gardens in the same breath as Copenhagen because it’s one of the city’s oldest, and most beloved, amusement parks. Located near City Hall, and in close proximity to Central Station, the park is the perfect blend of nostalgia and thrills. There is something for every age to enjoy here.

From its wooden roller coasters to the more modern virtual reality ones, a thrill awaits every visitor. Not only are there live concert series, but the dining selections are top notch and a perfect sampling of the very best Danish fare around.

7. Kronborg Castle

Of all the castles in Denmark, Kronborg Castle is most notoriously known from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Built in 1574 during the Renaissance, the royal family lived in the castle until the late 17th century. Visitors to the site can take a royal tour of the lavishly decorated rooms and admire the fine works of art.

Summer visitors will take delight in a regular outdoor stage performance of Hamlet. Just a 40-minute train ride away, the UNESCO World Heritage Site should definitely be on your bucket list.

6. Nyhavn (New Harbor)

The beautiful brightly-painted houses that line the edge of the waterfront are the perfect mix of leisure and history. Not only is New Harbour filled with trendy cafes and cool bars, but the picturesque area is also known for housing Hans Christian Andersen in three separate houses over the years.

Outdoor seating along the canal, with views of wooden ships, makes this once-bustling 17th-century port a hidden gem. Take a canal tour, or stroll along the water and admire the restored architecture.

5. National Museum

If you’re a history lover, then get ready to spend an enjoyable afternoon inside Copenhagen’s National Museum. Chock full of Viking tales, Norse mythology, and treasures that span just about every era of Danish history, the gallery hosts both rotating and permanent collections.

Furniture, sculptures, paintings, and even toys are just some of the antiquities you’ll discover. And you don’t want to miss the 3,000-year-old Sun Chariot on full display in all its glory. Join one of the scheduled tours or stroll through at your own pace.

4. National Aquarium Denmark, Den Bla Planet

Visitors of all ages will spend an enjoyable afternoon at the biggest aquarium in all of Northern Europe. The energy conserving design of the building is a striking blend of modern and futuristic architecture. The museum is completely surrounded by water and offers sweeping underwater views.

Sharks, eels, rays and tropical fish of all colors swim through a shimmering replica of the Coral Reef and one of four aquariums onsite. The Amazon experience is a great place for butterfly and bird watchers to relax and enjoy the lush surroundings.

3. Visit Carlsberg

Beer lovers will get a thrill out of experiencing one of the biggest landmarks in all of Copenhagen. Visit Carlsberg is the home of the birth of Carlsberg beer and a tour of the mecca of beer does not disappoint. Take a carriage ride on the brewer horses to the brewery and learn the interesting history of Carlsberg beer from one of the knowledgeable tour guides.

The smells, sounds, and tastes of the tour will have you wanting to taste an ice cold sample of history. On Fridays during the summer, relax at Carlsberg’s Friday bar with food, live music, and of course, tasty beer.

2. Botanical Garden

Looking for a little bit of nature in the heart of Copenhagen? Look no further than the Botanical Garden, which houses over 13,000 species of plants, flowers, and a rock garden. Established in 1600, the Botanical Garden began operating at its current location in 1870.

The glass structure is a striking display of elegant architecture. Lush trees and numerous gardens decorate the property. Stay for lunch or have a coffee at one of the two on-site cafes.

1. Strøget

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and delicious smells of Strøget – one of the longest streets in all of Europe. Spanning 1.1 kilometers, Strøget offers visitors a variety of shopping choices, from upscale brands like Louis Vuitton to more affordable retails chains like H&M. The route begins at City Hall Square and leads all the way to Kongens Nytorv.

Along the way, stop in to the historic Christianborg Palace, have lunch at one of the stellar cafes, and watch a variety of street performers earn their keep with magic and music.

Start Planning Your Dream Vacation in Copenhagen

We hope our list of the top nine things to do in Copenhagen inspired you to start planning your dream vacation. If you’re looking to book a great deal on a hotel room in the heart of Copenhagen, make a reservation with one of our travel specialists today!

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