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The 10 Best Chihuahua Clothes and Accessories Your Pup Should Own

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Did you know that chihuahua has the longest life span in the canine kingdom? Their life expectancy is between 14 years– 16 years.

This dog breed is a good choice for anyone who wants a companion that will be with them for more than 15 years. Choice of chihuahua gear is important because you need to have a happy companion who is warm during winter and cute all the time

Chihuahua with long fur shed more than those with a short coat of fur. Shedding should be one reason to clothe your Chihuahua. However, if you are trendy and stylish, you may want to make fashion statements with your pup and search for chihuahua clothes amazon.

Do you love dressing up your chihuahua? Create a whole chihuahua wardrobe for your pup.

Here are the 10 chihuahua clothes and accessories you should own.

1. Chihuahua Clothes and Dresses

Chihuahua dresses flatter the pretty canine missy’s feminine looks. To protect the dog from harmful UV rays, summer clothes provide an extra layer of protection. You can get them in different sizes and designs. Dresses enhance your pup’s cuteness.

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2. Themed Costumes

You don’t want your dog left out of the festivities. Get them themed costumes and enjoy the holidays together. It could be a Halloween costume or 4th of July costume. They’re fun, and your chihuahua will love it.

The costume will keep the little dog warm during Halloween trick or treating. These costumes are designed in different shapes and sizes, so ensure you get the right fit that is comfortable for your dog.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Cape, X-Large 

3. Winter Dog Boots

During winter, or if you just live in an extremely cold area, your chihuahua needs some TLC with some extra warmth on its feet. It may be uncomfortable for your dog to walk on snowy pavement or on fragments of ice.

There are dog boots with skid proof paw protectors that help the dog walk easier. They are very stylish, waterproof and warm, and come in different colors and sizes. Measure your dog’s feet and refer to the size chart available online before you order.

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes  

4. Dog Umbrellas

Walking or dancing in the rain is going to be fun for your dog with an umbrella.

There are specifically designed umbrellas for tiny dogs. Some have a built-in leash hook and cover your little pup from the rain. So you can continue enjoying long walks during sunny and rainy days without a glitch.

LESYPET Pet Umbrella, Dog Umbrella with Leash  

5. Handmade Dog Poncho

During the cooler months of the year, you can dress up your dog in some cozy multicolored sweaters.  Handmade dog ponchos are unique. You can either make one for your dog, or you can purchase it.

They’re easier to put on and take off than sweaters. If you are purchasing the poncho, it’s available in different sizes for different breeds of dogs. If you are making it yourself, then you can take your dog’s measurements for a custom fit.

6. Chihuahua Raincoat

Raincoats keep your dog dry and warm, protected from the rain. They are made from 100% polyester with a PVC coating which provides water-proofing. Consider getting your dog a bright colored raincoat that makes them stand out even from a distance during foul weather with low visibility.

If the dog wants to play in the puddle, it will remain dry as raincoats have hood designs that keep your pooch dry. They come in different sizes and colors so pick one that would reflect your chihuahuas personality.

Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat For Small Dogs  

7. Anxiety Calming Wrap

A wrap helps calm your dog by gently applying constant pressure on its chest. It protects your pooch from shock and anxiety. You should consider having one whenever you are moving to a new environment or going for long drives.

The calming effect it has on your dog will ensure the dog does not throw a fit. The wrap is lightweight and can be easily washed in the machine. The hook and loop fasteners allow you to adjust the fit so as to be comfortable for the dog.

8. Bow Tie or Pearls

Accessorize for the weekend party and look chic in a bow tie. Your chihuahua will definitely look elegant at any event when he steps out in a full tuxedo and a unique dog collar

For the lady chihuahua, a beautiful dress accessorized with a necklace that dazzles will work magic and make her pop. Before you order know the neck size of your dog to avoid getting the wrong size as there is no “one size fits all”.

9. Dog Goggles

If you want your dog to look hip, like a superstar, get sunglasses. They are designed to protect your dog from the sun’s rays and look cool. The small sunglasses are waterproof and windproof, and therefore protect your dogs’ eyes. Most dog googles have an elastic adjustable strap.

They come in different shapes and sizes. So, the next time you’re driving around, get your pooch in sunglasses and its head out the window.

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10. Fuzzy Fleece Pajama

These doggy pajamas are soft and have very thick fleece fabric. They are four-legged so they keep the dog warm and comfortable, especially in the cold seasons. Little dogs can sleep in them during the winter nights.

Measure your dog for a perfect fit. You might want to take the measurements a bit loosely so that you leave room for your dog to move and breathe.

Let Your Pooch Look and Feel Great

When you’re choosing your chihuahua clothes, ensure that they are comfortable and the material used doesn’t irritate your pet. They should neither be too tight nor too loose, but should fit well. Tight clothes suffocate your dog and make them uncomfortable.

The clothes and accessories should be easy to wear and easy to remove. Their wearability should not leave the dog frustrated. If it helps, train your dog from a young age to dress up and accessorize so that it doesn’t feel bombarded when all grown up.

The material should be compatible with the weather patterns and easy to clean. Chihuahuas are temperature sensitive, so ensure that during winter you have jackets and sweaters that are made from polyester to keep your dog warm. Cotton clothes are preferred during summer, in case your pet has sensitive skin.


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