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Selecting Name Badge for Your Employees

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Finding the right name badges for your employees is by no means an easy task. After all, there are lots of different components you need to consider, as well as many diverse design options you need to bear in mind too. Thus, the best way to ensure you pick the right badge is to deal with every aspect one by one. You will then come up with your list of criteria. You will be able to go to a name badge website and easily pick and design the perfect name tags for your company. Keeping this in mind, read on to discover the key areas of consideration for buying name badges…

Criteria one: “Reusable” or “permanent”

The first thing you need to decide upon is whether you want to purchase reusable name badges or not. A reusable name tag is one that does not have an employee’s name or details printed on it. Instead, you will get what can be described as a shell. You will then print the details onto a piece of card and insert it into the name badge. This is a highly recommended choice for those companies that have employees who come and go all of the time. Nevertheless, if you are a tight-knit company and do not experience frequent employee shifts, you should go for permanent name badges.

Criteria two: “Plastic” or “metal”

The next criteria added to your list are what material you are going to have the name badges made from. In general, you have two choices; plastic or metal. There is also the option of paper too. However, this is not recommended as the quality is too poor. Plastic and metal badges both look professional, yet metal is deemed to have that stylish and sophisticated edge. They are also a lot more long lasting too. Nevertheless, plastic name badges are a lot cheaper whilst also providing quality too.

Criteria three: “Pin” or “magnet” 

The third thing you need to decide upon is whether you want a pin or magnet fitting. Pins are a lot cheaper in cost and thus are a popular solution, and then you need to decide on the right pin. Choosing the right pin is important in terms of the quality and durability.

Criteria four: “Rectangular” or “oval” or “oval top”

These are the three main shapes of name badges used at the moment. Rectangular and oval tend to be the most traditional options of the two. Nevertheless, oval top badges are becoming more popular as of late as their innovative shape is eye-catching. Not only this, but oval top name tags are good for those who are having trouble incorporating their text and image/logo via any of the other two shapes as they offer a greater scope for space.

If you consider the four different options mentioned you will give yourself a fantastic basis for designing the best name badges for your company. You will be able to visit a name badge website and find a badge relevant to your requirements. Once you have done this the only thing that is left to do is for you to put your stamp onto the badges by adding fonts, colours, your logo, and the relevant information.

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