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Run as You Are: Forward Momentum for Politicians

Management consulting firm launches service for politicians who want to win the hearts and minds of their voters.


NEW YORK, April 10, 2023 — Forward Momentum, the global consulting firm specializing in helping their clients become market leaders, announces the launch of a new service for totally different politicians.

*Run as You Are* is aimed at politicians who stand for something and who want to win the hearts and minds of their voters with real, honest and authentic campaigns.

Using a custom variant of category design, the same framework that created dominant brands such as e.g. Netflix or the iPod, Forward Momentum has extended those principles to personal brands.

“Memorable politicians are the quintessential personal brands in their fields. Applying the principles of category thinking to personal brands in general and to politicians in particular is just logical,” says Andreas Gebhard, CEO of Forward Momentum. “Many agencies and consultants talk about finding or changing narratives but most don’t tell you that you first need the fundamentals. That’s what category designers do: working out what’s so totally different about a person, a product or a brand that it becomes obvious and easy to convey to customers. In this case, voters.”

The service is launching in the U.S. and available immediately by visiting or by contacting [email protected]. It will expand to Europe and the rest of the world later in 2023. Interested candidates outside the U.S. or their campaigns can reach out above to be placed on a waitlist for priority access.

About Forward Momentum, LLC:

Forward Momentum, LLC is a New York and Berlin based consulting firm specializing in category design for brands that want to become market leaders in what they do. Category thinking applies to B2B, B2C businesses and personal brands alike and results in holistic business strategy to define and and dominate new market categories.

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