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Richard Regalado Pizza School: The Place to Become a Professional and Skilled Pizza Chef

At Richard Regalado Pizza School, you’ll learn on hand what it takes to be a professional and skilled pizza chef.


London, ENG, 23 March 2022— Born in Italy, Richard Regaldo trained as a pizza chef, learning traditional wood-stove pizza making. He was taught by one of the all-time pizza chefs, Master Simone Padoan and Cristian Zaghini, Marco Valletta and Roberto Ghiglia, where he earnt the traditional techniques used in pizza making. Then he spent 22 years as a head chef in Italy before moving to London, and whilst living and working in Italy, he owned three restaurants in Vicenza. Working as an instructor in Italy, London, and throughout the UK, he has honed and developed his skills as a pizza chef and instructor, leading him to create: Richard Regalado Pizza School.

What will you learn at his Professional pizza course london? Based in the bustling Yard Sale Pizza restaurant in Walthamstow, London, you’ll learn on hand what it takes to be a professional and skilled pizza chef. When you book a pizza course from Richard Regalado Pizza School, you’ll be enrolled on a 15-day course which runs from 8-12, Monday to Thursday. With many previous students travelling from areas across London and the surrounding areas to take part in his pizza course, Richard Regalado Pizza School should be your first port of call when it comes to learning about how to make pizzas.

When you choose to attend one of his pizza courses in London, you will learn a variety of top skills and tips, including:

  1. Chemical and Natural Yeast
  2. Pizza Dough Stretching
  3. Different Types Of Dough
  4. Yeast Consistency
  5. Wood Oven Temperatures
  6. How To Read Flour Descriptions
  7. How To Spread Toppings
  8. Pizza Desserts

Also, due to his vast knowledge of being a head chef and experienced pizza chef, he also offers a Pizza Consultation service london. During his consultation service, he will travel out to your business (such as your restaurant or hotel), and he will help you to set up the pizzeria section of your kitchen. He’ll also train your chefs on how to properly roll the dough and show them some of the most important things about making pizza.

Last but definitely not least: At the Italian Pizza School of chef Regalado, they also offer a course for amateurs to learn the ropes of the pizza processes, to replicate them on your own and have a fantastic homemade pizza when you want. You will work with sourdough pizza, learning how to make the dough and manage the fermentation of it, stretch it, top it and cook it. The course will consist of two sessions of 4 hours each, held during the weekends.

Probably one of the best things about this school is that with a simple online booking system, you’ll be able to easily browse throughout the calendar to book onto the pizza course at a date that’s suitable for you, and you will be able to pay through a Bank Transfer prior the course or On-site with Cash or Card.

Find out more about their top-quality Pizza courses London at

Contact Info:

Name: Ricardo Regalado
Organization: Richard Regalado Pizza School
Address: Yard Sale Pizza, Hoe St, Walthamstow, London, E17 4SD
Phone: 07587477868

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