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QuestBourne Is Excited to Celebrate a Successful Launch in June

QuestBourne is proud to provide premium miniatures and tabletop accessories to TRPG players, painters, and collectors across the country.


Mullica Hill, NJ, July 23, 2021 – QuestBourne, a New Jersey-based supplier of premium tabletop miniatures and other RPG accessories to hobbyists across the country, is happy to announce the successful launch of its site and brand.

 “QuestBourne officially launched a few weeks ago at the end of June and we’ve already seen a ton of orders and great support from the TRPG community,” says Matt Cameron, one of the three founding owners of QuestBourne, “We still have tons of plans reaching even beyond miniatures, and we plan to keep up the momentum by continually expanding our product offerings.”

QuestBourne provides a wide variety of tabletop miniatures to customers online. They offer premium tabletop gaming miniatures and accessories such as dice towers and modular terrain. In the future, they plan to release even more specialized accessories and models, as well as GM materials for popular TRPGs.

On the creation of QuestBourne, the owners weave an epic tale that tells of how: “not so long ago in the mystical and fabled land of New Jersey, three friends traveled across sprawling, deserted plains and treacherous, beast-ridden forests to meet at the craggy apex of a tremendous hill. They came together at great risk to their wellbeing, determined to see their mission through no matter what the costs.” They continue to describe the deeds of “the infamous wizard Annie Coobik” and her “forbidden 3D Printing spells” in a bit of tongue-in-cheek which references their careful manufacturing process.

“I like to think that having a good sense of humor is a requirement for owning a small start-up,” says Pete Falchetta, another founder, “Joking around with the community and sharing awesome stories is one of the biggest perks I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing since helping to start QuestBourne.”

With so many people looking for tabletop miniatures, it can be hard to figure out where to turn. Luckily, with a focus on customer service, QuestBourne makes sure that you’re in good hands. As part-owner Ryan Green explains: “Every decision we make is made with the customer in mind. When you’re working with such small, fragile products, every detail counts. Ensuring that you’re just as excited to receive your order as we are to send it is our top priority. Nothing is ever perfect, especially in the beginning, and we have our fledgling community to thank for their overwhelming support and understanding thus far.”

For more information, visit and get your adventure started!

About QuestBourne: We founded Questbourne as a way of sharing our love for all things tabletop by providing high-quality, curated miniatures, models, dice towers, GM reference and source books, and more to supplement the adventures of creative minds around the world, no matter where they are in their journey. As we grow, we aim to make Questbourne a home for TRPG players, miniature painters, veteran and novice storytellers, and collectors alike by providing an inclusive, collaborative platform for creative content and artistic expression. However you tell your story, Questbourne is here to help bring it to life!

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Name: Matt Cameron
Organization: QuestBourne
Address: Mullica Hill, NJ
Email: [email protected]

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