PTSD Symptoms in Men

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Millions of people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Unfortunately, doctors do not always spot PTSD symptoms in men. Until men can get a diagnosis and realize that they have PTSD, it is impossible to get proper treatment at a PTSD treatment center in North Carolina for this disorder.

What Are PTSD Symptoms in Men?

When men undergo some form of trauma, they may not get treatment for it right away. Often, men do not realize that they have PTSD. They internalize their symptoms and assume that something is wrong with them. Once men understand that their symptoms are from an external experience or trauma, they can get help for it.

Being able to realize that there is a problem is hard enough. Men may also struggle to get a diagnosis because PTSD symptoms in women are different than they are in men. They may avoid activities and situations that remind them of the traumatic experience. Men are more likely to use alcohol or drugs to cope.

Men may also struggle to get treatment because they want to be perfect. By admitting they have PTSD, they may feel like they are admitting imperfections. While these feelings are unfair and unrealistic, they can still prevent men from getting the help they need.

What Kind of Treatment Works for PTSD?

Each person is unique, so the right therapy may vary. Often, men will benefit from some form of cognitive behavioral therapy. This kind of therapy helps men evaluate the way their thoughts and feelings affect their actions. More importantly, it gives men a chance to determine if their emotions and thoughts are logical. If their feelings do not make rational sense, men have a chance to change them.

Exposure therapy helps people confront problems so that they can overcome their fears and anxieties. Group therapy can help men gain peer support, advice, and feedback from people who are going through a similar experience. In addition, men may also benefit from options like yoga, mindfulness meditation, individual therapy, and family counseling.

Dealing With Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse Problems

While it can be difficult to deal with PTSD symptoms in men, the best mental health facility has experience treating trauma-based disorders. At the best PTSD treatment center North Carolina offers, clients can learn more about the different treatment options. A trauma-based care team allows clients to get the support, compassion, and encouragement they need to recover.

In a treatment center, clients can learn about programs such as:

By treating PTSD symptoms in men, Red Oak Recovery® can help you achieve a better lifestyle. If you or a loved one suffers from PTSD, you do not have to struggle with your symptoms alone. Red Oak Recovery® can help you find the therapy options you need to achieve mental wellness. Learn more about our mental health and substance abuse programs by calling us today at 866.457.7590.

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