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Practical Reasons to Want a Strong Case for Musical Instruments

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Are you a musician that frequently travels with your instrument? While many musicians rely on soft fabric cases when they’re out and about, it might be more beneficial to have a sturdy and strong case instead.

It’s fine to have a soft case for when you’re traveling short distances or simply taking your instrument to the park for an outdoor session, but is that the best and safest choice for your more substantial trips or shows?

We’re here to talk about it. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of a strong case and why you might want to leave your well-loved soft case at home.

Overall Aesthetic Appeal

How often do you see big-time professional musicians with soft fabric cases when they’re at their shows?

The answer is “not often.”

While casual shows may warrant a more casual case, most performers like to have a strong case. They look more professional, so you’ll look more professional if you have one.

When you get a hard case from Calton Cases, you can even customize it based on your aesthetic preferences. There are plenty of combinations of exteriors and interiors so you can get a case that’s on-brand for you and your music.

Hard cases are also perfect for your own DIY customization. Don’t be afraid to adorn your hard case with sturdy stickers.

A Perfect Fit

Soft cases allow your instrument to shift back and forth while you’re walking around. If the material isn’t soft, it could scratch finished surfaces because of the friction.

With a good strong case, you know that you’ll have a case that’s fit to your specific instrument. This means that you won’t have to worry about any shifting regardless of whether you’re walking around with your instrument in tow or you have it in your car on the way to your show.

Most Important: Safety and Protection

The top benefit of a hard case is the better protection that it offers. Your instrument is expensive, and many musicians develop strong personal relationships with their gear.

If you aren’t using an adequate case, you could lose your instrument.

You want your case to stand up to all potential dangers. Whether the case falls off of a stage or moving vehicle, someone steps on it by mistake, or worse, your case keeps your instrument safe and sound. You can even avoid damage from humidity.

Because of the strong latches, you don’t even have to worry about your instrument falling out of your case.

While you travel, you know that your instrument is going to stay show-ready.

You Need a Strong Case for Your Instrument

You know why you should protect your instruments, so why aren’t you using a case that can help you with that?

With a strong case, you’ll have safety, security, and the bonus of a cool and professional look. Your case is almost as important as your instrument, so get the best.

Are you in need of a new custom case for your treasured instrument? From guitars to ukuleles and everything in-between, we have what you’re looking for.

Visit our shop and find your new favorite case today.

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