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Physical Key Security Systems: Benefits of Cloud-based Control

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The only thing standing between your organization’s assets and a security breach is the strength of your lock and key program and the accuracy of your security system records. Cloud-based key control makes it easier to keep your security records up-to-date and accurate.

Here are 3 of the advantages you can expect from switching to cloud-based key controls for your physical security key system:

Easily Track Locks, Keys, and Key Users

If you’re relying on spreadsheets and paper files to manage your organization’s security system, then you already understand the difficulties of tracking your keys, locks, and key users. When a key gets assigned to a new user, a new record has to be manually entered into one or more spreadsheets, or a new paper file has to be created. The process is tedious, and it’s easy to fall behind, resulting in inaccurate records.

With cloud-based controls, updating records and tracking security assets is more streamlined. Cloud-based controls give you real-time visibility into:

  • Each of your keys, which locations and doors they access, and who is responsible for them.
  • Which keys have been made, which locks have been changed, and when and why they were changed.
  • Who has access to your key tracking data and records of modifications that have been made.

Key Control from Anywhere

The best thing about a cloud-based control key system is that it’s all in the cloud. You don’t have to be on-location or at a specific desk to access key system information. As long as you have access to the internet and the right credentials, you can log into a cloud-based system and access it from a tablet, a computer, or a smartphone.

Remote Key Assignment and Signatures

Assign key holders and capture their signatures digitally from any smart device. No need for extra apps, computers, or paper forms. It can be done remotely.

Instead of scheduling a time for a new key user to come into the office and physically sign for a key and load it into your key system paperwork. Instead, you can meet them on the floor, tablet and key in hand, give them the key and have them digitally sign off on it. The same goes for when a staff member turns in a key to be reassigned to someone else. With the click of a button, they can sign off to confirm that they’ve turned in their key without having to make a special trip to the office.

Complete and fully up-to-date security system records are necessary for you to maintain your lock and key program and to protect your organization’s assets. By streamlining your security records with cloud-based key system controls, you can more easily track your keys and keyholders from anywhere at any time.

Combining InstaKey’s restricted keys with its cloud-based key tracking software gives you a complete security system.

Talk with an InstaKey expert and find out more about how cloud-based controls can improve your security system.

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