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NASA pays $5 million for SpaceX employee training after Elon Musk smoked weed with Joe Rogan

According to Business Insider, Elon Musk, the eccentric entrepreneur behind SpaceX and Tesla, bragged about smoking marijuana with Joe Rogan for the first time on the comedian’s podcast. Rogan’s podcast is called “The Joe Rogan Experience,” a chat show that appears every week on the podcast network, the Rogan Experience.

Musk, who has always maintained a tough-guy image has a history of taking drug-induced escapades and sharing his experience with others. In 2015, Musk published a 2,500-word essay on Medium detailing his ‘legal highs’ habit, in which he shared his feelings about psychedelics and pot.


The latest incident reportedly took place during one of the 2,000 private parties SpaceX hosts each year. Those parties, which are held at Musk’s home, are where “people take psychedelic mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelic drugs,” Business Insider reported.

According to the Business Insider article, two of Musk’s friends, Raquel Costello and Stephen Willey, noticed the SpaceX CEO recently using Molly while filming a video for Musk’s SpaceX website, and then repeatedly using marijuana. “Musk kept saying, ‘See you in three days,’” Willey said. “He said it several times. The car was my way out,” Costello reportedly added.

Business Insider claims that at one point during the episode, a “sober” Musk asked a co-worker for a “Merry Christmas.” Later in the podcast, Musk admitted to smoking weed. When Rogan asked Musk about working with people who smoke weed in a company setting, Musk replied, “So you’re saying I get a lot of evil people here?”

In response to Business Insider’s report, Musk said, “In the podcast, I used the word ‘evil,’ thinking that the term ‘evil’ implied belief in the existence of a deity. To me, getting high is enjoying something less than complete conviction.”

There has been no official statement from SpaceX, though the CEO is taking responsibility. “Some days are harder than others to enjoy work. Some days, the world is a very scary place,” he wrote on Twitter. “Other days, like yesterday, I’d take a few of my friends and get hammered. But I like getting hammered, it feels good and gets shit done.”


In response to Business Insider’s report, Rogan told them in a statement that while he “never” intended to cause or even imply any harm during the podcast, the comments “sounded as if I were meaning it [to be a negative], which I am not and do not.”

“Musk is asked not to comment on his personal life on shows that air behind closed doors. My intention was never to be offensive. I was excited to have a frank, open conversation,” Rogan added. “By not commenting directly on the issue, my only goal was to create an air of openness and transparency, a rarity in a world that today views some things as taboo and secret. I apologize if my comments were interpreted as bad.”

The world just now found out that Musk was high last night.

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