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Introducing Two New Designs in the Wood Series!

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What image do you conjure up when you think of wall paneling in interior design? 1970s basement rec rooms, right?  Submaterial brings wood walls into the 21st century!


The Submaterial Wood Series is a modular wood wall system. Created with the natural and sustainable materials that we value, the easy geometry and precise craftsmanship reflect the ethos of the studio. Route and Transit join the two designs, Gradient and New Angle, released in spring 2022. The Wood Series is manufactured by talented fabricators in Submaterial’s Albuquerque studio. The cork substrate in the Wood Series is large flake cork in natural and smoked colors. It is a natural, renewable, and sustainable material. The wood veneer is available in white oak or walnut. For the production of the Wood Series, we prioritize using responsibly felled and processed domestic woods.

Let’s get into the details!


Route is the third design of our new modular tile-based wall covering system, the Wood Series. The veneer surface of each tile of the Route design is inlaid with cork in random intervals of horizontal lines, creating a bold yet organized graphic pattern. The beautiful tonal shifts in the grain of the wood surface create a subtle rhythmic effect that highlights the play between the cork and the veneer. Like all Submaterial products, the modular wood wall system prioritizes natural and sustainable materials, bringing the best of the outdoors into our living and working spaces.

Route can be fabricated with various veneers and inset with either natural or smoked cork, tailoring the look to any environment.The graphic pattern of Route can be amplified by adding narrow accent bars within the cork channels.The bars of various lengths are distributed throughout the pattern to add visual interest and dimensionality.  The bars are available in solid wood to match (or contrast) the veneer or wood inlaid with cork.

Route in White Oak and Natural Cork with Solid Bars

Route in walnut and smoked cork with cork inlaid bars

Route in White Oak and Natural Cork with Solid Bars


Transit is a new wood wall panel system created with natural and sustainable materials, thoughtful manufacturing, and a modern design. A cousin to our modular wood wall tiles, Transit uses the same bold linework, rich veneer surfaces, and cork-inlaid channels but at a larger scale. The standard panels of Transit measure 24 inches wide by 96 inches tall, and the vertical lines of the pattern are spaced widely to create a simple yet graphic paneled look. The tonality and grain of the veneer combined with the full-height lines and the optional inset wood bars create a subtle perception of movement that engages the eye.

Available in various veneers and cork colors, the Transit panels are installed with z-clips, making these panels the quickest and easiest method to make a big impact in an interior space.

Transit in white oak and natural cork, with solid bars and cork inlaid bars.

An installed wall of Route or Transit appears as professionally finished custom wood millwork. Yet, the systems are modular, can be installed by anyone, and utilizes an MDF backing to cut down on cost and labor.

Our most customizable wood design yet, Route and Transit allow you to reimagine what a wood wall can be.

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