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How to Keep Your Home Pest Free This Holiday Season

Keep Your Home Pest Free This Holiday Season

It’s the week before Christmas, and all through the house, you’re trying to make sure there’s not one single mouse. You’ve cleaned up the food and closed all the gaps, but still, pests get in and you’re ready to snap. But before you go postal this holiday year, take a look at our tips for pest control here.

When the weather turns cold, you may notice more pests than usual in your house. This can be stressful when you’re trying to entertain guests, but with a few simple measures, you can help prevent a lot of winter bugs from making their way indoors. Read on for our holiday guide to preventing pests.

Why Pests Come Inside During the Winter

When winter weather settles in, no one likes being left out in the snow. It’s cold, and sitting in the snow is miserable. Pests and people have this in common; it’s the biggest reason you’ll find more of them in your house in the winter.

All of the charms your house offers to you in the winter appeal to pests, too. The warm, dry interior packed with food is just the sort of place they want to be when the weather turns nasty. And they even like your holiday decorations; they provide more places for these creatures to hide.

Holidays Mean Open Doors

One of the biggest joys of the holidays is welcoming family into your home. You open your doors to parents, siblings, in-laws, outlaws, family friends – and pests. The fact is having so many people coming in and out of your home, all the time gives pests even more opportunities to sneak indoors.

Make sure you try to keep doors closed in your home as much as possible during this holiday season. Not only will this save you money on your power bill, but it’ll also help keep the pests outdoors. If you have family staying with you, ask that they come in and out quickly and close the doors behind them.

Keep Things Tidy

One of the best things you can do to keep pests from coming into your house is to remove the resources they come inside for. What looks to you like a sink full of dirty dishes looks to a bug like a Thanksgiving feast. Leaving the dishes out overnight gives these creatures the perfect opportunity to worm their way inside and pig out.

Make sure when you do put away food that you close it up tightly. Put everything in sealed containers, and refrigerate everything you can. If something shouldn’t be refrigerated – fruits and veggies, bread, sugar – make sure it’s closed up tightly or placed in a hanging basket where pests will have a harder time getting to it.

Seal Up Openings Around the House

Keeping your doors closed is a great first step, but if you have gaps in your home, pests will still find a way in. These also bleed a ton of heat, which will drive up your electric bill. Before everyone gets in town for the holidays, make a pass around your home looking for any gaps that might allow bugs and critters inside.

Common places where gaps show up are around doors and under sinks where pipes leave the house. Put weather-stripping on around the doors and windows anywhere you find gaps. Spray expanding foam or caulk into gaps around pipes and any holes you find in baseboards.

Eliminate Habitats

While you’re making your rounds of the house looking for gaps, take a turn around outside. Critters need places to hide out while they try to make their way into your home. The closer these habitats are to your house, the harder a time you’ll have getting rid of the pests.

Move stacks of firewood away from the house at least twenty feet; firewood stacks are a common hideout for mice. Keep boxes off the floor, and inspect any packages you bring inside for pest damage. Trim back any plants that touch your house, including shrubs and tree branches, and keep garbage at least twenty feet away from the house.

Monitor Moisture Around Your Home

Like us, one of the main things pests need to live is a steady water supply. Unlike us, however, they haven’t yet figured out how to turn on a faucet. This means they’re going to be getting their water from buildups of moisture around your home.

Attics and basements are prone to leaks and moisture, so check these areas before the holiday season begins. Repair any holes, and check on drainage systems to make sure they’re moving water out of the house as they should. If you have rooms you cannot keep dry, consider adding a dehumidifier in that area.

Call a Great Pest Control Company

If you’ve done everything you can think of to keep pests out of your house and you’re still finding creepy crawlies, it’s time to bring in the pros in pest control. It can be hard to close up every gap and keep pests out on your own. Critters get desperate for food and shelter during the winter, and when they get desperate, they get clever.

Professional pest companies can help you find the places you never would have dreamed pests would use to get into your house. They can close up those loopholes and prevent pests from sneaking in. If you have pets, let your pest company know.

Prevent Winter Pests With Viking Pest Control

Dealing with pests during the holiday season can be stressful and challenging. Following the tips above can help minimize the number of critters that find their way into your house.

If you’re still covered in bugs and you’ve done all your best, pick up the phone and call Viking Pest or reach out for a FREE estimate. We’ll look low and look high and under the rugs, and we’ll help you get rid of every single last bug. So pull out your planner and schedule a call, and we’ll help you make sure it’s the best Christmas of all!

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