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Here’s Why Meal Prep Delivery Businesses Are Growing So Fast May 2020

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Will you let yet another opportunity pass you by?

Perhaps this opportunity also isn’t for you? Maybe…Just Maybe this IS your moment!

As you already know, the current crisis has spawned a deeper reliance on IT infrastructure and digital processes. Now’s your chance to get a piece of an 8.94 billion dollar pie that keeps getting bigger.

Before we get into how you can grab a piece of the pie, let’s look at what’s happening

It’s the Wild Wild West out there. Some industries are flourishing and others are dying. Who will be the players that emerge in this shifting economy? One thing is for certain. The numbers don’t lie.

Take a visual look at this infographic detailing what’s going on. You’ll start to realize why it makes sense that the meal prep delivery business industry is exploding.


meal prep delivery business infographic

The extreme figures you see are coming from a global shift towards a digital way of doing business.



Here’s Why You Want To Start A Meal Prep Delivery Business In This Booming Environment

Financial freedom for your family and protection from economic ruin. That’s why. Food and Technology are two recession-proof sectors that will always thrive. People need to eat and innovation never sleeps. As the owner of a local meal prep delivery business, you’ll have a steady flow of income that adds to your retirement fund or pays next month’s rent.

This is your chance to hop right into a booming market. Hit the ground running with everything you need to operate your meal prep delivery business. All you need to do is open the box.

Full 17 Minute Meal Prep Delivery Business Explainer Video

It’s everything you need to hit the ground running with a meal prep delivery business. Watch the video to take a look at what your digital menu will look like on a mobile device.

How To Get Your Meal Prep Delivery Business Off The Ground?


You’re probably thinking to yourself, how do I find customers to order my food? Lucky for you, local food searches are already one of the highest searched for things online. The people already want what you have. You just have to present it to them. Food entrepreneurs have a slight advantage because everybody loves food.

Your only question should be how to position yourself at the watering hole for customers. With hungry customers already searching for local food delivery, you just need to show up in the rankings.

Purchasing this $160 Business in a Box gives you access to a 9 phase marketing plan. In that document is a 9 phase approach to positioning yourself where customers can find you. It offers 9 FREE Cost You Nothing tactics that when combined, will spread your internet presence out large enough to show up in search rankings.

In 2017, the meal prep delivery business was estimated to be worth $2.5 Billion. In the face of trending growth, what will you do?

Busy Professionals Have No Time


The meal prep delivery business is booming partly thanks to working professionals. As Americans work longer and longer hours from their home or office, convenient meal prep delivery businesses just make economic sense. The amount of time it takes to prepare healthy, wholesome food can eat well into your time. It’s easy to understand why people love the convenience of healthy prepared meals.

A new tide of digital innovation is washing over the world as you read this. Online based service businesses have dominated the marketplace. You can become a player in the meal prep delivery business game and take a slice of juicy profits for yourself.

Restaurant Income Is Down, Delivery Services Are Up


Companies like UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash offer food entrepreneurs instant free advertisement, but is it really free? As much as 65% of a restaurant’s profits can be automatically taken in fees and commissions. Take a look at this screenshot of a restaurant’s fees and deductions charged by GrubHub, it’s insane.

With no other option, restaurant owners are all but forced to take part in this highway robbery. This has caused food entrepreneurs to take a look at how they can break free from third-party food delivery apps to find customers on their own.

In the image above, you see 46 orders that generated $1,042.63. After all the commissions & adjustments, the restaurant earned a profit of $376.54. That’s an incredible 63% of their earnings, directed towards Grub Hub. Talk about atrocious. Ouch.

Software like the Peckee Digital Menu Maker and products like the $160 Business in a Box are designed to help restaurant owners and aspiring food entrepreneurs build a local fanbase of customers. By not relying on third-party food delivery apps, you keep 100% of the revenue you earn. The one-time purchase of your $160 Business in a Box gives you the tools to not rely on Yelp, UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash for a steady stream of customers.

88% of Local Neighborhoods Lack A Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Business


This is one statistic that’s quickly changing. Communities need fresh and healthy food options. When certain communities are surrounded by a greater number of fast-food options than healthy choices, the population becomes overweight & diabetic. Food entrepreneurs can change that for their community while simultaneously making a profit.

Residents are no longer waiting for city officials to eliminate “food deserts.” Even so, 88% of local neighborhoods in America still lack a healthy meal prep delivery business. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone interested in serving their local community to start delivering healthy, nutritious on-demand meals to schools, businesses, residents, and anyone else.

According to labor statistics, more Gen Z youths believe in the entrepreneurship route over the traditional corporate retirement plan. We can expect to see some pretty interesting on-demand meal prep delivery businesses pop up as time passes on. As Gen Z reaches out to go into business for themselves, the meal prep delivery business will present itself as the perfect opportunity for someone with a passion for food.

People Spend Billions On Food Delivery Every Month


Consumer spending reports billions on pizza spent every month. Additionally, consumer spending reports also tell us that the average family spends $63 on food delivery every month. The data paints a picture that shows individuals and families are mentally prepared for spending income on any variety of food delivery. Whether that’s pizza, Chinese take out, healthy meal prep packages, or a casual to-go order from the neighborhood Applebee’s.

With billions being spent on food delivery every month, all you have to do is position yourself where the traffic is. Purchasing your business in a box is the most cost-efficient way to get a search engine friendly website and menu for customers to explore. By following the FREE marketing plan contained within the box, you get access to a fool-proof method for getting hundreds of hungry customers to view your offering every day.

With so much opportunity in the world, all you have to do is reach out and grab some. As they say, if you build it, they will come. We’ve done the building for you. It’s a fully loaded business in a box. Now, you can finally make that dream of working from home a reality.

The Internet Now Has More Users Than Ever


The internet grows larger every day. Ever since the global crisis began, internet usage has gone up. More and more people are either working from home or stuck at home with nothing more to do than use the computer. Websites like Amazon and other apps are experiencing record profits. With so many people surfing the internet, it makes total sense that more and more transactions are being conducted online.

Starting a meal prep delivery business in this climate is like sailing with the wind. The added boost of internet usage combined with a new digital paradigm gives you an advantage. Under normal conditions, things wouldn’t be so easy. Consider this a sign that your time is now. If you have been thinking and thinking of what business to start, here it is. Do something that makes sense. Start a meal prep delivery business.

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