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Don’t Hire Just Anyone: Why SEO Writing For Blogs Is Different

There are currently 1.7 billion websites on the Internet.

If you’re creating a new one, it’s assumed you want it to stand out amongst the 1.7 billion others. So, you might turn to hiring a copywriter to help you beef up your blogs and create some content for your site.

But is that enough?

Since the Internet is crowded with almost 2 billion sites, you need more than just a good writer; you need someone who has mastered SEO writing. While you still want someone who can write engaging copy, they also need to know how to write it to lure in an audience.

Want to know why SEO writing is different from other content writing? Read on for more information.

What is SEO Writing?

You may or may not have heard the term SEO. If you haven’t it might sound a bit confusing, but that’s why hiring someone who knows it well is essential to your businesses’ web presence.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which essentially means it helps your content rank higher in search engines. If you’re still a little bit confused, bear with us.

Have you ever searched for something on Google? Of course, most people with Internet access have. Say you searched for “best gifts for a teenage boy.” It’s likely you looked at lists on the first page of the Google results. Maybe, if you weren’t feeling what you saw on the first page, you went to the second page. You probably noticed there were hundreds of pages at the bottom, but it’s rare you would go to the third or even fourth page of results.

That’s where SEO comes in. If your site is not SEO optimized, your blog may show up in search results, but it will show up far down. This may make your blog appear on the 11th or 12th page of Google results for specific keywords. So unless your potential readers are looking for something incredibly specific, it’s unlikely people will click through to find you.

Someone who knows how to craft blog posts with SEO in mind will get your page to the first, second or third page, where more people will actually see it.

How Do SEO Experts Make My Blog Discoverable?

We’ve already discussed that with well-placed SEO copy, your blog becomes much more visible to search engines. But how, exactly, does it do this?

A person who is an expert in SEO will be able to comb through the content you’d like to make, or the services you’re selling, and discover keywords that are the most popular. Or, they’ll find keywords that aren’t necessarily popular but are niche enough that when anyone puts in those keywords, your site will rank fairly high on the search engine results.

SEO experts use a wide range of resources, such as keyword planners and manual keyword checking to find the perfect keywords for you. Once they find the keywords that are likely to turn over the best traffic for your site, they’ll write copy that includes them.

How Does the Copy SEO Writers Create Turn Over Traffic?

After the SEO experts have found the keywords that will attract the right kind of traffic for you, they’ll write copy that includes these keywords. They may have a formula that they work with that helps the search engine recognize specific keywords and rank it higher for those specific strings.

The copy they write must include these exact keywords a fair number of times. But a well-organized SEO expert will sprinkle them in so that it looks natural, not overstuffed. If it is clear the writer has discovered the keywords and is just placing them in for the sake of placing them in, your audience will immediately lose trust in you.

Overstuffing keywords will mean that your potential audience will see your article as having little to no value. It won’t look professional, and instead, will look sloppy and non-authoritative. This will have your potential audience and customers clicking away before you could turn over a sale or retain them as repeat visitors.

An SEO expert will know exactly how to craft content so that the keywords flow well and don’t look inorganic. Well-flowing content where the keywords are placed in a way that is not only contextual, but boosts the copy, are key to creating a site that will attract and keep visitors.

SEO Attracts the Right Traffic

It’s all good and well to attract traffic to your site. But most business owners have a goal at the end of the day: to sell a product. That’s what makes SEO and keywords so important. Having 2,000 visitors a day is fantastic, but what use are they if none of them converts to a sale?

A writer who is an SEO expert will be able to find and use keywords that prompt your ideal customer to visit your site. Your ideal customer is typically someone who is looking to purchase your product or is thinking about doing it soon. This way, not only will your traffic be up, but so will your sales.

Using SEO to Build Long-Term Relationships

Someone adept at SEO writing will help your company build long-term relationships with their customers. Not only will the correct keywords bring the right customers, but continual and informative keyword-rich content will keep them returning.

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