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Do You Know All the Different Kinds of Hair Salon Capes?

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Are you looking for new hair cutting capes for your hair salon? Hair salon capes come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, material types, and styles. With so much choice available, it can be challenging to decide which cutting capes are best for your business.

Whether you are just starting or want to replace your existing hair capes, we have got you covered with the different types of hair salon capes and how you can choose the right one.

Hair Salons

According to IBIS World, there were 996,338 active hair salons in the United States in 2018. People all over the United States rely on hair salons and barbers to cut their hair and give their hair treatment to improve the health of it.

The industry is expected to continue growing, which experts believe this is due to continued demand for services and an improving disposable income of customers. The industry revenue is projected to rise at an annualized rate of 2.1% to $62.0 billion.

One of the best ways to ensure your hair salon business brings in plenty of revenue is by ensuring the customer is satisfied with their experience at your business. This means that you need to hire experienced and friendly employees, offer competitive prices, and provide your customer with the highest quality products.

Hair Salon Capes

One important product you need to consider is the hair salon capes. You need to make sure your hairdressing capes are fit for purpose, comfortable, easy to use, and hygienic.

To choose the right hair cutting capes for your salon, you need to understand all the different types of capes that are available and what they offer.

Some capes offer water-resistant jackets or cover-ups which are ideal for shampooing and styling. Other capes offer chemically resistant material, which is ideal for coloring.

Other cape options include children’s capes, stain resistant capes, and all-purpose cutting capes.

Other things you need to consider when choosing the right hair salon cape is the material, how much it weighs, and how it is fastened.

Different Types of Haircut Capes

To give you a better understanding of the different haircut capes available, we have provided a comparison of 4 hairdressing capes. There are other types of capes, but these are the most practical ones.

1. Salon Sundry Professional Hair Salon Nylon Cape With Snap Closure – 50″ X 60″ Black

This hairdressing cape is very durable and offers your customers with a professional looking cape that protects them and keeps them clean. It has an adjustable snap closure, which can fit around the collar and can be fastened at 12 inches up to 23 inches.

This cape is also lightweight, stain proof, waterproof, and features thinly hemmed edges. The material is nylon, which means that it can be easily wiped clean after use and reused.

One disadvantage of this salon cape is that it can’t stand hair coloring, so this one can only be used for washing, cutting, and styling hair. It cannot be used for hair coloring, as it will stain.

2. Sodial(TM) Black Hair Cut Hairdressing Hairdressers Barbers Cape Gown

Featuring a handy adjustable Velcro neck closure, which fits varying neck sizes, this cape is great for cutting hair and coloring hair. This cape is durable and lightweight, which is great for customers and hair salons.

The cutting cape is great for people who are taller and larger, as it is big and spacious. The cape measures about 150cm by 125cm while it is held flat. The material is nylon, which makes it easy to wipe down and use again.

One disadvantage of the Sodial cape is that the Velcro neck closure is quite wide, so it isn’t great for people with smaller neck dimensions. The Velcro is also not very durable, which might mean that you need to replace it.

3. Icarus Professional Nylon Hair Styling Salon Cape With Snaps

This reusable nylon haircut cape is great for professional salons who want to ensure the customer has a featherweight protection cape. The adjustable snap closure can fit various neck sizes and has a round collar. The high-quality nylon fabric is smooth, which ensures an easy and quick clean.

One disadvantage of the Icarus salon cape is that the front is longer than the back, which means that the back is not as well protected. This might make the customers back get wet during washing.

4. World Pride Salon Hair Styling Hair Cutting Cape

The World Pride Salon cape features an adjustable Velcro neck closure and ties which are great for various neck sizes. It also has a round collar which is easy to position on customers and easy to take off.

The lightweight, water-resistant nylon material is great for cleaning and reusing. This cape is very large, which is great for covering the entire body of your customers and shielding their body during the cutting and styling.

One disadvantage is that the cape is paper thin and quite flimsy, which means you need to be extra cautious when cutting near it.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hairdressing Cape

Make sure you read the instructions provided on your capes. All capes are different and require different treatments, for instance, some may be able to be washed in a washing machine, whilst others may need to be taken to a dry cleaner.

Another thing you need to consider when buying your capes is the type of fastening, can the Velcro be washed? Does the sizing suit your customer’s neck sizes?

Still not sure what hair salon cape is best for you? Get in touch with us, and we can help you determine which type of hair salon capes you need for your business.

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