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Do shower doors add value to your home?

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Whether you are selling your home or even thinking of selling your home, your ultimate goal is to increase any and all facets that increase the value of your property.

One of the most efficient and worthy methods of doing so comes through evaluating your bathroom spaces.

Real estate agents continue to emphasize the importance of bathrooms in determining the value of a home. And, in fact, Consumer Reports has even stated that bathroom renovations return an average increase of 2-3% on the total value of a home. Yet not all renovations are the same, and, in order to get the highest return on your investment, you should look into improvements designed to provide the biggest impact.

How do you do so? The answer may be as simple as updating your shower door.


What do shower doors bring to a bathroom?

Depending on the age of your home, bathrooms can vary greatly in size, design, and options. Yet, no matter the age or design, a bathroom is always a private area – and because of that reality, light and space can often be at a premium.

So herein lies the trick: How do you make this most intimate of rooms feel clean, fresh, and, ultimately, open in order to attract the highest number of potential buyers? The answer often lies in glass and your shower space. And there is no better way to improve the look, feel, and flow of a bathroom than by adding a frameless shower enclosure.

Frameless glass enhances a bathroom by letting in and increasing the flow of light and expanding the impression of space. It also increases the cleanliness of a bathroom, because, with very few metal parts, there are less nooks and crannies for mildew to hide. This will better appeal to the look and – let’s be honest – smell of your bathroom.

So, if you are looking for a way to freshen up your bathroom space and add immediate value to your home, a good start is a frameless shower door.


What other improvements can be made to a bathroom to create value?

Changing shower doors is not the only thing you can do to make lasting improvements to any bathroom.

We are seeing many customers pull out tubs and replace them with walk-in showers. For example, most guests do not take tub baths and a guest’s experience can be enhanced by a walk-in shower, which is easier to enter than a tub shower. Agents say that, if a home has one tub, you will be in good shape.


How about barn door shower enclosures?

Sliding shower doors are appropriate for some bathroom designs – specifically those where space is a premium. In these designs a door that swings out into space only further reduces elbow room and can make things extremely awkward.

If you find yourself contemplating this very dilemma, you may be hung up by the thought of barn door looks. For example, what about those ugly headers and tracks? Well, have no fear, the days of prominent and clunky hardware are gone.

Drexler’s new generation of barn door shower systems utilize stainless steel components to drastically decrease the amount of hardware required to hang and support sliding glass panels. The effect is the same as traditional hinged frameless doors: Less clutter, increased light, and the perception of more space. And all these factors add fundamental value to your bathroom and, ultimately, your home.

Visit the Drexler showroom today and let one of our helpful designers show you what we have to offer and walk you through the process of improving your bathroom space and increasing its value. We’re here to help!

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