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Clear Signs That You Need a Meeting Room Reservation System

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It is no secret that employees attend a lot of meetings every week—but do you know exactly how many meetings? A survey by Atlassian found that the average employee attends roughly 62 meetings per month! Given this staggering number, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that booking meeting rooms can be a challenge for many teams, resulting in decreased productivity.

This is where a meeting room reservation system comes in. It allows employees to quickly look for and reserve meeting rooms with just a few taps. The system may also come with a special smartphone app to bring the functionality to your employee’s phones, allowing them to take advantage of the technology while on the go.

For those who have yet to add such a system among their must-have business solutions, here are certain signs that it’s time to install one at the workplace.

Signs That You Should Have a Meeting Room Reservation System Installed at Work


  • Double bookings are a common occurrence in the office

Few things feel worse than walking toward a meeting room that you have reserved days in advance, only to find that someone else booked the same room for the same time. Unfortunately, this happens often, especially when reservations are done manually involving several people.

Taking advantage of the automated nature of a meeting reservation system ensures everything is up to date in real-time. This eliminates double-bookings and saves everybody the headache of having to negotiate who gets which room.


  • There are too many advanced bookings without a clear agenda

When room availability is notoriously scarce in an office, some people try booking as many rooms as they can ahead of time. While this is usually not a problem when done to schedule weekly alignment meetings, the same cannot be said for booking multiple rooms “just in case”.

More often than not, this leaves booked rooms empty, yet unable to be used. The practice is highly frowned upon, but that doesn’t stop this problem from happening.

With a room management system in place, employees are able to secure the exact number of rooms they need as they need them. Furthermore, room reservations that are classified as no-shows can quickly be released for use by other teams.

  • Tensions are growing among teams due to room pilfering

One tell-tale sign that your office needs a booking system is when room pilfering happens. Although it can be understood when there are urgent operational concerns that need to be discussed, that doesn’t make the practice any less frustrating for the ones who went through the proper reservation process.

Comprehensive room management systems will often come with intuitive displays that are positioned right outside of the meeting room. These displays not only inform people which room it is, but more modern displays are able to link with the entire system to show the schedule of the room for that day or week. With such tools in place, it’s easy for employees to see if there are any gaps in time slots where they can squeeze in a quick meeting and how much time they actually have before needing to relinquish the room.

Despite the world adopting video conferencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many business experts believe that face-to-face meetings will still be vital for operations, especially once the pandemic has gotten under control.

Research conducted by an Associate Professor from Cornell University showed that face-to-face interactions are 34 times more successful than digital means. That makes now the best time to invest in a new meeting room reservation system.

If you are interested in learning how this technology can benefit your company’s operations, don’t hesitate to request a demo.

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